Simisola’s secret

simisola s secret

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Your Brief Bio: Chika Prisca Igbojekwe is a native of Aniocha south LGA of Delta State, married with two kids. Studied Sociology in Delta State University, Abraka. loves to read, write and imagine.
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Tweet-Style Story Summary: A story of a woman who dreams of a beautiful home, a faithful husband but with deeps secrets of her own. secrets that when exposed could change the tides of her already shaken marriage and cause a big inferno that cannot be imagined. someone will go to any extent to expose her but what will she do to prevent a train wrecked marriage. Simisola"s secret is a story of love, betrayal, friends and foes,,,
Full Story: The July rainfall came in hard torrent, making my mood darker than ever. I watched through my window as the rain came down with the darkened cloud. It’s been six months since I separated from my husband and the divorce process was Taking a bit long because children were involved in it. After six years of my marriage, everything began to crash like a pack of cards and today, my soon to be ex-husband was coming around to see our kids and that made me upset simply because I had an inkling he will come with his girlfriend Lilian. A woman he claimed is his best friend yet they are sleeping together (so i heard, I’m not even sure) I really didn’t want him to come today but as court process demands, he has every right until the divorce is done and custody of our kids claimed. I was so annoyed that I had no idea Sisi my children’s nanny was calling me. “Madam... I’ve been calling you for a while now. Is everything ok?” she asked as she roused me back from my deep thought. “I’m fine Sisi dear. You want something?” I asked the nanny as I tried to put myself together. “Mr Segun is here, he is in the guest sitting room downstairs.” Sisi replied. I was shocked. I must have been so deep in thought that I had no idea when my husband drove in. “oh really? He is quite early. Are the kids back from school?” I asked. “not yet. He said he wants to speak privately with you before he takes them for the weekend.” I nodded and dismissed the nanny. Before leaving my room, I checked my make up and adjusted my fitted Ankara gown. I needed him to see what He is missing ever since he left me for Lilian. For a woman with three kids, I had a great shape, chocolate coloured skin, a beautiful face and voluptuous body. On nights when I feel really vulnerable and sad, I wondered why Segun my husband left without a fight. I am a homely woman; I did everything a virtuous woman would do yet he didn’t hesitate to start the proceeding of the divorce when we had our biggest fight six months ago. As I walked downstairs, I wondered what he wanted to say to me. I dressed up to give him a show and all parts of me wanted him back but I was too proud to admit it. I saw him sitting down on the couch and looking at me as I came into the sitting room. “Well well well... you look gorgeous Simisola, but then you’ve always been a beautiful woman. How are you?” Segun said as he kept looking at me. I felt vulnerable inside, the way he was looking at me, I wanted to just crawl on his lap, kiss him and beg him to come back home. I wanted Segun so bad but I had to buckle up and keep my inner feelings inside. “What do you want to discuss with me?” I asked as I feigned nonchalance. “ba wo ni Simisola?” he asked me in yoruba dialect as he stood up and took my left hand to kiss it. “I’m fine as you can see. Can you stop kissing my fingers? We are divorced.” I snatched my hand from him. He smiled as he sat back on the couch. “legally, you are still my wife until the divorce papers is signed. Simi, I’m not here to fight with you. I want us to discuss the kids before they get back from school.” Segun said as he switched from the playful man to the serious Father. I sat down on the couch opposite him while he began the discussion he came for. Drifting away, I remembered the first time we met about eight years ago. I was in my final year in the university of Benin and he came from Lagos to visit his then girlfriend Bisola. I remembered vividly that I was on my way to the library, truthfully, I can never count myself as a serious student but I had to go to the library because my roommates were in the mood to bother me with their noises and relationship goals. Before I could avoid the big pothole on the road, a moving car entered the pothole and splashed a great deal of mud water on me. I was all kinds of mad, I mean, I just got the white tee shirt I wore and I wore my favourite jeans, I looked a total mess that I began to swear. I didn’t notice the car owner had gotten out and was apologising. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see the pothole” the deep male voice pleaded. “you didn’t see a pothole that big? For pete’s sake, I look like I actually jumped into the pothole myself.” I replied as I tried to redeem my already ruined clothes. “please don’t be upset with us. Let me take you to my hostel so you can clean up.” On hearing the female voice, I raised my head. It was Bisola, one of the richest girls in school. Her father is an oil magnet and of course she had everything at her disposal even the handsome stranger that decided I needed a mud bath. “don’t worry, I live close by, i’ll just go home and change into something else. Thanks for the offer.” I started to leave. “ok at least, let me know your name. We are in the same school.” Bisola said with a huge smile. “I’m Simisola, final year student, department of theatre arts.” I smiled as I saw the shock in her eyes. “are you for real? You are in my faculty? Wow. My name is...” I didn’t let her finish “Bisola Omotosho, department of history and international relations. Final year. I know you very well, we share a mutual friend Ese.” I finished for her. “This is great. Meet my clumsy boyfriend Segun Aderemi. Its ironical we are all from the Yoruba clan. Let’s drop you off please?” Bisola said and insisted. I agreed and was dropped off in front of my hostel. I felt quite uncomfortable the way Bisola’s boyfriend Segun was looking at me that i hurriedly went inside my hostel... “... So they could spend the holidays in Canada... are you even listening to me Simi?” Segun asked as he probably saw the distant look on my face. “Ohhh... yes, I... ehhh... What??? What’s happening in Canada?” I asked him as I snapped back to reality. “are you for real Olori mi? You did not even hear a word I said” he asked me. Before our problems began, he always called me his queen and hearing it for the first time in months made me smile. “I heard Canada.” I told him as I tried to act normal. “I said I want Modupe, Taiwo and Kehinde to spend the long holidays in Canada with my mum.” He repeated. I didn’t want to argue because I knew it was pointless as that was the agreement we had before we started the divorce talks. My daughter was five and the twins Taiwo and Kehinde, three. They loved their paternal grandmother so much that they didn’t mind spending months with her. “it’s alright by me Segun. When are they supposed to leave?” I asked him. “two weeks from today. School should be out on Friday and I’m almost done with the travel documents.” I nodded. Just as I was about getting up, I heard the kids running in and jumping into their daddy’s arms. “I really don’t understand how I no longer hear sounds of people coming in. I need to get my ears checked.” I said to myself. “talking to me?” Segun asked as the kids left him and ran to me. “No Segs, not you... hey my babies, how was school?” I asked as I led the kids to the kitchen leaving Segun and hoping he was staring at my rare view.... “Marriages of nowadays, this is not our African behaviour at all. Unu è me ka ndi ocha. Every little problem, divorce here, divorce there. It’s an eye sore.” My mother lamented. For the past six months, I’ve been avoiding her because I knew she will blame me for whatsoever happened to my marriage. A week after Segun’s visit, I decided to visit my parents simply to inform them that my kids wouldn’t be spending a fracture of the holidays with them as they will be in Canada for the holidays. Driving from Festac to Ikeja was a long and tedious ride and sincerely, I was in no mood to be scolded by my mum. “Mummy, Segun cheated on me with that nitwit called Lilian and other women. I can’t take it anymore. I’m fed up.” I replied as I sipped the herbal tea my mum offered me. “Ohhh so marriage is supposed to be perfect abi? What about you? Are you perfect? Did you catch him in bed with the women? Remove the peck from your eyes before removing the log in someone else’s. Adaugo Simisola, you shame me.” My mum shook her head. I wanted to scream. My own mother was supporting my husband and she didn’t feel any pity for me. “mum, your marriage with daddy will be thirty-eight years come August, you have six lovely kids, five boys and a girl and from the love I grew up in, Daddy never cheated on you. I want that in my marriage and Segun is unwilling to give me.” I started to cry. My mum stood up and sat close to me. “Adaugo, I’m an ibo woman from Imo state and your dad a Yoruba man from Ondo state. Two different tribes coming together. You have no idea what battles we Have both faced just to stay together, you and your brothers have no idea how much we had to sacrifice to keep this home together. Simi, fight for your marriage. Do not break it because of the things you heard. Sit Segun down and talk with him, you both vowed for better or worse. I beg you.” She said with all seriousness. “but mum, how do I fight an already lost battle? The divorce papers will soon be ready and....” I said sadly. “which divorce papers? Biko hapu Okwu divorce. You will work on your marriage and that is it. Come to think of it, how about that your sophisticated nanny? I really don’t like that lady.” My mum inquired. “she is fine mum and she is a very nice lady. If you know her, you will like her.” I insisted. Ever since Sisi stepped into my house a year ago, my mother has been complaining about her. I’ve tried on different occasion to tell her how good Sisi is but my mum could care less. “there is something fishy about your nanny. My spirit is not in tune with hers. Anyway, who is this person that has been telling you about your husband “supposed” cheating ways?” my mother asked. I kept quiet simply because I didn’t want her to point out how right or wrong she is about my informant. Sisi told me everything my husband was doing and how he tried to force