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Your Brief Bio: A student of the unique Uniport, Paul Bobsyn is an avid reader who believes books make the world go round. When he's not behind a screen, he spnds his time writing and tinkering with about anything he fancies.
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Tweet-Style Story Summary: The story is based on the Bob's journey to finding love . It cuts through the topic of love, highlighting the troubles in maintaining relationships and the downside of letting one's fancy rub wild.
Full Story: One needn't don a cape and an eye mask to be a hero of some sort, this I discovered. But like all heroes, my story doesn't start any differently from the average teen's trying to fit into a peculiar world, stumbling across faggots one sometimes can't imagine how strategically they're placed, and trying to thrive regardless. Not once did it occur to me that I'd someday save an almost impossible situation and find love. The suddenness with which my journey began sure caught me napping, but I'd really only have failed by not trying at all. My story, however, begins with the unusual — getting lovestruck. I'd started out celibate, not because I was asexual — on the contrary — I just had a hard time comprehending how I believed myself to have loved all the girls I used to date. And often times I'd wonder; why do we fall in love from afar, afraid of rejections from the object of our affections? Why do we zone out the ones who love us and love the ones that ignore us? Love must be a farce of some kind, I'd decided as an afterthought, finding no good enough answers to the questions that ran through my mind. Just how far this ideology took me you would get to know. Sonia, perhaps the most implausible of girls considering my rather exotic taste, walked into my life in the most incredulous way ever. Call me crazy, sleazy or what have you even but love at first sight for an apathetic celibate wasn't something that happened so often in God's universe. I first set eyes on Sonia when she accompanied Lois, a friend of mine, on her routine trip to see Daniel, my roommate, Lois's boyfriend. She had the least likely features that would attract me to a female; small perky breasts, a relative shortness, and an ebony skin. All these make me wonder now if it hadn't been the hysteria of the moment, a misplaced lusting even. Sonia had been rather quiet during the duration of the visit, risking only a smile when she was introduced to Daniel and I. I stole glances in her direction a few times only to lock gazes with her and avert my eyes guiltily. Being a rather self-conscious person, I felt her eyes bore into me as I spoke to Lois about Daniel's proposed birthday bash in my honour. "Am I invited?" Sonia's voice was cool and soft, having a liquid-y feel that made her seem capable of accentuating easily. And although her question seemed to have jolted my flow of words and made me stutter, it really was her voice and how her minty breath had caressed my cheek that rendered me speechless. I managed a nod, not trusting myself to say something coherent. Later that night, I laid in bed pondering about the meeting with Lois and Sonia. And for the first time in ages, I gave celibacy a second thought. Was it really worth it? When finally I succumbed to sleep beside a snoring Daniel, a smiling image of Sonia lingered in my head. Sonia and Lois again showed up the next day. And although Sonia didn't stay as quiet as she'd been on her first visit, she didn't initiate any conversation either. When Lois had told me to go practice some dance moves ahead of the party, I'd responded by doing a funny dance. That had cracked up my little party of watchers and they had all burst out laughing. Sonia's laughter was all that caught my attention however, she had thrown back her head in a long throaty laugh. And it all was like in the movies when bullet time is introduced and time seemed to drag. Her long animated laughter had teared her up and she was clutching her stomach. I stared at her, a strange sense of satisfaction awashing me. On the eve of my birthday, Lois had asked to sleep over, and while Daniel had willingly agreed, Sonia had had to be cajoled. Daniel separated the double bed, disappearing under the sheets with Lois, leaving Sonia and I with no option but to share a bed. I pointed to the bed, embarrassed, and Sonia had clambered onto it. She stuck to one end of the large bed and I the other with our backs to each other, leaving a rather vast space ridging right up the middle. I laid awake for most of the night and so did Sonia. Our breathings were long and slow, almost synching. When the timepiece on the wall struck twelve, I retrieved my phone from its stand, subscribing to a night bundle plan. If I was going to have insomnia for sharing a bed with Sonia, I might as well put it to