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Tweet-Style Story Summary: Okikiolamihan is a sad child from a broken home,she went through alot,she said all men are proud and no one of them deserves her heart, she was proven wrong when she met Temisan Greg, her best friend's cousin......KIKI'S CHRONICLE is a must read for every one. Enjoy
Full Story: KIKI'S CHRONICLE The three of us sat in a small space in mammi market having our lunch. I, a graduate of journalism, Samantha Onabanjo, a graduate of Mass communication and Temisan Gregory most handsome Medical doctor I have ever seen. I gazed at him for a moment, thinking how fit, healthy and graciously endowed he looks, as he sat across the table, carefully devouring his meal (Indomie noodles, Egg and Chapman). Temisan is from Delta state but lived most part of his life in the United States of America and of course had all his education over there. He is so masculine that most women found him appealing, even overwhelming and irresistible as I have noticed; He was considered to be one of the most handsome men in the NYSC camp. Samantha Onabanjo is a couple of year older than I, she joined her parents in Abuja immediately we graduated from school. We have been friends right from university days. She had been engaged with a diamond ring by her secondary school sweetheart Oluwatimileyin Durojaiye, a business guru from a very wealthy family. It’s such a beautiful ring Kiki, I can’t wait to show it to you babes" she had told me over the phone with so much excitement. ‘’I am very happy for you my girl’’ I replied her screaming and jumping in excitement. Yeah! Really happy for her, when it comes to my friends hooking up with guys I don’t have any problem with it, but when it comes to me it’s become a huge disaster…. Huh? Don’t ask me why I really don’t know. Sam was always assuring me before our NYSC camp that she would do anything possible to have me observe my service year in the same city with her. When we were in school she shared everything she had with me. It was nice for me to have such a loyal best friend There’s something very special about her “Orekelewa” (piece of beauty) I called her, because she is a piece of beauty both inside and out, filled with sunshine, light-hearted, kind and compassionate. Sam is tall, elegant and pretty, she simply has the structure of a model I remember our GST lecturer looked at her one day during one of his full house lectures and said in his deep voice “what will you be doing after graduation?’’ “I sincerely think you should be a model, you‘ll make a lot of money’’ We all laughed and gave her the name Agbani Darego She has a serious side though, much wiser than all the friends I have ever made, she has this serious way of telling you what she thinks about everything including your own life. “You have to stop chasing all the men that come to ask you out Kiki’’ “Don’t you want to get married someday abi na Reverend sister you won be? She would scream at me, pray for me, and at times plead with me “All hail the Armageddon, I have heard you, I will look into it, I would make her laugh to get her off my back’’. Sam and Temisan are first cousins but had met for the first time at the airport when Sam and her parents went to pick him up a week before the NYSC camp. My name is Okikiola Olaobaju, I was born and bred in the city of Lagos, my family and friends call me Kiki, only my lovely grandma (Iya Agba) calls me with my full name Okikiolamihan. I am now in Abuja for NYSC and hoping to be based here after my service year, where I will like to work in a media house as a News caster. With the exception of my grandmother no one in my family ever thought I would amount to anything, my mum dumped me with my grandmother when I was barely fifteen. My dad disappeared into thin air after the death of my brother Aunty Jolaade, my uncle’s wife picked me up from the village to stay with her family in Lagos after almost spending one year with iya Agba. Mama visited once in a while, that is the only time Aunty Jola would be nice to me. "ose run re ni Okikiolamihan" Your hair is looking so rough, iya agba asked me during one of her visits to my uncle’s house in Lagos, I would look from mama to Aunty Jola, she would eye me with disgust written all over her unattractive overbleached wrinkled face “emadalohun o mama Omo na ti lazy ju Aunty Jola said “I didn’t have the time to make it over the weekend mama, you know my jamb exam is at the corner, and I need to study very hard to make you proud’’. “ igba Melo lo ma fi di adi mole, it won't take you up to thirty minutes "ok mama I'll get it fixed tommorrow “ko si wahala kolou ji wa re maba e dimole lo la shotigbo” “Beeni, iya agba motigbo, thank you ma’ I dare not tell mama that I don’t even attend the Jamb extra moral classes she paid for neither can I