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Your Brief Bio: My name is Akinseye Atinuke. I hail from Ondo state but reside in Port Harcourt. I'm a graduate of Bowen university, Mass communication department. I love to read and write,mostly write. Aspiring author and OAP.
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Tweet-Style Story Summary: Her tales is an inspiring story of a 90 year old who shows us her past life,how she lived,challenges she encountered especially when she was sexually abused and her achievements. Its an inspirational read on how she was able to live above it all and be successful.
Full Story: HER TALES (Ambulance sirens blaring as aged Ajoke is being rushed to the hospital), doctors, nurses everyone on their feet trying to resuscitate the 90year old who slumped in her home, while this is going on, Ajoke's life begins to come all at once in a flash to her, her subconscious takes her to when she was 5 (flashback) Ajoke! Ajoke! , yes aunty, sit there!(pointing to the sofa). Where are your brothers?, they are out playing football I said, okay let's see a movie, are you done with your assignments? I responded nodding my head to affirmative. While I tried to get settled for the movie she was about to play, her friend who always came around that I wasn't sure if I liked her face came and beckoned to me, I greeted her anyways and she bent to carry me while I made myself heavy and grinning mischievously. You are becoming quite heavy young lady, feeling a bit offended I clapped back at her saying, my mom says you call dead people heavy and she's says oh! and I reply yes like I was educating an illiterate from the very beginning of time. She sits and then motions my aunt to come sit beside her, she goes to her and then something unusual happens, they kissed right on the lips. Not exactly sure if that was right but I felt a bit uneasy for a child, they whisper things to themselves and I stare like they sharing the secrets to making heaven while I sat like an ignorant kid. Feeling uncomfortable, I ask what's funny, they both look at me and giggle. Innocently I asked my aunty about our movie, looking at the annoying stranger who interrupted it and rolling my small eyes. Ah yes! our movie, she looks at her friend and gives her a knowing look of which I was clueless of. She motions to the video player and starts the movie, It takes a minute to start and when it started, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was staring at a naked man and woman touching themselves, in utter surprise and probably disgust, I noticed my mouth was slightly open of which I quickly checked myself and composure ASAP. I wasn't exactly sure why they'd play something such as this for a 5year old. My parents never even allowed me to watch the opposite sex kissing talk more of this awry scene before me. Before I could call out to my aunt, she and the not so cool aunt had already started kissing, I didn't know if I could take in all these surprises in a day, so I just sit quietly and continued to stare at the screen of disgusting folks. My focus was divided, there was my aunt with her friend kissing, while the TV had the opposite sex doing unthinkable things to themselves. Feeling dizzy all of a sudden, I relaxed into the chair I was seated and closed my eyes. Not too long after I had done this, I heard my name, my aunt was calling me. I answered and she said, don't you like my movie?, not being so sure what to say and trying not to make her dislike me, I said, I like your movie. Then she tells me to come to her (she and her friend were already naked at the time). As I motion to her, my legs become weak and shaky, I was sweaty all over for some reason I wasn't sure of; so many things ran through my mind like, will they hurt me cause I saw the man put his hand into the woman's private part, will they do same to me, If I refuse this my aunty will not like me, I hope this her stupid friend will just die(I was an angry kid). Being close to her, she motions to me to come closer, when I was within her reach, she kisses me. Her friend looked at her in surprise but I couldn't care less, my aunt was paying me all the attention in this world in this moment, I really didn't care what her friend thought so I kissed my aunt back, thinking it was normal although very sloppy and somehow irritating. Before I realized what was happening, she asked me to lick her private part, I started having goose bumps and almost fainting. I summoned courage and I started licking it, feeling nauseous I vomited on her. She got up and beat the hell out of me, the rest of the day was pretty much depressing for me. Hours after, my aunt comes to me and says sorry and buys me choco choco, she said I should not tell my parents or she'll not be my friend and buy me choco choco. When my parents came in that evening, my mom noticed my eyes were swollen and she asked if I had been crying, before I could respond, my aunt said she just woke up from her siesta not too long ago. My mom replied", why did you let her sleep so long, if she doesn't sleep tonight, get ready to stay awake with her. After dinner, I went to my room to think about what happened earlier in the day, and all of a sudden I became scared. A whole lot was running through my mind, it was too much of an adventure but a very disgusting one!. (Later that night.....) Joke,joke my aunt calls out softly ,yes aunty I replied. She draws me into her bossom and tells me to be a darling and "massage" her boobs. Again I became sweaty and nauseous, and then she says in a stern voice, you better not throw up on me and I answer, yes aunty. Not sure what to do, I ask, aunty what will you have me do, in a loud voice. She shushes me and then speaks softly, remember the movie I played for you today?, I nodded, you saw what that man did to the woman ehn? I nodded in affirmative and she says good girl!, now do exactly what he did. I was so indecisive and scared at the same time. Do I shout or much rather scream for my parents to come save me but as these thoughts were