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Your Brief Bio: My name is Akandu Sarah Chinenye. I am currently studying mass communication in Nnamdi Azikiwe University. I love acting, singing and writing. My family is my greatest motivation. My aim in life is to be a great motivation to others. i am a fun-loving person.
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Tweet-Style Story Summary: Summer Rose is story about young lady whose heart was shattered by the one she loved. She never knew that fate had something in store for her. As she tried to find a new life, she met a man who redefined her love life.
Full Story: Chapter One Rose picked up her phone and scanned through the message that came in. It was from her boyfriend, David. "Dinner at 6 o'clock!" She quickly turned off her computer and dashed out of the office, leaving files littering on her desk. She hailed a cab and hopped in. She relaxed on the car seat and shut her eyes. Her mind immediately went into rewind. Rose had gone to Carrefour City Ecole Militaire, a supermarket in Paris to shop for groceries. She pushed her cart towards the cashier at the counter to make her payment. As she approached the counter, a young lady appeared to attend to her. Minutes after several taps on her computer, the cashier finally spoke, "That will be fifty Euros only." Rose rummaged through her handbag for some cash but found none. She stepped out of the queue and searched through the store. A voice came from behind; "Looking for something?" Startled, Rose turned around immediately and her eyes met his, she gazed into his dark brown eyes that seemed to have enchanted her. He had impeccable features, his bone structure was perfectly symmetrical. He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. He has got an excellent brown skin, and a glimpse of his proportionate face made her weak at her knees. "Yes, I'm looking for something. You actually startled me!" "I'm sorry. I saw the whole incident at the counter and I thought it would be nice for me to help." He handed her two bags full of groceries. "Here, I already paid for them." She felt embarrassed. She raked her fingers over her hair and stared at him for a while. "Are you going to stare at me until I melt?, he teased. "I'm sorry." "It’s okay. Can I drive you home?” A smile etched into his face. "I would love that." He immediately collected the grocery bags. "Come with me please." As he turned around, she looked over at him. She had to admit he was an attractive man, and women would swoon with just one look at him. Getting to where his car was parked, he opened the car door and ushered her in. "Thank you." "You are welcome." He hopped onto the driver's seat and drove off. "My name is David Olawale. What is yours?" "It's Rose Dike", she replied grinning. He gazed at her, her smile captivated him. As he stared into her eyes, her hazel eyes flecked with gold, her lips were full and slightly parted below her straight nose. "Are you a Nigerian?", she asked. "Yes, I'm here on vacation." Her eyes widened in surprise. "Wow! Me too." She smiled and pointed at a house by the roadside, "I will get down over there." The car immediately came to a halt. "Would you like to come in?" "Not today dear." "Well, I will love to have you over. Thanks again." "You are welcome. I will come over soon." As she headed towards a black gate, he watched her, he saw a certain grace of movement, an ingrained lithe fluidness in her posture which he admired. He didn't fail to visit Rose the next day, and from there, their friendship bloomed into a romantic relationship. "We are here madam." The driver's voice intruded on her thoughts, his voice jolted her back to reality. She paid him and zoomed off. Rushing into her apartment, she immediately took a cold shower, and hurried out of the bathroom. She rummaged through her closet and took out a red mini dress. She had waited impatiently for two months for tonight and she only wished that he would finally propose to her as he had promised to do on his return to Nigeria. He had made the promise to her the night before he left for England to inform his parents about their relationship. Rose slid the dress down her body, applied a light makeup and left her apartment immediately. On getting to the restaurant, the skies darkened and it started drizzling. The restaurant's doorman opened the door and ushered her in. "Good evening madam, welcome to Cafe Cassata." As she walked past him, his stares followed her. She was used to people gawking at her and that made her proud. Her eyes searched through the restaurant until they finally found David, he looked as handsome as always. Easing closer to him, she sensed a negative feeling in the atmosphere. The mood was ominous. "Hi, I'm sorry for being late." "It's alright", he replied looking out of the glass window. She looked at him for a while, his eyes were gloomy. "How was your trip?" "It was fine." "Is anything the matter?" "No! Stop asking me silly questions!” Rose's eyes widened in surprise, the man sitting right in front of her was totally different from the man she used to know. "Rose, I know we have dated for two years now and I know that you must have had a lot of fantasies but I'm sorry, you are not what I want anymore." His words shattered her heart. She felt lost and empty. "David…" He cut her short and drove her words back into her mouth. "I'm sorry Rose, but it all ends here, I will pay you off if you want.", he said in