tell her that I have not even being given a proper meal not to talk of making my hair. Despite all the suffering I was still attractive and very intelligent that most people refer to me as a genius. I could swear that I will have my paradise forever. Our home was such a paradise on earth, we were not too rich but poverty was far from us. We were so happy together, just the four of us Dad, mum, olami and I. I was pampered beyond description; I was made to believe that I am a Queen. Until the day my paradise was taken from me. My brother died, my father disappeared and my mother was left miserable. My teenage years was filled with loneliness, pain and abuse Aunty Jola abused me, made me do what is far beyond my power I worked like an Egyptian slave in aunty Jola’s house. Uncle Ambrose was never around. My parents didn’t pay any attention to me, I didn’t even get to hear from my dad, and my mum would burst in once in a while. Talking to her about my ordeal was never a good idea because she didn’t always have anything to say about it. My growth or what I will be in life never seemed to cross their minds. My elder brother Olamiposi died at 18. I was told the sad news when I got back from the boarding house a day after my graduation from the secondary school. “How did this happen mum?’’ “Honey, he had an accident and we rushed him to the hospital immediately, but the doctors couldn’t save my son they couldn’t’’ she said and broke down in tears. “Just like that Lami? What happened to you?’’ I ran into his room and grabbed his picture I spoke angrily at the picture as if Olami was there with me “Why did you have to leave us Lami? You told me you were going to be the greatest Psychologist in the world, you were already working towards it brother. Just two years into your dream and you gave up the fight like that? Who did this to you? Who cut short your glory? Who poured water into your burning fire? Who, Lami who?” I laid on my bed, broken and deeply grieved, I could neither eat nor drink for days. Then my mum dropped another bomb shell we were leaving without my dad ‘’honey we have to leave” my mom said looking tired and lost, her eye balls as red as blood “I don’t get it mom?” Where are we going to? It’s been three days since I entered this house from school and dad isn’t home yet, did he travel? “I don’t know dear, you see’’ she continued without looking at me ‘’you are no more a baby and you just have to take all of these as they come alright, your dad isn’t coming back she said in a more depressing tone” “Why mom? Is he dead too?” She turned and looked at me with a wicked smile that brought out her thought ‘’is he not better off dead’’ “Look dearie, we don’t have money to maintain this”, She gave a cursory look around the sitting room. That was the last sane conversation I had with my mom. After then she became mute , not mute as in not able to talk but she had only one answer to all the consolation anybody had to give her, motigbo (I have heard) Always keeping a straight face, no one could reach her or know what was on her mind; she built a strong wall of sadness around herself that no one could pull down. I knew she was going through a lot, I knew she was in pain, “but how can anyone help you mom if you are not ready to be helped’’ I said to myself. She remained inconsolable, iya agba tried all she could to console her, she would just smile and tell mama “maami motigbo, I will be alright”, but she was never alright unexpressed pain kept eating deep in to her. I woke up one morning and I didn't meet her again she was gone. Instinct told me I will never see her again.right I didn't, few months later News reached us that she committed suicide. I was no stranger anymore to this unspeakable loss and grief; somehow I managed to hide my heartaches and tears of pain. **************************************************************** I ran as fast as my legs could carry me along the street, panting like a wounded dog to aunty Jola’s shop. On my knees I said with joy “aunty see my admission letter’’, she looked at me with disgust and let out a wicked laugh “aaaah emaawomo yi ke " you are bringing your admission letter to me, to do what with it? I don’t have a dime to send you to any school o. You better go to the village and ask mama where your useless father is maybe he will be able to foot your fees if not", she bent her neck, eyed me and hit the back of her right hand to the inside of her left to complete her statement. “After all the slavery I did in your house aunt, the sleepless night, when your baby will be tied to my back and sitting down will be a bad idea, I will have to dance and dance to make her sleep, sometimes it takes me more than three hours into the middle of the night, when everyone must have been fast asleep and then I will have to wake up before everyone else