good use. Having streamed enough movies to last me a day or two, I switched to watching YouTube videos. Surprisingly, Sonia rolled over to where I laid. "You have a subscription?" She whispered and I nodded. "Could I join in via hotspot?" "Sure." I replied, holding out a hand to collect her phone. After successfully pairing both devices, I handed her the phone. Sonia's next move left me awestruck. She rested her head on my chest, reclining the small of her back on my sprawled out hand. Four hours down the line when the subscription had run out, I maintained the same position with Sonia sound asleep on my chest. As I shut my eyes in pretentious sleep because there seemingly was some ongoing activity beneath Daniel and Lois's bedspread, a smile curled the corners of my lips. And it wasn't because of the excitement that'd come with the dawn of day, but of the slutty image of a dancing Sonia I'd conjured up from mere body contact. Never would you see a more contented sleep. I awoke the next day to the vibrations of my phone. Birthday texts lit my phone, bringing a smile to my lips. I stared down at Sonia sleeping peacefully beside me and I have to confess she looked rather cute in her sleeping state. As I made to pull my numbed hand from beneath her, she stirred and her eyes fluttered open. Those large round eyes of hers focused on me and but for self control I'd have kissed her right there and whispered sweet nonsenses in her ears. I mouthed her a good morning and she flashed me a smile. A smile that melted my heart like butter, causing liquid fire to pulse through my veins. "Happy birthday." She whispered, not taking her eyes off of me. For a moment we seemed zoned out from the world — two hearts truly connecting. The words I'd longed to tell her were on the very edge of my tongue, but my inability to admit I'd indeed been lovestruck by a female I'd only just met left me speechless, unmoving. Now I wonder, did celibacy make one dumb or was it just some defense mechanism kicking in? Moments later when I'd continued staring, Sonia had sighed, breaking eye contact and scrambling to her feet. If she had expected me to make the first move as the guy, I wouldn't know, but one thing seemed almost certain to me there and then; I may have had a chance. Friday came and I couldn't have made a better decision in agreeing to the birthday bash. Bright lights gave way to the dim multicolored lights of a disco ball, loud music oozed from the home theatre and the stench of sweaty bodies and booze hung heavily in the air. The brevity of the flash of red and blue lights highlighted perspiring figures twisting rhythmically to the music, hips gyrating in wild ecstasy. On a chair, booze in hand, I watched the enthusiastic and somewhat perverted pair of male and female dancers wiggle their bodies in reckless abandon. The music was paused for the dancers to catch their breath, refill their glasses and change partners. Wild cheers and sharp toots welcomed the music when again it came on. And just when I thought the party couldn't get any better, Lois offered to give me a lapDanielce. Sprawled out on the chair, I relaxed under the revolving ministrations of Lois's firm mass of flesh. She sought a boner, one I didn't readily give to buy time and make her continue. Perhaps tired of my growing insensitivity, she left me for Daniel and Sonia took over. By the simple gyration of her hips, having it graze my tarse, Sonia evoked my wildest thoughts, causing goosebumps to riddle my skin and my tarse to rise in defiant attention. Overtime, Sonia got off of me and offered me her hand, gesturing to the dancefloor. I shook my head, rejecting her proposal but it didn't serve to deter her one bit. She grabbed my hands and pulled me up, leading me to the center. The guys jeered and chanted at my entrance, bathing me in booze and whatever liquid came in handy. Only then did the real party start. Two hours past midnight and the caretaker came banging on the door. Elvis, a friend of Daniel's answered the door. The caretaker didn't look like he was in for jokes but drunk Elvis couldn't have cared any less. The caretaker hollered at him to turn down the music, but poor man! Elvis shoved his half full bottle of beer into the caretaker's hand and slammed the door in his face. I knew I'd have a lot to answer to the next day, but all that mattered then was the party. Well, so I thought until power went out. The partiers groaned and hissed in disgust, only then daring to rest. Being about the only sober one, ironically, I hurried to the backyard to check on the generator. Much to my surprise, the caretaker sat on the generator, drinking from the bottle of beer. He shot me a dirty look which told me all I needed to know — party was over. I returned with news for the guys, but a good number of them already laid on the messy floor, wasted. Owing to the