a tone of finality and left. The drizzle turned into a torrential downpour. “Where do I go from here?” she wondered. A few seconds later, with her purse in one hand and scarf in the other, she dashed off into the rain. Chapter Two Daniel Efe was driving home at a snail's pace, battling with the striking rain that slammed against the windshield of his car. A call came into his phone; it was from Mr. Kunle, his private investigator. "Hello?" "It’s me, Kunle. If you really want answers to your questions then I suggest you go home now without delay." The caller immediately hung up before Daniel could utter another word. He stepped on it at once, the night seemed darker than usual and his headlights could barely illuminate the desolated roads. Suddenly, a figure darted in front of his car, he slammed on the brakes and halted at the edge of a pavement. He clung on to the steering wheel and his heart began pounding. When his pulse slowed, he opened the car door and rushed towards the figure he had knocked down. "I'm really very sorry. My name is Daniel, please let me take you to a nearby clinic." "I don't need your help!" She clutched at her purse and limped into the dark streets. He wasn't able to see her face in the dark. His conscience nagged him as drove off. * * Daniel made his way into his apartment, he heard voices coming from the bedroom upstairs and he hurriedly climbed up the stairs. He entered the bedroom unnoticed and what he saw dumbfounded him. His beloved wife was lying in with a strange man, with the both of them unclad. His jaw dropped in amazement. "Good lord!" His voice jerked the young man off the bed; he picked up his clothes and dashed out. Daniel stared at her for a while. "Ada, why?" She abruptly ran out of the house. As she ran out, her hurried footsteps sounded across the apartment as the door opened - and closed. Chapter Three A month had passed but Daniel still found it difficult to forget about the incident that transpired in his bedroom. The sudden disappearance of Ada troubled him for a moment but he tried to brush the thought off his mind. He wasn't excited about his life anymore. As he lay in bed, a ray of sunlight slanted through the grimy windows of his bedroom. The cheerful beam of sunlight tickled his eyes until he finally opened them. He stood up from the bed, moved into the kitchen and made himself a hot cup of coffee. Taking a sip from the cup of coffee, he winced in pain as the hot liquid burnt his tongue. It seemed like the burn on his tongue added to the pain in his heart. He lifted his head and glanced at the wall clock that rested on the wall of his sitting room. "7 a.m!” He exclaimed and zoomed off into the bathroom. He hasn't been to work for the past one month but he had placed the affairs of the company in the hands of his trusted general manager, Mr. Taiwo Adekunle. He had decided to take some time off to clear his mind. As soon as he made his way out of the bathroom, he dressed up and hurried out. * * At work, Rose found it difficult to concentrate, she was lost in her own thoughts, she sat in front of her computer and stared at nothing. The new boss walked into her office unannounced, she was unaware of his presence, he stood close to the door and watched her for a while. He felt a sudden gust of anger as he watched her sitting idly in the office at the early hours of the day. The sight of files lying unattended to on her desk irritated him. "Young lady!" The manly voice rang in her head and shocked her back to life. She jumped off her chair in fear and tried to compose herself. "Who are you? Where is Linda?" "My name is Rose Dike sir and I'm the new assistant secretary. Linda has gone on a trip to Abuja with two other employees to represent the company at the general conference. I'm only filling in for her." His eyes widened in bewilderment. "Is this how you plan to work for this company? As early as 8 o'clock in the morning, you are just seated there doing nothing?" "I'm very sorry sir" "If you truly have the intention of working for this company, then I advise you to buckle down. I don't have a space in my company for indolent individuals" "I'm sorry sir." "Prepare the documents of our contract with China Corporation and send them to my office in the next fifteen minutes. Bring me a cup of coffee too." As soon as he left for his office, she immediately went to work on her computer. She prepared the documents carefully. She ran to the coffee shop across the street and hurried back to her office with a cup of cappuccino. With the cup of coffee in her right hand and the documents in the left, she headed straight to her boss' office. She made to knock on the door but the door flung open immediately and she bumped into her boss who was on his way out. The lukewarm coffee spilled on him. Anger filled him at once. One glance at him, fear gripped her and she moved a few steps away from him. "I guess I will be seeing more of your clumsiness around here." He snatched the documents from her and before she could utter a word, he slammed the door on her face. Rose felt embarrassed and frailly walked to her office. * * Rose entered her apartment; she walked past the living room and headed straight to her bedroom without saying a word to Lilian who quietly watched her. Lilian was surprised at her sudden gloomy countenance. She has been married to Rose's elder brother for two years and she's known Rose well enough to know when something was troubling her. Some minutes