to start cooking for your kids getting them ready for school the next morning”. I thought painful tears running down my face as I walked sadly back home. I went to the village to meet Iya agba, it took me several minutes to enter the gate. Finally I summoned the courage to enter, I was expecting Her to say “Okikiolamihan my daughter maybe we should go and register you to learn a trade as your Aunty Jolaade had advised’’ My eyes widened and slowly my lips curved with a smile as I heard “don’t worry Okikiola , I have broken my Esusu you will get your fees paid before the school’s resumption you don’t have to be sad, you have always made me proud just like your mother, very intelligent’’, she said with tears in her eyes. She turned and held me “I will see you attain your dreams in life’’ mo le ma jeun abi kin rasho sugbon olo le iwe re omo mi I hugged mama tightly with tears of joy flowing down my face. Iya agba struggled to pay all my fees, I went to school most times without any money aside my fees but here I am today. Even though it was tough and rough, at 22 I am a graduate. I can look back and say I owe it to God and my grandmother, my angel here on earth. ************************************************** I was startled back to life by Sam’s hand on my shoulder. “Kiki, haa sup are you here with us’’ “Yea sure guys, just day dreaming I guess’’, I said smiling to her “Day dreaming? She replied humorously I don’t think so madam, this expression on your face plus talking to yourself looks more of noon mare to me’’, she laughed and got up, “let me get my phone and join you guys shortly’’ she tapped Temi at the back “Aii girl’’ he answered with his American accent. She hadn’t even left for a second when Temisan who pretended not be there with us raised his head and grabbed my hands. ‘’Kiki let’s start dating’’ he said, my eyes shot out in surprise This guy must really be full of himself, oboi what a spoilt brat, ‘’is this what you say to women where you are coming from? "I thought you boasted of being a born again Christian, I asked in anger. ‘’Yeahhhh’’ he shrugged, ‘’I mean I know you like me and am sure I like you too’’. ‘“WHAT!’’ I exclaimed standing on my feet “that is the most arrogant statement I have heard in this 21stcentury, I advise you go get some manners., Jesus! you are damn too proud’’. I eyed him and walked away, he ran after me and apologized “Kiki please wait! , ok am an asshole’’ “Am sorry ok please’’ “Why don’t you wanna give us a chance?" “There cannot be us Temisan, will you please let me be!’’ Well, this is probably a wrong timing he said almost whispering to himself. “How about me coming to your hostel later so we can talk’’? “How about you never coming to border me again proud man’’ I fired back and fled towards the NYSC female dorm before he could open his mouth to annoy me further. ************************************************* As I sat under the tree watching the to and fro movement of the corpers, I realized I have something for Temi, OMG!!! Is it that obvious? Kiki you cannot possibly be in love with Temisan I scolded myself, what!!! That rude guy! naaaaa, I am not allowing myself to fall for any man much less a proud one like him. Men are the same, arrogant, selfish, , sneaky, cunny, slimming snakes, they think they are special because they have two balls dangling between their thighs The phone in my waist purse rang, interrupting my train of thought, startled out of my day dreaming which has become my best companion, reaching for it, I picked and heard Sam voice at the other end. I shifted to make space for Samantha, who isn’t looking anywhere near being happy. What could possibly be wrong with her now? We were silent for some couple of minutes. ‘“Sup girl, have you gotten your phone?’’ I said, trying to break the uncomfortable silence between us. No, I used wood to call you. She said with a frown ‘’Aaaah what have I done again naw, are you okay babe?’’ ‘’I am good’’ she answered sharply’’ ‘’ok ooo" "But nawa o, this your cousin eehn is such a pain in the neck’’ “What did he do to you?’’ Samantha eyed me dubiously “He is a proud guy, Jeez!!!” “Guess what he told me when you left us to collect your phone “yeah Kiki let’s start dating, because I know you like me’’ can you imagine?’’ Samantha shook her head and got up furiously. It was as if I poured fuel into a burning fire “You know something Kiki I think you are going to end up an angry old maid, maybe you will just wake up one morning and see that you are fifty years old and have chased all the men around you’’. “You will end up staying alone in a house far from the town and people will start calling you an old witch’’. “What is your problem Kiki, huh what is it?’’ “Are you the only one that has gone through a bad life, everyone you see going up and down has their own story to tell, "if you climbed a horse and you fall, you get up dust yourself and reclimb again, that is how to be a woman, my friend" "Here is your “black calendar, black book or whatever you call it, you left it on the seat when you were doing what you know how to do best, scaring all the men away, selfish girl’’ She threw it on my lap and walked away I fell silent; my lips parted as if words had frozen on my tongue, tears came running down my face. OMG how could I have been so careless. I said finally with clinched teeth. ********************************************************** I felt the need to apologise, I knew the feeling was ridiculous because none of this was my fault but it was ingrained in me the need to apologise for everything, I couldn’t help it, I wanted to be happy and everybody too, most especially I didn’t want to ever lose my best friend Samantha, not been in talking terms with her for two days felt like forever. After much rehearsal I summoned courage to call her “Hello Sam!’’ “Hey’’ she replied in a cold tone “Where are you?’’ “Mamii market, same corner’’ “Alright I will be there shortly’ Oh God I don’t have the courage to face Temi yet,I whispered to heaven. Answered prayer,I sat quickly to talk to Sam before Temi would probably show up. “Babes I am here to apologise, I…….’’ She interrupted me, “I’m so sorry too Kiki I think I overreacted, I mean who am I to judge you like that, I just didn’t know how to make you understand that you deserve to be happy’’, Sam said looking away to fight back her tears. “It’s ok babe’’ I stretched my hands to hug her, “I am going apologise to Temi and will also date him too if that will make you happy’’, Sam’s lips curved in a small faint smile. “No Kiki don’t date Temisan because you want to make me happy, I think you should follow your heart. If you don’t want him babes it's cool, but be sure I won’t push you into something bad alright" "With the little time I have spent with Temi, what he has gisted me about himself and his way of life, he might not be the most disciplined of all men but he is a very good guy and I know he is in love with you Kiki’’ ‘’Thanks babe’’, I gave her another hug ‘’I will follow my heart ma’am, the dean of love faculty I said in a deep tone and gave her a bow. She laughed out loud and pushed me away “You don’t want to know how much I have missed you for this past two days and am promising it will never happen again’’, Sam said placing a hand of on my left shoulder. “BF Forever mehn’’ I said and we hugged again, this time for a long time “There’s something else I have been meaning to ask you babe’’ Sam said with a serious look. “What is it, am I in trouble again?’’ I said smiling “No jare’’ she hissed and gave me a mild punch on the chest “Like seriously babe, what really happened between your Mum and Dad?’’ I took a deep breath, let out a sign and started talking “Babe I don’t know what exactly, none of them is said anything to me, but I have this strong feeling it has something to do with the death of my brother" “How babe? Didn’t you ask any of them?’’ Sam asked in a sad tone “Believe me I did, I had this huge quarrel with my mum before she passed but despite my anger and threat not to ever talk to her again if she refuse to tell me what broke our home, she didn’t tell me anything’’ “Mehn this is an odd situation’’ Sam said folding her two hands at the back of her head. But hey I think you should forget them and live your life; if your dad wants to, he will somehow find his way back into your life ok’’? “Yeah babe’’ I said gratefully. “Don’t expose yourself to more pains, do you understand?’’ “Yeah’’ I nodded obediently “They have done enough to you, they broke your heart, ruined your childhood, don’t allow their carelessness rob you of the happy life you are about to have, Kiki you deserve to be happy, you have a heart of gold, you are pretty and kind-hearted, look Temisan is just the man you need right now, someone who will give you the kind of life you deserve’’ She got hold of my hands and squeezed it “Yeah I think you are right Sam’’ I said “I will give it a trial’’ “I‘ll give Temi a chance’’ “Seriously” she asked “Yeah seriously’’ Hmmn that is so cool babes, she gave me a happy hug again, picked up her phone and jumped out of the shade. I turned some minutes later to see what she was up to and saw her dancing on the phone. “I know you are calling your brother, Temi’’ She made a face at me, smiled and walked away. ******************************************************** What an awesome feeling, that feeling - that comes when nothing else matters , a feeling of finally reaching the place where you belong, that feeling when you can only imagine concentration when he is either around you or you are thinking about him. Temi and I became involved romantically. Temisan pampered me, he cleared