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Your Brief Bio: I am Inam Precious,a romance and crime fanatic.i am 17 years,still in the university.i love to write stories and poems,and to read recreational books like novels.
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Tweet-Style Story Summary: This is a story about a Nigerian journalist Sasha,who stands for the truth and would do everything within her power to ensure that peace is restored in the country,as she journeys through a lot of stumbling blocks set up but the one and only Viper,a well known criminal in the country who has an interesting tale as to why he ended up as a wanted criminal but later decides that he is tired of the kind of life he is living,would Viper turn himself in or would he find a way out.Like they always say everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner.#CRIME#JUSTICE#PEACE#PATRIOTISM#
Full Story: Welcome to Nigeria where corruption and injustice is the order of the day. Sasha Njoku is a Nigerian journalist who strives to bring those destroying the peace and sanity in the country to face justice, she works for Daily Time Newspaper, she has been one of the best journalists in the country so far and hopes to be better as time goes on. In the county there is a violent killer and terrorist caller Viper, he never leaves his victims alive, he makes sure that after getting all he needed from them he puts an end to their life, he indeed has been terrorizing the country for 3 years but he has not been caught nor has he been found but it is said that he is still in the country carrying out his evil deeds, Sasha is determined to bring him to face justice and get what he deserves. “Miss Sasha, Good morning”, “Hey Titi, morning what sup!”, “Ah!!Sasha it seems like you have not heard the latest news going around”, “what news if I may ask”, Titi turns left and then right to ensure that no one is listening or eaves dropping on their conversation, “Rumor has it that Viper struck last night”, Sasha is shocked “what? Who did he attack this time around?”, “The wife of one of the ministers in the country, it was also said that he left a note that her death was a warning for the minister that he is next on-line “, “Things are getting worse, let me….”, “Miss Sasha, the Director has asked to see you now immediately in his office”, “oh okay, Titi I would talk to you later”. Sasha walks down to the elevator, she steps into it and she punched in 3rd floor, while in the elevator, she began to ponder, “why did this guy come out of hiding after 3 months of been in hiding, why the ministers wife?, why is it that its mostly those in high places in the government that he attacks?, what baffles me the most is that no one has ever seen this guy’s face, so how would one know if one is to capture him, all this seems weird and crazy, but I must get to the bottom of this by all means”, “sorry madam are you stepping out of the elevator?”, “oh I am sorry, I was deep in thought, thankyou….” , “my name is not necessary I am just visitor here”, with that he walked into the elevator, he is weird but good looking, Sasha giggles to herself and walks down to the director’s office and knocked, a deep voice replied “come in”, “morning sir, I was told you asked of me”, “oh Miss Sasha, morning, yes did you hear the latest news update?” “yes I did sir”, “so what do you think?”, “well I believe there is more to the story than we know, because I do not see why a man who has been in hiding for 3 months would suddenly decide to show up again and carry out another deadly attack, and this time on a woman, none of his victim has ever been a woman, this is the firs, so I believe there is something off here, he Is trying to throw us off focus, but sir I believe there is a very good reason for all this killing, he is not killing the bad eggs in government but the good eggs, don’t you think he is up to something, and I think the 3 months he was out he was called back, probably he works for someone high in government or something” ,Amazed by all this, the director said, “your speculations are very good, and they are questions that ought to be answered, as one of the best journalists we have, I would like you to handle this case, everything you can get about this Viper guy and give me a weekly report”, “sir, how is this going to be possible, there is no way I would get access to all that information, as you know I am a journalist not an investigator, “Sasha, you have been assigned to work with a group of professional detectives on this case, I think with that you would be able to give good report and information on every investigation, this would be good for Daily Times Newspaper as we would have an upper hand in this news”, “sir, is my safety looked at in this case, we are talking about viper sir, he kills anyone who comes his way and stands as an obstruction to what he wants to do”, “Sasha, you would be provided with extra security, and I know you would do it because I know you are curious as to why that person was amongst those killed”, “I will do my best sir” “ so, you are going to meet the detectives at this