later, Lilian entered Rose's room and she met her lying in bed. "Are you okay?” Rose managed to sit up in bed. "No. I think I must have gotten on my boss' bad side. The thought of David distracts me from work.” "My dear, you have to. You need to get your life back together and forget about him. The bastard is definitely happy now." "You think so?" "I know so. Trust me, you will find a better man", Lilian reassured her. And with the reassurance, Rose's spirit took a dive. "What will I do without you?" "Without me, you will grow old because of worry", she teased and both women laughed. Chapter Four It was a sunny morning; beams of sunlight made their way through the curtains and crept into Daniel's room. He groaned as they forced him out of bed. He stretched his muscles and climbed down the bed. He moved towards the window to open the curtains, he stood still as he watched an unknown figure climbing down the porch, there was a certain grace in her movement that captivated him. Her face glistened in the morning sun and her blue gown gave her the perfect curve that would leave men drooling at the sight of her. He wondered who she was. It was his friend, Ifeanyi who lived next door with his wife, Lilian. As he watched her, she stumbled and fell. "She is just as clumsy as Rose”, he said amidst chuckles. Sensing that someone must have seen her fall, she quickly rose and straightened up. As she raised her head to look around to see if anyone saw her fall, Daniel immediately hid behind the curtains. "Why am I even hiding?", he wondered. He moved back to the window but couldn’t find her there. Unbidden, the image of Ada flashed through his mind. A dark skinned young lady, attractive and deadly as a viper. She ripped his heart apart and left him helpless. He had never known hate until she swept through his life in a flash. He suddenly heard a loud rumble in his stomach which distracted him from his thoughts. His eating habit lately had suddenly become dicey. There was a hollow feeling in the pit of his stomach which reminded him that he needed to scrounge up some food. He headed straight to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. * * Daniel was curious about the woman he had seen earlier leaving his friend's house; he wanted to know more about her. As he was about to head out, he decided to drop by at his friend's place with the hope of seeing her again. He knocked on the door and the door immediately flung open. It was his friend's wife, Lilian that he saw. She stood at the door in her white transparent nightgown. He could see virtually everything underneath. He tried to avert his eyes which seemed to have pierced through the nightgown. "Is Ifeanyi home?" She enjoyed the attention she was getting from him. "Are you here for Ifeanyi or for the lady you were staring at this morning?" He was shocked to know that someone saw him gazing. "I'm here Ifeanyi.” "He's not at home. He's gone on a business trip, he will be back later tonight. Do you want to come in?" "No thanks, I will be back later in the evening", he replied and immediately zoomed off. * * Later that evening, Daniel decided to drop by at his friend's place. He wanted to see the young lady that spellbound him earlier in the day. He knocked on the door, and in a few minutes, he heard someone unlocking the door. He silently prayed that it wasn't Lilian who was at the door. He stood motionless in amazement. "Rose?" She was shocked to see him; her legs became too weak to carry her. "Hi boss", she managed to dredge the words up. His friend immediately appeared behind her and took him away. They hadn't seen each other in a while so they had a lot of catching up to do. They were engrossed in their discussion that they were oblivious of Lillian's presence as she entered the living room with a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. It was then that Daniel popped the question. "What is Rose doing here?" On hearing the question, Lilian felt a pang of jealousy. Her hands trembled; the wine glasses fell and shattered into pieces. The shattering sound interrupted their discussion and they both turned towards Lilian. "I think I feel a bit ill", she excused herself and left. Rose later reappeared to clean up the place and Daniel couldn't take his eyes off her as she worked. "Stop staring at my sister like that. I don't want those eyes of yours to create a hole in her skin", he teased. "Sister? That's Rose, my secretary in the office." "Yes, she's my sister. She had issues in her last relationship and it affected her at work." "How?" "Her ex-boyfriend was her boss in the office. After their break up, she decided not to work there anymore." "I see." "I never knew she was employed in your company, you know I have been away for three weeks. I haven't really had the time to talk with her." Daniel felt remorseful; he never knew she was having a hard time like he was. The two friends decided to put Rose's issues aside and talk about other things. The two friends enjoyed each other's company and laughed at regular intervals. "I will be leaving now." "Alright. Thanks for coming over." "It is my pleasure." * * On his way out, he bumped into Rose who had gone out to empty the waste bin. "If we keep bumping into each other like this, we will end up breaking each other's bones", he teased. "I'm sorry. I..." He held her arms with his hands and her words trailed off. "You don't have to be sorry. I totally understand what you are going through." She