persisting blackout for days, Daniel and I rolled up the blinds and opened the doors to air out the room. Joining Sonia on the makeshift bed she made, I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. I awoke to a soft patting on my arm the next day, totally hungover, aching and famished. It was Sonia and she had bags under her eyes for staying up past curfew. Arching my brows in a questioning gesture, totally avoiding annoying whatever god of pain that'd gone bananas in my head, I met Sonia gaze through half closed eyes. "Could I borrow your charger right now?" She asked and I nod, turning on my side and shutting my eyes in sleep. A few minutes later and she was back tapping my arm again. My lids fluttered open, revealing a reddened pair of eyes. "What now?" I asked. "It's not working." Was her somber reply. And that meant I had to get out of bed. And by getting out of bed, it meant being unable to fall asleep again. Lord! I stumbled out of bed, half asleep, muttering under my breath. She reached to steady me as I staggered along to the door, noosing her arm into the crook of my own. I pushed open the door and slipped outside. In my drowsiness, I hadn't notice Sonia letting go of my hand. And then in one split moment, I felt something cold splash against my head, blearing my vision and sending chills running down to my toes. Pawing at my eyes to dry them up and get my vision aright, long hearty laughter rented the air, causing me to look up. "Happy new age!" Exclaimed Daniel and his cohorts holding a bucket and bursting into laughter again. There and then it all became clear to me, I'd been pranked. Sonia closed in on the distance between us and linked her fingers into mine. She looked up to smile at me and my attention turned from the pranksters to her. I wasn't annoyed she'd baited me, no. I'd looked into her eyes and the corners of my mouth had twitched upwards in a smile. In the same position, arms noosed in the crooks of the other's, Sonia and I had walked alongside Daniel and Lois to Elvis's party on Sunday evening. Not exactly a party that would need an opening prayer or a benediction, Elvis's party had turned out alright. Well, except the higher ratio of booze to food counted as a moral bias of some sort that is. Elvis had welcomed us on arrival, introducing us to his date for the night, a girl draped in a red gown and having too big a breast for her slender frame one may yet marvel at the wonders of foam bras. Elvis had then disappeared with his date after helping us settle in, appearing everywhere and being nowhere at all. Dancing began in earnest when the guests had finished dining and from the looks of enthusiasm on Daniel and Sonia's faces, they both itched for some excitement. Show offs! I puffed. Son's teared down to the dancefloor on finishing her meal and Daniel had a rather difficult time persuading a reluctant Lois to accompany him. While all three of them danced, I busied myself with my phone, being the only bad dancer among the crew. And then in the instance I happened to look away from my phone, I saw some bloke approach Sonia from behind. Rage welled in me as he brought his hands to rest upon the hips of an oblivious Sonia who shrank away from his touch and came bounding towards me. Embarrassed, his gaze trailed after her, coming to a stop on meeting mine. He nodded, as though in understanding, stalking off towards the stands. Sonia had refused to go onto the dancefloor again without me and I had just about enough reasons to keep her seated. Taking off her cap, she placed it on my head, sitting gingerly on my laps. I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. Just who knew fulfilment tasted this good! As the party dragged on into the night, Daniel had suggested we headed home before midnight, so we'd called on Elvis before exiting the party. At an intersection, Sonia and Lois had asked to pick up some ingredients from their houses before continuing with Daniel and I to our apartment. Daniel had asked to accompany Sonia, entrusting me with Lois. Stopping to think of this moment, it may yet have been the genesis of my regrets. How had I not seen something fishy in the plan, I wonder now. All four of us had rendezvoused at my apartment afterwards and Sonia had set to cooking after changing into one of Daniel's large shirts. My obsession with culinary duties couldn't have been the only thing that attracted me to the kitchen, certainly. I was bracing to tell Sonia about my feelings  and so I joined her in cooking. As we peeled and chopped up the potatoes for frying, I made small jokes to lighten the atmosphere. Every second of hesitation was greeted with a loud thumping of my heart against my ribcage. I inhaled deeply, more from nervousness than from the fear of failing. Or perhaps I was just out of practice...and rusty. After cutting up the potatoes, I left for the bathroom