the bad memory and the anger I have carried for years. Every moment with him was an experience I treasure a lot. On a particular Sunday, Temi invited me over to his family house to have dinner with them. On getting to this beautiful mansion, the entire family members were in front of the entrance to welcome me. Approaching the entrance, a soothing fragrance received me. I was astonished by the well arranged interiors. We all went straight to the dining table well decorated with varieties of food on it. We began to eat after the father blessed the food. I started noticing that all eyes were on me, little whispers here and there, then I became uncomfortable, I became shy. Then the mother broke the silence and said “she’s so beautiful” then immediately, his sisters nodded their heads to show their affirmation. I was just able to say “thank you” when words finally came out of my mouth. “Which part of the country do you come from” asked the father. “Kwara state sir” I replied. “What do your parents do for a living?” the mother asked. Then, I began stuttering because I dont even know where my father is,then I remembered "my father is an accountant" "Would you mind telling us about your background?" the father asked again. At this point, I lost my appetite, and became speechless, Temi then rescued me and broke the silence, “Dad that it’s not something she likes to remember, especially not now, but the summary is that her parents were separated and her mom died while she was still young, so she grew up with her grandmother”. Then I sigh of relieve within me, thanks to Temi for saving me. Suddenly, I noticed a strange look on the mother’s face. She didn’t even finish her food before leaving the dining to her room. After the dinner, we went to the living room. I began to notice that something was going wrong. The father left too, and then the sisters also left to their room. Only Temi and I were remaining in the sitting room. Later, Temi was called by his mum. Then I began to hear voices whispering, it was Temi and his parents, “Look, you can’t bring that girl to this house” said the mum. “Why not mum|” “How can you bring in a girl without base? She has no background; she’s from a broken home. Let me tell you little about such girls that grew up without a father or mother. Children who did not grow with their parents as a result of divorce, separation, death, tight schedule and abandonment will have problem of insecurity, sound decision making, they will find it difficult to form lasting relationship and consequently they will have marital challenges. Her own case is even worse, no father, no mother. 85% of behaviour disorders come from fatherless children, 85% of youths in prison are from a fatherless home, 75% 0f patients in chemical abuse centres come from fatherless homes, I can go on and on. I can’t allow my grand children to be brought up by such a girl. No, not while I’m alive.” “But mum, what about her own personalities. This girl is not a wayward girl, even in the midst of all these tendencies you’ve listed; she has managed to keep herself in the right path. Why should children like her suffer for what their parents did? I love her so much and mum if you insist, I won’t get married again. “Hey! you both stop this madness. Sweetheart why are you talking like this. Yes I agree that most children from such background could have these problems, but not all. There're some of them that are even having better morals than children brought up by their parents. I am sure you have not forgotten that my mother was in her shoes, but despite all she went through, I tell you I was brought up pretty well and shout it loud that my mother is the best mom in the univers If you insist on this,then you are indirectly saying that my mother was also wayward. What I saw in that young girl is an excellent daughter in-law; her character is no way close to those characters you’ve mentioned.” The father intervened. ‘’Thank you daddy, please make her understand that its either is this girl or its no one else’’ Temi said and rushed out, grabbed my right hand “baby, let’s go”. I picked up my bag with my wet face I ran in to the car and was crying profusely. “Look baby, I’m sorry about all that ok, See, nothing will change my mind. I love you and that’s all I know” I could not utter a word, could not stop crying. Oh what a blast from the past. So after all my parents made me passed through, I’m also going to share the consequences of their actions? What a world I found myself. ***************************************************************** Miracle does still happen, Temi's mother called three days later and apologized to me. Temi proposed to me few months later and we got married. Hmmmm In Temisan's world, I got my paradise back THE END.
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