winced in pain and he immediately unhanded her. "Are you okay?" "Not really, your hand slightly brushed my wound." She pulled up her sleeve, the wound emitted droplets of blood, he grasped her hand and pulled her towards the well, he gently helped her to wash the droplets of blood off. "How did you get this?" "I had a car accident a month ago." "Where? When? Did you see the face of the reckless driver?" "Like I said, it was a month ago. It was around Cafe Cassata, I think it was on a Friday night, it was raining and the skies were pretty dark. I bet the driver didn't see me. Funny enough, he mentioned his name was Daniel, but I didn't get to see his face in the dark." He stood in shock. Sensing the sudden change in his countenance, Rose asked, "Are you okay?" "I was the one", he muttered. "What?" "I was the one that hit you with my car that night. I'm truly sorry, I wanted to help but you took off even before I could do anything." "You don't have to be sorry. I know you wanted to help." He took her hand and held it in his. "Am I forgiven?" "I was never mad at you anyway." She gently withdrew her hand from his. "I will be going in now. Goodnight boss.” "Goodnight Rose." Chapter Five An image of Ada flashed through his mind, he paused and heaved a deep sigh. The thought of her distracted him from work. Rose walked into his office to drop off some documents on his desk. She had been knocking on the door but there was no answer. She decided to go in and drop the document. She was surprised to see him seated at his desk. Daniel was so intent in his thoughts that he was unmindful of her presence. She looked at him and her nurturing instincts kicked in. She felt his pain. The news of his wife's infidelity had circulated around the company and she guessed it must be the reason for his despondence. "Good morning sir." Her voice shattered his pensive mood. "Good morning, Rose. How long have you been here?" "A minute." She placed the documents on his desk and made to leave. "Rose..." She stopped and turned around sharply. "…How did you get over your ex?" His voice was shaky. "I wouldn't say that I have completely gotten over my ex, I'm still trying to move on, you should too. You will find someone who will love you wholeheartedly." He moved closer to her and hugged her tightly. A warm flush crept up Rose's neck as she tucked her face into his chest, she could hear his racing heartbeat, his cologne captivated her. He stared into her eyes, her striking brown eyes were vivid in the daylight. Her glossy lips were soft and full. He bent over and kissed her softly. She couldn't help but kiss him back. Suddenly, a knock came on the door and disentangled them. She instantly straightened up and left his office. * * That evening, Daniel went over to Rose's place to apologize to her. Outside her house, he met the gatekeeper, Kola, in front of the gate. "Is Rose in?" "No sir, she isn't back yet." "Please, can you give this to her when she gets back?" "I will sir." Daniel handed the bouquet which contained a card to him. He shoved his hand into the back pocket of his trousers, took out some naira notes and tucked it into Kola's hand. The gatekeeper was full of thanks. "This will definitely get to her sir." Daniel left and Kola made his way into the house. Half way into the house, Kola halted at the sight of Lilian. "Good evening ma." "Good evening Kola. Who gave you that?" "Mr. Daniel did. He asked me to give them to Rose." "Hand it over. I will give it Rose when she gets back." He handed the bouquet to Lilian and went back to the gate. She placed the bouquet on her bed and took out the card which read; Rose dear, I apologize for what happened in the office. I promise to make it up to you. Please let's meet up at Elis restaurant by 8 o'clock. Daniel. In anger, she picked up the bouquet and card, and dumped them into the waste bin. * * Daniel sat in the restaurant waiting for Rose. He took a peep at his wristwatch, it was 8:45 p.m. He ordered for a glass of wine which he slowly sipped. Hours passed and he grew tired of waiting. "I guess she stood me up.” He emptied the glass at a gulp and walked out of the restaurant. * * Lilian and her husband, Ifeanyi had gone out on a date that evening. She returned home drunk. He carried her into their bedroom and gently placed her on the bed. When he turned around to leave, she held his hand, drew him closer and kissed him with her eyes closed. "I love you, Daniel Efe." His eyes widened in astonishment. He couldn't believe what he heard. He raised his weary eyes to look at her but she was already fast asleep. Chapter Six Ifeanyi couldn't fall asleep after hearing his wife profess her love for another man, he stayed awake till the next morning, trying to figure out what must have gone wrong with their marriage. He moved over to the bed and gently tapped her. "Lilly, we need to talk." She struggled to sit up in bed as she was still having a great hangover. "Honey, can’t it wait till later in the day?" Her voice was soft. It melted his heart. He looked straight into her eyes. "Are you in love with my friend, Daniel?" Her heart started racing fast. The room stood still for a while as they both stared into each other's eyes. "I think I'm falling for him." "Haven't I been doing enough for you?" "You have dear but I need your attention. You are barely around. We have been married for two years without a child of our own. I love you honey. I only wanted someone to give me the attention I