to wash my hands and compose myself for the big mission. On reentry into the kitchen, I found Sonia turning over browning chips of potatoes in a skillet. Stealthily, I approached from behind, snaking an arm around her waist. She jumped in fright but settled when my other hand joined hers in holding the spoon. And then reclining her head, she looked up at me and lowered her gaze, running her fingers over my arm that lingered around her waist. And then she rested her petite frame against me, letting the silence prevail. Literally, I again died and went to heaven. If we continued on all mushy there in the kitchen, the potatoes would get burnt and the smell would attract Daniel and Lois. As I made to withdraw my arm from around her waist, she grabbed the retreating limb and gave my fingers a little squeeze. My blood pressure scaled a thousand. I bent and pressed a kiss on her temples before walking out of the kitchen. In the room, meanwhile, Daniel and Lois sat in silence, avoiding each other's gaze. They were probably having one of their many fights and were not in speaking terms. I sauntered out of the room away from the heated atmosphere of bristling tempers into the cool night's air. Minutes later, Sonia came to call me to dinner. I hurried after her, joining Daniel and Lois who sat across from each other on the floor sharing a plate. Again after my dinner of fried potatoes and tomato sauce, I'd resumed my position on the bench outside, gazing at the beautiful starry skyline. A part of me hoped Sonia would join me outside and leave Daniel and Lois to sort out themselves. She'd shown enough willingness to give me a chance and there was no better time to be more romantic. The door opened and a petite figure walked out. I spun around, heart thumping, but it was Lois and not Sonia. Lois proceeded to the dark parts of the block of flats housing several sleeping neighbours to sulk. I'd have gone to keep her company on any other day but today when my goal seemed within grasping range. The door opened again and out came Daniel this time. Still no sign of Sonia. Daniel came over to the bench and slid in beside me. He asked for Lois's whereabouts and I gestured to him with a nod. "Could you do me a favour, Bob?" Daniel had asked. "It all depends on what you ask of me." Was my reply. "Help keep an eye on Lois, please. She's angry because I refused her cigarettes and may yet be in between puffs even as we speak." "Not a problem," I assured him "but what exactly would you be up to while I keep an eye on Lois?" Daniel smiled. A smile that wasn't new to me. One that often left calamities in its wake. "I'll give you the full gist tomorrow. But right now, whatever you do, don't come in and don't let Lois either." He said, clapping my shoulder and walking back into the room, locking the door behind him. The butterflies that'd fluttered about in my stomach a while ago all dropped to the bottom of my stomach like their wings had been made of lead rather than a network of tissue. The gears in my head turned like clockwork and the thoughts it worked up was blinding, driving me barmy slowly but surely. I tried futilely to dismiss the lucid thoughts of what may be going down behind the wall out of mind as too good to be true. But then a muffled moan had escaped the lips of a female in the climax of ecstasy and it had resounded in my ears like struck cymbals. And then the clicking of tongues entwined in a kiss had followed and then a small yelp and then soft grunts and finally, a long exhalation in exhaustion. I sat upright in the bench, eyes staring into nothingness, registering sounds that only brought me pain and rage. I turned to stare in the direction where Lois sat typing away at her phone, oblivious of the atrocities committed under her very nose. Daniel had come outside again, all smiles and feeling fulfilled. He'd stretched out his hand and I'd shook it, returning his smile. The sheer feel of his skin against mine felt like being branded with a hot iron but I maintained my smile. He walked over to meet Lois, leaving me all by myself. Sonia exited the room shortly and joined me on the bench. She flashed me her trademark smile and I returned the gesture with one of mine. Lois had warmed up to whatever nonsense Daniel had told her because she accompanied him this time. Sonia had given up her space for them and positioned herself on my laps. As all four of us sat in silence, each person bothered with his own thoughts, I mused; had it been a case of mistaken identity or was I being played again? The former seemed as much rational as the latter but none of them added up to anything sensible. I was seat to the one person I'd loved enough to scale the inhibitions of celibacy for. The same person that'd broken my heart even before she had it, thawed my icy defense against love with her charm, and left me hurting with her