location”, “okay sir, Gooday”. With all that, I walked out of the office to my office, packed my bag, and I left the building and headed to the address given to me by the Director. “why do you think viper is after the minister, I know he has killed a lot of them but why are his targets the good ones?”, “Honestly it is something I also want to know, but I guess we both have to find out because…”, “Gooday”, “who are you and what are you doing here, no outsiders are allowed in the murder scene” “well it is nice to meet you too, I am Sasha, I am a journalist”, “journalist? You’re the last person we need here, publicizing what is going on, it is a closed investigation, what are the security personnel doing that you got in here, young lady could you kindly leave here”, “Rude!!,why don’t you get your attitude in check”, “Guys stop it, your better than this please stop this argument, hey I AM DETECTIVE Peters, and my friend over here is Jerome”, “nice to meet you, I am Sasha, so what have you found out concerning this murder”, “well, we are confused here because we have no idea why this guy would decide to kill a woman this time and use her just as a warning, he doesn’t give warnings, it is quite strange, or what do you think Sasha”, “Well looking at things closely, I think he is trying to create aa diversion or something for us to think that his method of killing has changed, because as I have seen giving warning is not a thing viper does”, everyone keeps quiet, Jerome then talks, ”what if it is not viper that killed her, like come-on we know viper has been in hiding for 3 months, why would he suddenly come out of hiding? Think” , “I am sure it is Viper, there is no other person who could have had perfect access to kill this woman, I feel he is trying to throw us off balance, look at it now, instead of us wondering what his next move would be or how to prevent it, we are wondering why he killed a woman now, and why he came out of hiding after 3 months, what do u feel” The men looked at each other amazed, then Peter said, “she’s right, lets wrap this up”, “well I have to go, it was nice meeting you I hope to be able to work with you and solve this mystery”, “okay then Sasha”, they exchanged numbers and Sasha left the building, as she walked down the street, she felt like someone was following her, she turned around but she saw no one . Two days after, Viper struck again…Sasha was asleep when her phone rang, she picked it and realized it was her boss “morning sir, any problem”, “don’t tell me you are still in bed Sasha, haven’t you heard, Viper struck again last night”, “what! Who was it this time?” , “the minister whose wife was killed”, “ I would be in the office right away sir”, “No Sasha do not come to the office, remember you are to cover on everything that occurred we have to be the first to publish a detailed explanation of the situation on ground, so I suggest you meet with the detectives and get information and see if you can help with the investigation”, “okay sir I will”, “Good, don’t forget to send in your report for the week to me, have a Gooday”, “Yes sir I will, Thankyou sir”, Sasha ended the call and began to ponder on what next to do, the killings have increases and she is not even close to knowing who Viper, the only way to get him is if she could find a way to connect with him, with that she should be able to get all the information she needs and turn him over to the police, but the problem here is how is she going to get close to Viper when she does not even know who he Is and how he looks like, with all this thoughts roaming trough her head, Sasha leaves her bed and prepares to meet the detectives at the crime scene. “Morning Peter, Morning Jerome”, Jerome turned and looked at Sasha, ”You know you just like an annoying chewing gum that sticks everywhere and refuses to be done with”, “wow, a grudge early in the morning, did you wake up from the wrong side of the bed, anyway Peter how far with the investigation”. “Well, we were right about Viper plan to distract us, the minister was not properly guarded so it was quite easy for him to strike”, “you amaze me Peter, security or no security he would have still killed the minister, it is Viper we are talking about here, nothing stops him from getting what he wants, for all I know he could have wiped off all the security placed to guard the minister and would have still killed the minister”, Jerome looked at Peter and then said “she is right, it is almost like he has gone through a lot of training and is always prepared for anything, but Sasha there are two incidents that makes me suspect that the almighty viper who never makes mistakes when executing his job might have actually made a mistake this time around”, “and what is that if I may ask”, “Well Jerome and I found out that instead of him to shoot the minister on the head as he usually does, he shot him on the chest region, and viper uses just a shot to kill his victims but this time he shot the minister three times at different places on the chest”, “so this time around Viper made a mistake, wow”, they all sat down and wondered what would have