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not in for justice

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Your Brief Bio: Hi, I'm Vivian Nwamaka Onukwufor an attorney, writer and blogger. Am 28 year old. I love swimming and dancing. My best food is drinking garri with groundnut with of-course some milk. I love to say things as it is and luckily i have not been caught up on the wrong side by the powers that be. My philosophy of life is stemmed from my believe that The reason a person viciously strikes out against you is because they are afraid of you or what you represent, or are resentful of your happiness. They are weak, insecure, and on extremely shaky ground when you throw your curse, they make ideal human sacrifices, never ever be weary when they do, they only make you know how powerful you are.
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Tweet-Style Story Summary: This is a story of the legal system in Nigeria and its prevailing favoritism. The System Is Not Always About Justice. Ife was falsely accused and thrown into prison. He was arrested by the police and shot in the leg to sign a confessional statement indicting himself. He was lost and alone. He had a very sweet and peaceful life never did he ever think he would find himself in such a mess. It took the timely intervention of his kid sister to use her legal expertise to pin point the lapses in the investigations carried out. That led to his freedom and today he is a free man and wishes that other innocent inmates may find true justice.
Full Story: On the morning of November 2, 2015, I went to my place of work but did not come home until...(later) At 5:30 p.m. the next day i had been taken off by some men believed to be men of the anti robbery and kidnapping squad together with some group members of the vigilante. I was under arrest? How? what crime did i commit? Life was so perfect for me. I was an Engineer working in an oil well servicing company. I loved everyone and it almost got me dead. I never saw this coming! Who would have conspired against me to the extend to want me dead. ''Please sir, what did i do?'' i asked. ''When you go to the station you go know wetin you do'' ''stupid boy'' replied the policemen. My mind raced back to the morning of my arrest. An alarm was raised at my company's head office and everyone were asked to proceed to the mustering point. I was only a visiting worker who was asked to resume work at my company's head office which was located in state different from its branch office were i worked. As we lined up awaiting the next instruction, my boss who is a close relative of mine picked up his phone and we all heard him say ''ok you are close? come in''. Immediately a car zoomed in with some men in mufti in the car. They came out of the car with another guy in handcuffs and asked him to point at his accomplice, i was shocked to see that the guy in question was my former colleague though he worked at the head office. Slowly he did not miss a step, walking towards me and pointing to me, he said ''he is the one''. I was not shocked since i had no knowledge of what was going on but without any explanation, i was whisked away, i pleaded with my uncle who is my boss as well to know what the arrest was for, but they all kept mum. My co-workers and visitors were all wondering why i was being whisked away. I try my best not to think about that evening, when I was dragged out of the car by the police officers and a guy who was a member of the vigilante group as we parked outside an uncompleted building rather than the police station, but sometimes the memories come flooding back. The beatings came fast, mostly across my face. I still feel pain in my jaw to this day. An officer ripped a chain from my neck and began whipping me. I heard them taunting me, saying how happy they were to deal with me after all am a nobody. I was calm, i endured as i wouldn't want to retaliate and then aggravate the whole thing. When they saw i was not challenging them or saying anything, I was finally taken to the police station. I remember at one point being told to stand up, but being so exhausted that I collapsed. An officer grabbed me by the handcuffs and dragged me across the floor. I was stripped naked and they threatened to rape me. In the last few days, I was hooded and taken to solitary confinement. I asked where they were taking me, but they just beat me in response. Eventually, I was made to sign a document and this was my “confession”. That piece of paper led to my incarceration for 1 year in Nigerian prison my own home on a charge of attempted Murder and Kidnapping of my boss who happens to be my uncle. Who was never kidnapped at all. ( Now)... Not Until my sister who is also a lawyer came into the matter i may have been in prison longer than i did awaiting trial owing to the gravity of the offense. While in prison i met individuals who where in prison not for justice but because the rich or someone out there wants to prove a point to them. The police wants promotions and are ever ready to abandon a case file in court rather than dispatching same to the Department of Public Prosecution for legal advise. The moment you are arrested by the police if you are lucky as i was, you may have your two legs still intact. Some inmates are not able to walk again, some crawl on their belly as a result of the grave torture they had experienced. Some of our judges in Nigeria are only after their pockets save for some selected few. The moment the complainant bribes the judge, no matter how good your lawyer may be, just forget it, you are doomed. Respect goes to all the policemen, lawyers and Judges who have held up their integrity in high esteemed and not swaddled in the clothes of bribery and corruption. There are still others languishing in jail. When can we truly be in for Justice and not ''just in''
Author : Divaviva Vivian



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