running through my head, she shoves her breasts into my face, not being able to breathe, she says rather angrily, open your mouth and don't choke yourself(really?, don't choke yourself?).I opened my mouth and she shoves it in and tells me to suck, then adding later, more choco choco for you. With that motivation, I sucked hard, biting her at intervals. She moaned softly, I wasn't sure why she made that sound but for some reason I liked it. I continued while she rubbed my head and sometimes kissed me on the forehead. Before long I didn't know when I slept off, but was awaken in the morning to get ready for school. When asked to brush, I asked for a new one (brush),on getting it, I brushed my gum so much it bled. When my aunt saw this, she shouted at me and hit me on the head and then told me she didn't want to hear my voice (thinking of it now, how?!).I just sobbed while she rinsed my mouth, bathed me and dressed me up for school. The next day at school was sure hell for me. I couldn't even look my class teacher Miss Stella in the eye. I felt dirty and sad. With all the chattering from my classmates, I could only hear one sound and that was the sound of my quiet sobs. I hardly heard anyone, my imaginary friend who I had also understood my plight and was moody. I couldn't imagine my day being worse than it already was, but the next incident afterwards proved me wrong as a long cane whip landed on my back from not paying attention in class The low sobs now turned into a loud shrill cry from myself, I never knew my voice to be that loud but oh well, that's the power of a long hard whip!. The tears which I had been mising now fell freely with a physical pain other than the guilt that was eating me inside. At break time, I couldn't leave my seat cause I could barely see, cause my eyes were super swollen My teacher seeing I was still sullen came over to me and asked what was wrong, I looked up at her and for some weird reason she had my aunt's face which was super creepy and scary. Still unsure whether to tell her of my previous day experience, still trying to force the words to come out, a kid screamed of which she quickly ran to attend to the kid. Again, I was left alone, but this time it was comforting and soothing. So many thoughts ran through my head, I had a lot of questions to ask but I wasn't sure who to ask or seek these answers from. Something about it all felt bad, I was dying inside this time cause of my curiosity, and again I could feel the tears threatening to burst out of me. After minutes of being indecisive of whether to cry or just sulk, I got up and went to the toilet, it was better to cry in private than have my teacher questioning me. As I got up to go, the tears had already began to fall, so I ran before the hiccups came too. I cried so much in the toilet, I felt blood was going come out afterwards. I didn't feel better still, but I tried to pay attention to my class teacher who kept looking in my direction and probably wondering what was going through my mind. The school bell brought me back from my world of confusion and inquisitiveness. Oh no!, I have to go back there, just as I was packing my bag, my aunt had already come with my kid bro to sign to take me home. I started again packing my bags slowly while she went to the teacher's desk to sign for her to take me home. My kid brother walks up to me and asks in his adorable baby voice (he was 2), why are your eyes red?, did your teacher beat you(in his very hard to understand English). I tried to smile at him, but the harder I tried more tears kept escaping my eyes till my aunt came over to where I was and asked what was wrong. Before I could reply, my teacher took the liberty of reporting me to my aunt I wasn't paying attention in class. I wasn't sure she was reporting me to the right person, but I just sat there looking like a lost puppy. My aunt as usual smiled and replied, I'll talk to her, she's a good girl, my teacher nodded and said, it'll be bad if she adopts this nasty attitude. Joke hurry and stop crying!, I heard my aunt's voice calling out to me. I was already crying like a big baby, Agbaya, see you big momma crying in front of your brother ,my aunt yabbed me continuously. Don't waste my time and hurry up!!, she soon shouted, getting agitated by my unending tears but I couldn't stop it. I hurriedly packed up with her tempo changing and soon we were home as its a 10minutes walk to the house. I sit on the edge of my bed contemplating whether to tell my mommy and daddy, she storms into the room like some crazy person and drags me by the ear and says, hope you did not go and say anything to anyone at school?, still trying to process this scene and comparing it to the lovely aunt I always admired, this one looked scary, I answered with my annoying hiccups, no I did not. She looks at me for what seemed to be like forever and then says, you better keep your mouth shut and then she flings me to the bed of which I landed with my back and felt a sharp pain but I couldn't let out a sound, instead I just laid down there and cried myself to sleep. I wasn't sure how long I slept but I did hear someone calling my name, Joke come and have your lunch, the voice continued repeatedly. Getting up with my eyes swollen from crying, I noticed I had not removed my uniform, so I undressed and wore the dress that was already laid out for me as usual and went to the dining table. I was the only one at the dining table as my brothers had already had their lunch. I wasn't hungry but I had to force the food down my throat as wasting food at home was a sin(as quoted by mummy). After eating I went to my aunt and requested for my meat, who also added a tablet of paracetamol to cure the headaches I was likely to feel afterwards. As usual, I go on to do my assignments and then sit in my room and talk to myself as I was antisocial or should I say, I prefer talking with the older people than my mates as I thought it would make me wise. But today, I just sat in my room after doing my assignments and stared into space, I did not notice it