her to bed. When I confronted Segun in front of Sisi, he didn’t say anything and to me, silence is acceptance of guilt. With the tone of my mother’s voice, I was beginning to think I rushed too quickly to conclusion without talking to Segun and asking for further explanation in the absence of Sisi... I made a decision to save my marriage and find out whether Sisi my children’s nanny was right or wrong... Eight months after graduating from uniben, I met Segun again. I was posted for my youth service in Osun State and we just left the three weeks’ camp. I decided to lodge in a guest house since I had no idea whose house I could squat for a day or two before I leave for Lagos. Early in the morning the next day after I lodged, I went to my place of primary assignment to register when to my utmost surprise, I heard someone call me. Since I didn’t know anybody there, it came as a shock that i turned and was really surprised to see Segun. “Simisola, wow!!! Its been a while.” I had no idea how someone i met just once could remember my name. After the mud water splash, we didn't see nor talk and he remembered my name. I was flattered and touched. “It’s been a while and you still remembered me.” I said smiling. “With a face like yours, it’s never possible to forget.” He replied smiling and two cute dimples popped out, I was charmed. “So how is Bisola and what are you doing here?” I asked with a little curiosity on the Bisola part. “my uncle lives along this street close to the Nysc headquarters. How are you? Can I take you out for lunch? I’m here with my close pal and she just won’t stop yapping about how hungry she is.” Segun said. I noticed he said nothing about Bisola so i concluded that they broke up and each person have moved on to better relationships. I felt silly, he was here with a lady and I had all these feelings that he was giving me the green light. I was about to decline when a very beautiful chocolate-skinned lady walked up to us and tapped Segun “you are not serious oo Segs, the hunger pangs is at level 100 and you are.... oh hi, I’m Lilian.” She introduced herself as she noticed me. She was delightful with a broad smile. I liked her already. Segun began making introductions because I was already feeling awkward. “this is my best friend and childhood friend Lilian; Lily meet Simisola. I told you about her sometime ago... the lady I met when I visited uniben.” He tried to juggle her memory. “oooohhh!! I remember! Hmmm. Simisola ehhh, this my friend na bad boy ooo. He came to uniben to see his babe and he was busy eyeing another babe. He’s been talking about you for ages and praying to meet you anywhere. He even visited uniben twice... abeg leave me joor let me report you to your crush.” She paused as Segun was pinching her arms and begging her to stop. I was surprised, shocked and flattered. “so he really liked me?” I said to myself. “ I was saying, he’s been looking and talking about you for decades. This is really Fate at it’s best. It’s so good to see you. Come with us na, we can continue our gist in a restaurant. I’m so hungry I could eat the both of you now.” She said as she walked towards the car. I couldn’t refuse, with my corper shun uniform I quickly followed Segun for free food and maybe plenty gist... I made a decision after I left my parents’ place to look into my marriage problems. As soon as I got to Festac, I went straight to Segun’s rented apartment. He moved out of our house when the divorce proceedings began and I needed to pick up the kids because their end of session party was going to hold tomorrow being Friday and I had to get them ready for the trip to Canada the next week. As soon as I drove into the compound, my kids ran out to greet me. I kissed each of them and told them to get ready for in twenty minutes we will be leaving. On entering the sitting room, I saw Lilian engrossed in a television programme. I still believed that she was sleeping with my husband but I didn’t want to fight her as I have lost all resentment towards her for now. As soon as she saw me, she paused the programme and said hi. When the pleasantries were over, I looked around for Segun and asked her. “He went out to get groceries but should be back shortly. I need to have a word with you Simi.” I looked at her and sat down to listen to whatever she has to say. “I don’t know what the problem is with your marriage and I never wanted to involve myself in your marital issues but Segun is my friend and you are like a sister to me. So, yes I need to get involved.” Lilian started. “please Lilian, I really do not need any moral lessons from you. I’ve had enough from my mum and I sincerely don’t think you are the right person I need for an advice.” I said as anger boiled in. “oh yeah? And what have I done wrong? You know what? I don’t care if you guys split or remain together. It’s not my business to bug in but you are taking whatever is wrong with you too far...” I shut her up before she continued. “Ohhh, I’m taking “whatever is wrong with me too far?” You are busy warming my husband’s bed, sleeping with him on my matrimonial bed and I’m supposed to be quiet and allow you? Is it because I decided to divorce Segun without blowing this issue out of proportion? You have interfered enough in my marriage and now you can have him.” If