caused Viper to make that mistake when he never makes a mistake when killing his victims, then Sasha came up with an idea, “I have an idea, why don’t we publish this on the news and I think it would capture his attention and expose who he actually is”, “Sasha I don’t think that is a good idea, it is really risky and your life may be in danger”, “well I have to do something ,I am tired to seeing death information everyday caused by this viper guy and we are just sitting down here watching and waiting for his next move when innocent people are been killed”, with this Sasha stands up and walks away. Sasha wakes up to the sound of beeping coming from her phone, she wondered who would be calling her at this time of the night, “hello, please who is this”, “I do not make mistakes, I never make mistakes”, “Viper??bu…….” The phone line went dead, she checked for his number but it was a private number….When she later met up with the detectives she told them about viper’s phone call at night, Jerome got angry and began yelling, “I thought we agreed not to make that move so why did you still go ahead with the plan you suggested”, “Excuse me if you have not noticed but people are dying and you want me as a journalist not to uncover the truth and expose Viper, no way, as a patriotic Nigeria I would try to restore peace in the country, with or without your help, so are you going to help or you would keep yelling and sit down and do nothing”, Peter looked at Jerome and said “you know she is right, we need to do something”, “fine but we have to be careful as well”, they all decided to come together and do something about Viper. Later that day, Viper sent an sms to Sasha and what he said to her was that he is watching her and if she thinks she and her little boys would get him she is in for something big and the biggest surprise, Sasha was surprised, “how did he know we were working together and that we plan to get him, I think Viper has an insider amongst us but who could it be?” Sasha wondered who was leaking information to Viper, so she decided to work alone, without Jerome and Peter. Sasha submitted her weekly report to her boss and told him that she is nowhere close to knowing who Viper is and she needed to so she would publish a new news headline that she thinks could attract his attention, so the headline news “Viper, error in murder, who indeed is he?”, and after publishing this she assumed Viper would call her or message her but he did not, instead Jerome and Peter confronted her as to what right she had to publish such without talking to them and they decided that she was off the team as to them she was causing more trouble instead of helping them, Sasha although sad knew she had to do this as one of them was working for viper which could be why he had never been caught. After 3 weeks Sasha had given up on Viper’s case as she saw it as a dead end that he would never reveal who he is and turn himself in, unexpectedly she received a phone call and when she picked it, it was Viper, “ come outside to the black Lexus vehicle parked in the compound”, “and why would I do that?”, “I guess you do not want to hear the truth and stop playing this childish games of yours”, “okay, fine I would be there”, “and do not even try to tell anyone, if you do your good as dead, am watching you”, with all that said he ended the call, Sasha thought about what to do, should she tell her boss for safety because this is viper we are talking about, but she knew if she tried anything Viper would put an end to her instantly so she quietly packed her bag and walked out of the office and when she got downstairs she looked around for the car, and she sighted it and walked towards it and got into the vehicle, immediately she got in, the person behind the wheel drove off. “hey you called me down here so better start talking”, the person turned and looked at her, “I think your mistaken here, my boss called you not me”, Sasha was surprised, “so you are not Viper”, “off course not”, “oh!! so where are we going then?”, “to Viper”, immediately he brought out a syringe and injected a sleeping pill into her body, and she slumped immediately and fell into a deep slumber. When Sasha woke up, she looked around and realized she was in a strange room, and was tied up, she began to scream for help, someone walked into the room and she tried looking at the person to know who it was but because the room was engulfed with darkness she could not recognize who the person was, “Would you keep quiet ,and quit screaming”, she immediately recognized the voice, “Viper??”, “ yes that is me”, “what a nice way to treat your guest, for crying out loud why would you tie me up, I am not your prisoner, so I demand that you untie me immediately”, “young lady, it seems like you do not know who you are talking to”, “off course I do, the almighty viper, but for the first time in your life could you act as a gentleman and untie me”, Viper looked at her an ordered someone to untie her, “ well let us not waste time because I have a lot of questions to ask you, and I…….”, viper cut her short “ give her some food”, with that he walked