need. I swear to you, we haven't done anything." "I'm sorry that I haven't been living up to my duties as a husband. I love you Lilly and I promise to change for good." * * That morning, Rose decided to take out the waste bin. As she picked it up, she stumbled and the garbage flew in the air. She noticed a bouquet and card in the bin, she read through the card and instantly ran out to Daniel's house. She knocked on his door and the door flung open. She was surprised to see a woman at the door. "Hello. Who are you and what are you looking for?" ”I'm Rose. Is Mr. Daniel in?" "Oh! You are the pesky little dirt who wouldn't let my husband be." Rose was taken aback by her words. She never knew that they were back together. She became speechless and dejectedly left. * * Rose decided to channel the whole of her mind to her work in order to get over her growing feelings for Daniel. When she was about to leave for home, she bumped into Daniel on the stairs. She tried to walk past him but he held her back. "Why didn't you show up? I waited for you all night at the restaurant." "And why didn't you tell me that you and your wife are back together?" "What?" "Don't even try to pretend. I went over to your place on Saturday morning and I met her there. You ..." "We are getting a divorce…" His words cut hers off. "…She only came over to pick up her stuffs." "I'm sorry Daniel. I couldn't show up that night..." "Let's not talk about that anymore." "How can I make it up to you?" "Dinner at 8. I will pick you up at 7:30 p.m." Chapter Seven There was an incessant pounding on the door, the noise roused her from her sleep. She was alone at home. Ifeanyi and Lilian had gone on a romantic trip to Dubai, and Kola had gone his one week leave. She wondered how the person got through the gate and to the front door. She tiptoed closer to the door and peered through the keyhole. There was tension within her. She unlocked the door and gently opened it. He pushed his way through the door and slammed it. "Are you having an affair with your new boss?" Anger was emanating from him. "So what? We are not together anymore!" "We recently broke up and you are already into a new relationship?" "You brought another woman to the office as your fiancée, you even made me watch every day!" "I never wanted to end things with you Rose. My parents..." When it was 7:30 p.m, Daniel rushed over to Rose's place. He was surprised to see the gate wide open. He heard noises coming from inside the house, he immediately increased his pace. He leaned on the door and listened. "... Rose, I want you back. I have realized my mistake." "Too late! I'm in love with someone else." "Who?" "I'm in love with Daniel Efe!" He slapped her across the face. She shrieked, her cry jolted Daniel, he pushed through the door and made his way into the house. He pounced on David and released punches on him. Rose called the police and in no time, the police arrived and took David away. "Was that your ex?” "Yes, that's David Olawale, my ex-boyfriend." "David Olawale?" "Yes. Do you know him?" "I'm not certain about that love, but I will have to find out." Chapter Eight David sat in the station's waiting room, he was badly bruised. He was still trying to recover from the punches he had taken, his face had doubled. A voice came from behind; "Olawale Bankole David!" There was only one person who called him by his full name but he hadn't seen that person since their secondary school days. David turned around instantly in surprise. "Efe Daniel?" They ran towards each other and hugged. "Man! Where have you been?" "It’s a long story bro.” Daniel talked with the policemen and got his friend bailed. They moved over to a nearby restaurant to sort things out over some drinks. "I made a mistake to have left Rose. My parents talked me into it. I know I can't have Rose anymore because she's in love with you now. I just want you to take care of her bro." The bitterness emanating from him was palpable. "I promise I will." They both became quiet for some minutes until the bartender appeared and disrupted the stillness around them. They decided to push the topic aside and talk about other things. * * He sat in the restaurant and patiently waited for her. They had dated for several months and their feelings for each o6ther had grown swiftly with time. He couldn't imagine life without her by his side. At the sight of her, his heart took a flight, his gaze fixated on her and the lights in the room illuminated on her skin. Her caramel skin glowed under the lights. She looked like an ever blooming rose. His heart leapt as she walked towards him. He stood up and pulled out a seat for her. "You look beautiful." "Thanks darling." After a lovely dinner, sweet classical music filled the air, he reached for her hand and took her to the dance floor. The spotlight rested on them and he got on one knee. "Rose, I can't describe how lucky I am to have you. Without you, my life wouldn't be complete." The sight brought tears to her eyes. Her joy was immeasurable. He took out the ring and uttered the plea; "Will you marry me?" His heartbeat increased as he waited for her response. "Yes Dan! I will!" His joy was without bound; he pulled her closer and embraced her. His lips parted and met hers, he kissed her for a while and his tongue melted her. The whole room stood still as they kissed. It seemed like the world was at their fingertips.
Author : Akandu Chinenye




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