I had slapped Lilian, i wouldn’t have gotten a better reaction from her. On her face was written clear shock and it was the worst I’ve ever seen. When she found her voice, I was perplexed at her tone and the untold hurt I heard. “you must be insane to believe that I’m sleeping with my best friend, you must be stupid to even think that I will be capable of dividing a home. I have known your husband for more than twenty-five years, we grew up together, he knows me as much as I know him and yet he married you because we had no romantic connection in any way. I love that man like a brother and he is a part of my family as I am a part of his. I’m so ashamed of you Simisola, to think you had a strong reason for a divorce. I don’t blame you. It’s Segun’s mistake that is breaking his home and I wish he will get some sense and explain the situation to you because it’s a person who knows you that can kill you but of course, your eyes are covered that you can’t see what’s right under your nose. Now the issue is getting bigger, I’m being dragged in.” She was crying bitterly that I really felt ashamed. As Segun walked in, she picked up her handbag. “what’s going on here Lily?” Segun asked her. “that question should be directed to Simi not me. The kids are playing at the backyard, I’m leaving.” She picked up her car keys, swiped her face with her hands and walked out the door with my dignity. I couldn’t answer Segun nor look at his face. I quickly summoned the kids, got their things and left Segun as he wondered what went wrong... “I have torn my home into shreds.” I lamented to my close pal Chisom. We were room mates back in school and now, our kids attend the same school in Festac town. It’s been two days since the incident with Lilian, even Segun was cold towards me at the end of session party and I respected the distance because I felt ashamed of my actions the day before. I explained the whole situation to Chisom and she didn’t support me one bit. “babe, you are always too quick to judge. It’s a trait you’ve always had. Remember back then in school when you accused Ese of sleeping with Chidindu? She was so mad that she cried for a week. Na wa for you oo. By God, who is this idiot that is feeding you all these lies? This is your husband oo. Una no dey talk? How person go creep from nowhere dey lie like this and you readily believe without evidence. My dear, you are acting gullible if you ask me.” Chisom scolded. “It’s not my fault.” I tried to justify my action. “whose fault is it Simi? Mine? You are responsible for any bullshit that happens in your home. Your adviser told you that your own husband of six years is sleeping with his best friend under your roof. Instead of talking to your husband, you decided to believe a stranger you’ve known only for a few months. Simisola, you insulted your husband in my house, in the presence of my husband six months ago. You did so much rubbish these past few months and now you’ve come back to your senses after throwing the worst bomb. Who is this wicked soul that is brainwashing you and destroying your home?” Chisom asked. I decided to tell her everything. What’s the use of hiding my problems when everything was messed up as it is? I met Abidemi Aina in the shopping mall a year ago. I went to shoprite to get some groceries for home use. My former nanny had a major accident some months before, an unknown car ran her down and left the scene. My husband wanted us to replace the nanny since the other one won’t come back to work anytime soon. As I was about to pick a tin of milk, I mistakenly bumped on someone. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you.” I quickly apologised as I picked up the fallen tin. “it’s okay madam, i was in the way.” The stranger answered with a smile. I looked up and noticed she was a young girl probably between the ages of 20-25. She was pretty and very curvy and she was conservatively dressed. I liked her already. I chatted with her as we walked together to buy the remaining things I needed. As I got to the cashier point, I paid for my groceries and insisted on paying for hers, she explained to me while I loaded the car that she needed a job because she had to fend for herself since she was an orphan. Remembering I needed a nanny, I asked her if she wanted the job, she was so happy that she quickly agreed. She was to come to work as early as 7am and leave by 6pm since I didn’t want a stay-at-home nanny. She agreed and I told her she could resume on Monday. “Abidemi, I’m so glad I found you.” I said as I stepped into the car. “I’m so glad I met you ma’am and you can call me Sisi. Everybody does.” .... “So it’s that witch Sisi that has been feeding you all these lies Simisola? To worsen the whole issue, you believed everything. Na wa oo. Babe, you are gullible joor.” Chisom said when I finished narrating the whole thing to her. “she said she caught my husband and Lilian on our matrimonial bed. If you were in my shoes, what will you Do?” I tried to defend Sisi. “I will confront my husband; I will not push him away the way you did Segun. Look, something is fishy and you need to dig deep to find it out. Why does Sisi want to ruin your home? What is her gain? You really need to dig babe so as to know what Sisi is up to and I know she is up to no good.” Chisom