presence I now loathed. Beside me sat the Judas who probably congratulated himself on yet another successfully completed mission, and his piteously unsuspecting girlfriend. The silence continued on until we all retired to bed. And as I laid beside Sonia in bed cogitating on the recent happenings, it dawned on me that while I may yet try to act normal around Sonia and Daniel, things would never again be the same. Months down the line, Daniel had continued his fling with Sonia until he'd begun to sleep over at Lois's in the guise of reading for tests. What the feeling of two ladies at one's disposal won't do! Sonia had began to live at Lois's at that time, owing to reasons of her house being boring and scary without her roommate who'd travelled. I awoke to my phone ringing one morning. It was Lois and she wasn't sounding pleased. "Hey. What's up?" I'd said into the mouthpiece. "Could you come over to my place right now?" She asked, ignoring my question. I tried asking why but the line went dead, much to my worry. Gurgling some water to freshen my breath a bit, I threw on some clothes and made for Lois's place in the next street. I walked into the room to find Daniel, Lois and Sonia sitting in steely silence. Somehow, my stomach churned at the thought of whatever bad news I'd be getting. "You called." I directed my statement at Lois who motioned me towards a chair. "Did you know Daniel and Sonia were having a fling behind my back?" Lois looked up at me and the look in her eyes showed she'd been crying. I'd anticipated this very moment from the minute I discovered the fling and wasn't in anyway surprised. But showing no sign of surprise would only make Lois believe we'd all been in it together and I very much wanted out. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Daniel shoot me a pleading look. I had nothing to lose by exposing them there and then but from the shards of my pieced together heart, a tune of protectiveness was beating. Daniel might have been a real airhead but he's still my roommate, and although I hated to admit it, he also was my friend. I let a brow arch in feigned surprise and reverted my gaze to Sonia who sat staring at her feet. "Is this true, Sonia?" I asked, pain etched to my voice. She kept mute. "You cheated on me with my roomie, Sonia, of all the boys in the world?" Three pair of eyes flew in my direction in incredulity and it was my turn to lower my gaze. "You both were dating?" Lois asked and I nodded in affirmation. Silence rented the air following my confession as I calculated my next move. "Grab your bag, Sonia. We're going to have a very long talk." Sonia looked up for the first time and I saw the tears she'd tried vainly to hide. She obeyed without asking questions, fumbling with the zipper of her bag. Never had you seen a more piteous sight. I picked up the bag and pulled Sonia up to her feet. As I slipped out the door, leading Sonia by a hand to the small of her back, I turned to look at Daniel since coming into the room. "Don't come home if she doesn't forgive you." I said, shutting the door. Having let some steam off, I believed Daniel capable of sweet talking Lois into forgiving him. The real work however, came from leading Sonia home without attracting too much attention. Walking down the bush strewn path towards my apartment, I glanced at Sonia who stared straight ahead, tears cascading freely down her cheeks. Once in the confines of my room, Sonia had broken into uncontrollable tears. At first I'd ignored her and got on the bed, busying myself with my phone. But then she'd closed in on the distance between us and sobbed on my chest. "I'm sorry." She said between sobs, her tears choking her voice into a raspy whisper. "I'm sorry." She said again and I felt a crack on the icy shield I'd again rebuilt over my heart. She prised my phone from my hands and turned my face to meet hers. One look into her eyes and my whole defense shook to its very foundation. Something I'd not imagined Sonia being was my weakness. "You knew I liked you, Sonia. You knew!" The bitterness of the past months boiled in me. "You're right, Bob, and I have no excuse for my actions. But what you did back there at Lois's...that was selfless." She'd stop crying now but her nose ran and her tearstained face gleamed in the poorly lit room. I turned my face away as tears stung my eyes but Sonia put out a hand and turned my face to meet hers. Then she lowered her lips to meet mine, ebbing away any form of restraint I could muster, shattering my defense. She paused to breathe, looking into the depths of my eyes. "Thank hero." And then she kissed me again. I let my arms circle her waist and dry her tears. Perhaps I had somewhat forgotten the whole superhero know-how on weaknesses and strengths. We all had our kryptonites and I'd just found mine...
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