TEM TEM: The Sounds of Her Spiritual Husband!

tem tem the sounds of her spiritual husband

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Your Brief Bio: I'm first of all a lover. I mean a hopeless romantic. Yeah. And I'm still helplessly "hopeful" and counting my luck with love. Beneath my fiery soul is a very gentle and quiet spirit. I'm helplessly ambitious. And still prays for the day I'll meet my lucky jar. Top it off with my talents for the entertainment art, I find myself as a singer, a creative writer and a blogger. #Writer #Singer #Blogger
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Tweet-Style Story Summary: Surreal. Almost ludicrous. An African version of Sci-fi. Almost the ™AfricanMagic type of story only people born on true African soil can relate with. In fact, I think this is rather a ™SuperStory as my Nigerian people will say. But spirituality is universal, for the human race is ONE, and each one of the ONE has a soul. All souls are familiar. And they (human souls) recognize one another - be it here in the air and beneath the waters, or in the hereafter. So the lines of this story won't put you off, per say. No brain surgery required. Deny it or reject it, I'm certain your soul will identify with its message and reality, despite which ever part of this human suburb (earth) you may find yourself located or originating from. It is a story of love. It is a story of deception. It is a story of the aliens invading human hearts and sweeping them unaware. It is finally, a story of awareness. #SuperStory #AfricanMagic #AlienInvasions #NewAwakening
Full Story: "Maureen!" I'm in Malawi now, thinking of the soon coming nightfall. To them, night starts by 7pm, sometimes 8pm. To me, night is 11:55pm. At exactly 11:55pm, I'm to dive into the clear waters of the Malawian lake. The Likoma Island beach, which spans the north eastern part of the lake, has lots of sands in its shores; sands that joyfully open to take the many human feet that walk on it through the day. But at night, unlike the human feet, the "water children" or "children of the water spirits" only have to glide over the surface, barely touching their amphibious cum reptilian appendages down it. "Maureen!", he calls me again. He is my husband. To tell you that the love we share is not of this world is true. What we share is certainly beyond what they share; these other mortals that sleep while we spirit children are busy and about our various businesses in our own world. In contrast to theirs, our water world is very sweet. Although they can physically see the waters, their eyes can't penetrate the realms of our world, though we have every access and even strong influence in theirs. We're indeed many worlds apart from them. And to us, the terra is cursed, despite all its beauty, by the fact of it being inhabited by these sordid and half-witted humans. About those sordid halfwits, I'm sorry I used such "bad" or harsh words to describe them - because I know, that you, my reader, is probably human, thus one of them. You humans pretend that nature is "bad" in terms where your little brains can't grapple with her sporadic ways and languages - languages that those little dictionaries you create for yourselves can't even imagine let alone comprehend. So when you hear me use such “bad” choice of words in my descriptions, you cringe. But it’s a pity what myopia you all suffer as one bunch called the human race. You give yourselves different distinctions and nomenclatures, accolades and classifications; all in a bid to better understand yourselves and your abode. You call yourselves wise and homo sapient; but little do you know what poor little things you are really, in the affairs of the cosmos. The beautiful terra is merely condoning your excesses, because the Great One has set boundaries on her anger towards you; thus putting limits on terra's choices about you. But wait until later, when I must have finished telling you what morons you humans can be; then you'd most likely provide me with even better "bad" words to best describe your discrepant depravity. It's quite a shame, how you freckles of humans squander to vanity, all the lavish of love "wasted" on you by the Benevolent One. But like I told you already, I won't be dwelling on the extantions of such depravity. I will just leave you to make up your mind about that later. And I bet to push you beyond where you've left off your stupid caps thinking that you humans are wise. I promise. So, having put aside my ranting over you doodling self-destructing specie of creatures called humans, let me quickly hurry up now. Yes! I want to quickly finish writing this on my pad, so that I can go reunite with my true sweetness. When I return from my meeting, and of course mating with him, I'll then continue with this writing. Trust me, I'll bring you delicious details of my outing tonight. I sure will. ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    *** "Timao" "Yes my love" "Did I delay too long in coming?" "Not at all. But you are 2 minutes late though, and I know it's not without a reason. You want to tell me?" "It's really nothing so important, if not for the request placed on me by Queen Mother. She mandated me to write a piece that will go to the human market. I already started writing it when I heard you calling me. So I had to wrap up the first few pages; you know it's our writing rule not to leave a page unfinished before going to another task. Knowing how much I detest those halfwits, I really hated to do it. But she commanded, and I must obey" "Ahhhh, I know. That assignment must not be unrelated to your outburst at the last meeting" "What about that?" "Oh my sweet, you did raise your voice in objection on Queen Mother when she assigned Turai to bring 5 humans to the Marriage Harvest coming Tuesday" "Oh, that? But we all know humans are disgusting; why do they have to party with us? I only expressed my disgust, and I think I spoke all of your minds at that meeting" "Speaking before thinking! That's just what you do best. Don't you know Queen Mother has special human males she uses to carry out her agenda of Matrimonial Sacrilege on mankind?" "Really? Seems I'm the only one left out in that news?" "It is no news. Sometimes you have to respect your elders by keeping quiet when they say things you don't understand. Anyways, what has Queen Mother commanded you to prepare for the human market?" "It is a piece to seduce their souls, infest their spirits and lure them further away from the Great One. She said I must write something strong enough to seduce even their so-called spiritually strong or what we know as God-lovers. She further said I must infuse my spirit of Intoxicated Addiction into every bit of the piece; starting with its tittle and the graphic words to use in writing, then the fibre of the material book cover as well as the hypnotic fragrance of the marinated papers that will be placed in-between every 7 pages of the finished book. And she mandated me to finish and hand this book out for Assessment at the Marriage Harvest. And the Harvest is only 5 days away." "Well, consider it your punishment for daring to object to Queen Mother's wisdom" "I'll do the piece with all my powers and give her an impressive work. Perhaps, that will further put me closer to becoming her favorite" Timao looked at her with that deep admiration. He always appreciated her energy and gusto. That’s why he married her, after all. So he smiled at her in satisfaction. And then, nodded in affirmation. The he asked. "When are the others joining us?" "2am of course" Oh, that would be sufficient time in-between. Timao concluded happily within himself. Then he looks at her again with that expectant glance, then he gives a knowing smile, then a wink. She smiles back. "How have you been my husband?" "Very well, but missed you all day of course" "I know. Me too. I missed you every moment of the day" ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    *** "Pa Seko. Pa Seko. Pa Seko! How many times did I call you?" "Three times! So what?" "Pa Seko, Seko is very sick and needs to be taken to the hospital. And you think you can leave this house without giving me money for that. Do you want my son to die? You must give me the money o!" "Sewa, I said there's no money. It's either you let me go out and make the money, or you beat me up as usual. You know you're a strong woman, and you're the one wearing the shorts and calling the shots in this happyless marriage. So whatever you decide, I Nana Sackey, cannot object to you" Sackey is of the Akan culture, while Sewa is of the Ewe tribe. Both are Ghanaians. In his Twi language, Sackey knows the importance of his social perception as "Nana". "Weak man! You call yourself "Nana"! Chief of where? Hungry useless lazy man; you can't even fend for your family. You can't take care of your son! You can't even take care of your so-called wife! And you call yourself a man? Chief of nobody!" "Whether you like it or not, I am Nana Sackey - a titled chief in my hometown. Yes you've ruined my finances and social prestige, reducing me to a nobody indeed; but I've not forgotten my all-important title. So leave me with it Sewa. Leave me with it Sewa, I beg you. You've already dethroned me ever since I married you, but don't steal my personal crown too. I am Nana Sackey, whether you like it or not. And there's nothing you can do about it!" He makes to move Sewa out of the way, but she is firmly lodged at the doorway; her buttocks bracing her body at the left side of the door frame, her two legs wedged akimbo between the wooden vertical door posts, while her arms are firmly gripping the door knob. ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    *** I know very well that Seko is never going to die. Not as long as his assignment on this terra is yet to fully manifest. Seko's very timely illnes is just the first part of his works in Sackey's life; there are still more tasks ahead, stipulated at certain stages of Seko's life as he grows, for he is sent to ruin Sackey and whatever remains of his great destiny or star. Seko actually means "Snake". It's a marine name, taking its significance on the bearer as a water child. I, Seko's mother am a third-degree marine spirit who came to terra on purpose to destroy men of identified great stars. I Sewa, shortened from Anansewa, am a descendant marine child from my own mother's linage. Just like my snake son Seko, I am a water spirit who took up a human body at my birth in order to frustrate my innocent victim – being my own terra father, who was seduced into marriage by my own terra mother. And so I grew to become a seductress, the queen of seduction par excellence. Seko is now only seven years old here in terra, but in the waters, he's an older man of 52 years old. In the waters, Seko answers his real name Sukumba. And in the waters, Seko, that is Sukumba, is married to another water woman named Turai; even though as Seko here in terra, he is just a 7 years old boy. Age doesn't matter here in terra, because it is not our real world as "water children". In our own sweet marine world, that's where age could count and that is where everything else matters. Age here, is only used to deceive and confuse humans. For instance, Seko is actually older than me Sewa, his terra mother, in both my terra and water age. Here in terra, I Anansewa is 27years old. And in the waters, I am 32 years. This means that my son Seko, the water spirit Sukumba, is older than me with 20years under waters, and with 25years in terra. In the waters, my real name is not Sewa but Maureen. Maureen is a common water name, which for me is simply a direct derivative of the word "Marine". In the waters, my real world, I am married to my first love and sweetheart Timao. Timao is 70 years old under water, but anytime he wants to come to terra - probably to do any specific errand as may be assigned by the Queen Mother or just to call on me, his love, on occasions where he misses me so much and couldn't wait till nightfall to meet with me at our regular rendezvous and meetings underwater - he comes as a very handsome young man of 35 years. And if I as Sewa am to become 28 years old in terra next year, Timao will then come to terra as 36. For me Sewa, my real world underwater is where my sweetness lies. Whatever I'm doing with my terra husband Sackey here in terra, is merely bidding my time while wasting away Sackey's life, and at the same time preparing Seko for his own full operations in terra when his time comes. ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    *** Sackey met me for the first time at a night club 8 years ago - 21st October 2008. "Hey beautiful, I like your dance moves" "Oh yeah" "Can I have this dance with you?" "Oh sure, as long as you won't cry tired. I can take you all night if I want, and there won't be any backing out for you. Deal?" "Deal" What started as an innocent generosity of mine to dance with him all night was in fact actually a calculated consent I sought for and got from Sackey, to come into his life and do what I'm best sent to do by the Queen Mother that night at the club. Before meeting me that night, Sackey has always been exuberant in his life conducts. He allows his sexuality have grip on him with uncontrollable desires for women; and he especially has a general preference for really beautiful women who are fair complexioned. That is what brought me into a perfect description of his heart's desire. It was pure lust at first sight, but I later convinced him it was love, and that two of us are divinely meant for each other, and that he can't do much or live better without me. And so in the coming two weeks after, I gave Sackey the best frolicking experience of his life. There's nothing I didn't do to satisfy his insatiable sexual appetite. To much of his delight, I matched his passion and vigor. I even infused some ethereal dimension to our love making, which was meant to sap his will and draw him into me - making him more powerless to extricate himself from me. On November 17 2008, I told Sackey I was pregnant with our baby. It was his natural impulse to first try withdrawing from me, because he never truly loved me at all, much less enough to want to raise a family with me. And he barely knows me - our relationship is less than one month old! But I'm very beautiful, sexy and sexually hotter than any other lady Sackey has ever known. Also, I've already gotten him wrapped around my little fingers. Twelve times after our sexual escapades of the previous weeks, I did submit samples of Sackey's semen to the Queen Mother for perfect entrapment