advised. “I think I will confront Sisi. That witch is out to destroy my home and I will make her life unbearable before she brings my home down.” I began to think of ways to confront Sisi. “So... on another note, have you heard from Chidindu since the last time?” Chisom asked with a big smile on her face.” I shushed her immediately and looked around the fast food where we were sitting for lunch. “you are not serious oo babe. Na here you plan to expose me so that people go know say with all my gra gra, I no holy? Please oo and to answer you, he has gone back to the States. Hopefully, we will not see again.” Chidindu was my ex-boyfriend, he’s been a part of my life for the most of it and almost put me in trouble when I newly married Segun. Hopefully, my secret will remain between Chisom, Chidindu and I for as long as I’m alive. My immediate problem was Sisi and I needed to handle her before things got worse. On getting home, I had no idea how to confront a home breaker. Chisom advised I pretend not to know anything so I could get her off guard. My children were to leave for Canada the next day so they were at my parents’ place for the night since it is closer to the international airport. Their fight was by 10am and I had to be there by 8am to be with them before they leave. I miss my kids already but I still can’t wait for them to leave so I can fire Sisi and get back my husband. As the gate Man opened the gate to let me in, I saw Segun’s Range rover evoque in the parking lot of our compound and I wondered what he was doing in the house by 4pm without calling me. My instinct kicked in immediately that I told the gate man to close the gate and leave my car outside the compound. Coming out of my car, I sneaked into the house through the back door leading to the kitchen. That was when I heard voices that sounded like confrontation. “Abidemi, you want to wreck my marriage because of a mere issue? I’m sorry for all that happened and I promise to compensate you....” at that point, Sisi my nanny slapped my husband. I was in total shock, ever since I met my husband, i have never raised my hands to his face to slap him. This was too much. “I shouldn’t ruin your home Segs? Why? You got me pregnant three years ago, made me get an abortion that ruined my womb, now I can’t have children because of you and you want to safeguard your own home. All this while, I’ve been looking for an avenue to enter your home that i ran your former nanny down with a car just to get in. You are lucky I like using your gullible wife and that’s why I’m leaving your kids to survive. My plan was to kill them so you will feel the lose I went through but then, why kill them when one of the kids is not even yours.” Sisi said with a smirk on her face. The surprise yelp that came out of my mouth almost gave me away. How did she find out? “you bloody liar, you will do anything to destroy my home even to the extent of fabricating stories. That’s who you are. I will pay you off before you tempt me to end your useless life, my wife is the most honest woman I’ve ever met and you can never be like her. For a year, I’ve allowed you to play the game of chess with my marriage but today it ends. Get out of my house.” Segun said. In his eyes were venom and I knew in my whole life with him, I’ve never seen him this angry. I didn’t know what to do, I just stood in the hallway, speechless as to what Sisi said. How on earth did she find out that Modupe is not Segun’s biological daughter. I must have stood there for long because the next thing I heard was the sound of gunshot, with a big scream, I dropped down and drifted to oblivion.... “It’s really mind blowing the extent a woman can go to keep a man. The bible didn’t lie when it said hell has no fury like a woman scorned.” Our lawyer said. It’s been four months since the incident with Segun and Sisi. Sisi shot Segun near his heart, it’s a miracle he survived and because of the fear of being jailed, she killed herself. I was recuperating in the hospital when Segun was taken in for surgery. We got back together, yes we did but things weren’t as it used to be. Segun and I never spoke of the issue Sisi brought up and I didn’t raise any conversation about Sisi’s pregnancy and abortion. With the lies and the painful incident, we just got back because it was the right thing to do and for the sake of the kids. Segun healed very well and he was already home. He only had check ups once in a week and thankfully the bullet didn’t penetrate deep. The kids were back from Canada and school has resumed. It’s was indeed the most painful months I’ve ever experienced in my life. “You guys need to take it easy. The divorce proceeding has been annulled as requested. Things will get better with time.” Our lawyer Mr Kunle said as he prepared to leave. Just then, my phone rang, it was an unknown caller and being me, I’m always sceptical when picking unknown calls but I did anyway, I excused myself from our lawyer and Segun to speak with the caller. “Hello, who am I speaking with?” I said. “You think you are out of the blues? You haven’t started yet; your secret will soon be the talk of the town Mrs Simisola Adaugo Aderemi. You will be exposed.” The caller said. After a few seconds, the line went dead...
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