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Your Brief Bio: My name is Onyeka Okeke,a young growing writer and poet. A first year student of the Federal University of Technology Owerri. I am from Anambra state.
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Tweet-Style Story Summary: This is the story of a young handsome man who channelled his youthful energy to worthless things and at the end, he regretted. It is a fiction.
Full Story: My name is Richard Okeke,"Richie for short ",everyone really thinks i have everything i need in this life. My fellow guys envy me, they really wish they were me, all the girls want me, to them,i really am the ideal guy. My friends, one after the other do tell me :"Richie, i wonder why just one person is endowed with so much features that could have been distributed to ten different men " The other would say, "Richie ,i really wish I'm you ". I could feel their jealousy with the way they relate with me, but i really understand what they mean because looking at my life, i would say i am lucky. Really lucky! I came from a middle class family, though without much affluence, i can confidently say we are rich. My father works with the ministry of health, and my mom, with First City Monument Bank,Nigeria Plc. She is a chattered accountant. I have one sibling, a brother who is a practising lawyer. Though he is married, the bond between us is almost strong as it has been. Life has been very fair to me. Never have I experienced lack for i got everything i needed or desired. My parents, especially my mom, showered me with so much love right from my childhood. I wouldn't say i was overly pampered because i was made to understand the principles of hardwork early in my life. Hardwork here doesn't mean i cooked, washed the plates or even my clothes,or did other house chores. No, far from that. We had a housemaid who did all these, my parents made me understand that it was hardwork that catapulted them to their achievements in life.I saw it in their lifestyle, the dedication to their jobs. They made me value education. They inspired me to tread the path. My dad always made me aspire the medical profession ,though he never forced me, i developed a keen interest in being a medical doctor right from a very tender age. I was enrolled into a very prestigious school in town and i was very dedicated to my studies. My teachers loved me. Everywhere i go, people admire me. My people do say that "the descendants of a snake can never escape long tail " it is no accident, that I, Richard Okeke is a very handsome boy. My mother is a paragon of beauty, slender and tall, adorned with dark comolexioned skin which shone in the sun. Ebony queen she is! My father, tall as well though light complexioned ,a very hairy gentleman.I looked more like my mother anyway. If you look at me, you would notice that it's not an exaggeration if I referred to myself as a role model because i am very handsome. I used to be shy about it, somewhat uneasy with the way girls smiled at me, as they all crave my attention. My friends talked about it, and every now and then, my teachers would give examples using my cuteness. I've come to accept that fact and of course, i am enjoying it as well. Vivian, our housemaid would always tell me "Richie, you are such a handsome boy, i hope all these girls in your school have not started disturbing you " I would always smile unveiling my homodont dentition. At school, i was very dedicated to my studies, i was very intelligent and this made my teachers love me more. Everybody, especially the girls yearned for my attention ,they all want to be friends with the handsome and brilliant Richie. I was enrolled for the West Africa Examination Council, my parents didn't make any arrangements with anybody to assist me in my examinations,they trusted my abilities and I didn't disappoint them, I emerged successfully with 6 A's and 3 B's. My parents were very proud of me. Subsequently,i enrolled for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Examination, I applied for medicine and surgery in the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka. Of course, I proved to the board that I am a genius, I scored "299" and enrolled for the University's aptitude test which I equally smashed with a whooping score of "333" over 400. I was admitted into the department i craved for,things were really moving well for me .Its been success all the way. Preparations were made for my departure to the University but before I left something strange happened. Vivian, our housemaid ,clad in a sleeveless cotton top which exposed the cleavage of her breasts dashed into my room one afternoon while everybody was away. She wore seductive looks on her face ,she fixed a romantic gaze on my eyes as she drew closer to me, my eyes were fixed on her breasts, there was pressure in my corpora cavernosa which gave rise to erection. She reached for my erection and grabbed it, she undressed and we continued the close romance which led to copulation and orgasm. It was actually my first time and it got me wild, we went on and had many rounds until we were totally exhausted. "Richie, I know you might be wondering, it's no more news that you shall be leaving soon for the University, I decided to cease this opportunity to taste the man in you, I know that when you get to the University, girls won't resist you, they will change you and make you go wild and then, I might not have this kind of opportunity again, thank you Richie " Vivian said and left without waiting to hear from me. I sat feebly on the bed reminiscing on what transpired between us moments ago. Days later, I left for the University. I couldn't concentrate on my studies, the way girls smiled at me and the way they follow me around couldn't allow me to focus, I started having entaglements with numerous ladies, I was overwhelmed by the euphoric life in the University. I had any girl I wanted, no girl had ever spurned my advances,i am handsome, i am a medical student and perhaps ,intelligent. I started declining tremendously in my academics, I hardly attend lectures ,my results were nothing to write home about, i got addicted to girls. I continued flirting, playing a Casanova on campus. At home, nobody asks for my results, they believed my capabilities, they though I'm still the Richard they knew. Meanwhile, whenever I visited home, I would always sleep with Vivian till am tired, she enjoyed it ,sometimes,she would be the one to come to my room for it. After spending two academics sessions in the college of medicine, university of Nigeria,i Sat for my first professional exam,it's the dreaded "MBBS" exam. The exam that would determine your fate in the college of medicine. I was not prepared for the exam as i had never flipped any page of my book in the name of reading. I performed derogatively in the exam, I failed my three major courses,i failed anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. There was no remedy for me ,I was withdrawn from the college of medicine. I didn't feel perturbed, I continued living my promiscuous life, now, with profound speed. I slept with any girl that came my way, I hardly spend a night alone, a night without a girl was like a day without sun. One evening, my mom called me, my heart skipped, I thought she had heard the latest, that I was withdrawn from the college of medicine but she came up with another story. "Hello Richie, your dad wants to see you, he wants to verify something from you " her melodious voice intoned. I was restless, the next day, I travelled down to Lagos where we lived. Vivian was pregnant for me, he told my parents but they doubted her, they asked me down so that we could go and run paternity test. I was very disappointed, the test showed that I was the father of Vivian's child. My parents were very disappointed in me, they never knew I could do such a thing. I decided to use the opportunity to let them know that I have been withdrawn from the college of medicine,so that they could mourn it all once. My mom fainted on hearing the sad news,daddy developed a heart attack and died. My brother deserted me, he flew our mom abroad for medical assistance. I was left with only Vivian and my unborn child, I hated myself. Had I channelled my energy to my studies, had I overlooked the ladies, the entanglements and the accompanying sexcapades ,I could have possibly passed my professional exams and continue with my dream. My mistakes has dawned on me, but anyways, experience they say,makes a man.
Author : Onyeka Okeke



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