of his mind to me. And two times within that same period, I had taken him to the lake to meet with Queen Mother; introducing him to the meeting as "the new captive". Of course, Sackey would be fast asleep while I'll call his spirit; and together, we'd travel down to the Malawian lake. The first time, he narrated to me the next morning, that he had a dream where he attended a plush banquet; people were drinking and making merry. The partying people were gorgeously dressed and appeared high profile in the society. He was so happy; eating, drinking, dancing and making new friends among the classy people. After telling me his dream, I did praise him, telling him it must be a divine revelation of the future ahead of him in this terra. Of course, Sackey was born with a great star and he knows his destiny was to be a great man of prominence in the entire country. So my interpretation of his dream wasn't far from his own beliefs about himself; it was merely an oil to lubricate the fate of his glorious ambitions. The second time, he narrated to me how he dreamt of swimming so expertly in the Akilin River in his hometown. There, his old village primary school headmaster had come with a stick to shoo him out of the river; but Sackey swam past fastly and deeper into the waters, meandering so expertly like a fish in the water. It was then I knew, that I had finally succeeded in initiating him into the marine kingdom. It was then I decided to take in and further hook him permanently to myself with the existence of a baby boy between us. I was just five days pregnant when I informed Sackey I had taken in. He wondered how I could be sure, as there are not yet any early signs of pregnancy on me. But I was certain, because I knew exactly when I took in. Sackey was in disbelieve so I obliged his insistence of going to the hospital for confirmation. Three days later, we went. Sackey was still half expecting the result to be negative when the doctor announced that I was 10 days pregnant. Despite his physical and mental effort to resist me, he could no longer withstand my spiritual and sexual manipulations of his decisions. So on December 5 2008, Sackey paid my dowry; and I became his terra wife. ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    *** "Maureen" Today is the Marriage Harvest. I’m still writing and now finishing the last drafts of the new book. My love is here again; calling me out of my terra body so that we might go together to the banquet. As I conclude this piece for the human market, which I must submit at the Marriage Harvest tonight, I want to recap what halfwits you humans are. Yes, I did promise to tell you all the details. Well, as for my romantic moments shared with my true love Timao; I prefer to leave you blank and reserve the details for your wild imaginations. But for the sunken depravity of you humans, and how often you disparage the Great One, mocking the benevolent love so "wasted" on you; actually, I can only say again, that it is a shame. "Tem tem, oh my love. Tem tem, oh beloved wife. Tem tem, hurry up. Tem tem, I'm waiting here. Tem tem, come to me. Tem tem, night has fallen" Her love is calling her. ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    *** Sewa now looks at the clock; it's 11:50 pm. On the bed beside her, Sackey is already deeply asleep as often controlled to do at this hour. Seko is already up, ready to drift into his Sukumba body. "Tem tem, Maureen come" Timao started singing again, calling out his love to come meet him. Tonight is the night; the Marriage Harvest. There will be lots of wine, food and sex. Lots of orgies. Even Timao, who is a very jealous lover, has earlier agreed that Sukumba will make love to his wife Maureen tonight while Timao himself watches. In essence, it means that the boy Seko will be making love to his own mother Sewa tonight at the harvest. Afterwards, the old Sukumba and Timao will equally mate amongst other male spirits, to seal the orgies of their avowed infestation of mankind with sodomy and delusional bondages, which unbeknownst by those halfwits, are sold out to them humans as freedom in their new age mantra. ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    ***    *** "Maureen" I'm once more at the shores of Likoma Island beach right now, waiting to dive into the Malawian lake at exactly 11:55pm. It is 11:54 now, so I'm already casting off my terra legs and shooting out my fish tails and half fins. I swim expertly in my curvaceous amphibious body. "Maureen", my sweet dearly beloved husband calls again. He has started singing our love song again. Yes, he has special sounds for me. I might make letters, but Timao my beloved husband, makes music. Splash!!! Maureen dives right into the sea where she truly belongs. "Tem tem!" they both sing and swim, far down into the deep.
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