out. Sasha sat on the bed and began to wonder who he really is and why he is the way he is, after eating, she just at on the bed looking around, Viper had not come to say anything to her, what if she was in danger, she should have told her boss about everything before deciding to trust Viper, these were all the things running through her mind. Suddenly the door opened and the same figure she had seen earlier on came in, “ so I guess you are ready to hear everything”, “yes I am”, “ well miss Sasha Njoku, it is indeed nice to meet you, your just like your father, and I am sure that is one of the major reasons you had to meet me, because of his death, well I am Victor Johnson, also known as Viper”, after saying this he switched on the light for the room, immediately it blurred Sasha’s vision because she had been in the dark for a long time, when her vision became better she looked up to see who viper was and she realized it was the guy she bumped into while she was in the elevator, that refused to tell her his name, “you!!!”, viper laughed and said “ yes, it is me, so you see we have met”. Sasha had a lot of questions but she did not know where to start from, so instead she told viper to start from why he engaged into killings and crime, and here is his story; Victor was a member of the police force, a good one, he ensured that he complied with the laid down laws, but one thing he noticed was that whenever a crime concerning a high personality in government is brought nothing is usually done and when he challenged his boss about this, his boss laughed and said he could not prosecute them as they had a lot of power, so what Victor understood by all this was that the rich are never punished for their evil deed, just the poor face the law, he did not quite agree with it, so he tried all he could to ensure that a prominent politician faces the law for all his evil deed while in power, but unfortunately he lost and he was sacked from his job, his wife left him with his children only for him to hear later that his wife and children were killed, this made him very devastated and decide that he would work alone to ensure that all the law breakers no matter who the person was would face his wrath, he began killing corrupt politicians, ministers and other law breakers who were prominent in government, he made sure he carried out enough investigation to make sure it was the right person he was after, then he went after the person responsible for the death of his wife and children, he realized it was the same politician who he wanted to face the wrath of the law. He never meant for things to go so fa but it eventually did, some prominent people began hiring him to kill those they felt they did not need any more in government or those who were obstructing their so called success in government, so he began to work for them, because of his experience as a police officer it was quite easy for him to kill anyone without mistakes, until when he wanted to kill the last minister where he indeed made a mistake and this was because he knew this minister was an innocent person as well as his wife this pricked this conscience, normally before he kills anyone he does a background check on the person to make sure the person is actually worth been killed, but the minister he killed was an innocent soul, which kept on pricking his conscience which is why he decided to come clean as he was tired of the life he lived. Sasha was shocked by all this, “so you are saying you started killing to rid the society of the bad eggs, but you were tempted and this goal changed and you began killing people to satisfy the needs of those who employed you?, wow, there is one thing I would like to know, why did you kill my father, I mean he was not a bad person, just a simple and innocent politician, and why did you pick me out of all the journalist to reveal all this to me”, victor looked at her and said “Miss Sasha, your father Mr. Jones Njoku, was the politician who ordered for the execution of my family, I never knew he had a wife or daughter because he had various women whom he slept with, so I guess he was a green snake in a green grass who camouflaged for his family, and I chose you because I knew you were his daughter and unlike other journalist you stand for the truth and for justice, that is why I chose you and I knew I could trust you “, “victor your story is indeed a touching one but u know you cannot run away from the wrath of the law, you have to face the law for all your actions, also I would need the list of people who hired you to kill one person or another, they would as well have to face the law”, “I know Sasha, I want you to make sure those people face the law, because their soul has been consumed with greed, and they have no human compassion, their names and crimes are in this flash, and I would turn myself in to the police immediately” Well at the end Sasha was able to ensure that the bad eggs who were too greedy and wanted someone else dead faced the law, as for Viper, he was tried in court and his sentence was death by hanging.
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