was getting dark, until the lights came on and my swollen eyes flinched from the effect of the very bright light. It was going to be different I thought to myself and of course I wasn't wrong.. As always our parents came in late and went out early, or they travelled, we hardly saw them and when we did is when we crawl into their beds at night to bug them, and I was fond of that especially always had my legs ending up on my daddy's face(laughs). Monday was already ruined for me and so was the rest of my week, I either wasn't paying complete attention or I was throwing things at people or slapping my fellow classmates when they got me mad and got punished for it. Saturdays are my off days from school but usually with loads of assignment to keep me busy, but this Saturday played out different. I woke up grumpy which was unusual and forced myself to eat breakfast, some part of me was scared and I wasn't sure why, nothing was adding up the harder I tried to figure out what it was. My parents as usual had gone on a journey and my eldest was with them, just I and my youngest was left with at the mercy of my aunt!. I was doing my assignments when I heard my younger brother screaming and I hurriedly rushed to see what happened and I saw my aunt beating him. I never liked the thought of someone beating or harassing my brothers, that was my job!. Being a tempered kid, I picked the knife that was within my reach and threw it at my aunt. It didn't pierce her, but it bruised her skin, she looked back in surprise and started coming at me, I ran and the flower vase which was in sight, I threw it at her, it hit her face so hard cause there was a lot of anger in that throw, she fell and blood gushed out profusely. Seeing her bleed, I did feel satisfied and went to meet my kid bro whom I took to the room he shared with our eldest and locked ourselves in there. Our aunt came and knocked and cursed and threatened continuously, I was scared but I couldn't let my brother see that, so I just kept calm and asked him to ignore her. Hours later, he falls asleep in my arms where we sat on the floor, I heard someone talking with my aunt and I guessed it'll be her ugly friend and of course I wasn't wrong. Still unsure whether to go out or stay, I decided to go out and the next scene afterwards wasn't what I anticipated...... Seeing I was out the room, she calls to me authoritatively to move closer. In fear I picked up my compass which was lying down on the floor, not sure how it got there but for some reason I was grateful for it. The cut on her face was still oozing out blood and I was still raging and was breathing so loud with my hands shaking so vigorously. She seeing the compass in my hand, gave her a rethink of whatever she had in mind for me. It happened so fast, her ugly friend jumped me right from the back, trying to get the compass out my hand but she wasn't smart at all. Like who jumps a furious kid holding a compass so tight like her life depended on it, I thought these things while I used the sharp object to scratch her. Unfortunately I couldn't make her more ugly than she was already as my aunt hit me on my back, before I could regain composure, she had taken the object out my hand and landed multiple slaps on my head. Minutes after I was bleeding from my nose, I was barely breathing and lay helpless. My aunt rushed to get my inhaler and shoved it right into my mouth and started shouting like an illiterate "oya take and don't die biko". I was choking and started coughing. For what seemed like forever, I was gasping for breath and crying. After long minutes of calming down, I slept off. Waking up, I saw my mother's face, all I could hear "Tinu talk to me", how are you? Your aunt said you had an attack. She begins rocking me like a baby, she was shaking but her eyes were firm ,I didn't know mom got scared, I always thought her unbreakable but here she was shaking like a leaf in the winter.. Dad comes into my room and sees my mom holding me, he touches my forehead and shouts she has a fever Bolanle! He takes me from her grip and picks his keys, my mom didn't follow. At the hospital, our family doctor examines me, checks my temperature and quickly calls in a nurse who kindly asks my dad to bring me to the injection room. I was scared I started crying again, it was the worst nightmare ever. (As they needle touched my bum, the elderly Tinu jerks a bit, the nurse shouts she's regaining consciousness and just about when the doctor came running in, I slipped back into a coma) Here, I found myself at my aunts place. I was 10 and my mom was on transfer in Lagos while my father worked in Eket as a supervisor to a road project there. My evil aunt was no longer with us as my mom found out she was sleeping around with everything trousers!. My aunt's house was a mini heaven, we had everything we wanted, my aunt's husband was very rich as he worked with Shell at that time. We went swimming every weekend with my cousins as we enjoyed their dad's membership at their club(not the bar type) My aunt and her husband were so selfless and nice and treated us their kids, my cousins who I and my brothers were much older than were receptive(I guess they had no choice right?). Sometimes when I was there, I wished they were my parents, cause it was so good I wanted it to last forever. Sometime in July, my aunt and her husband travelled and were left with their top driver, Uncle Uche. Uncle Uche could also be called family as he had worked for my uncle before he got married to my aunt (mom's sister). He was to watch us as my aunt's help quit her job two days to their journey, my aunt was upset but since uncle Uche was around, they begged him as they'd be back in two days. We all loved Uncle Uche, he bought us things when he travelled and also came visiting at our own house but unfortunately the devil got to him too. The night my aunt and her husband left for their journey, Uncle Uche did something very disturbing earlier that afternoon, he showed me his private part(it was ugly shaped) and wanted me to touch it, that he'd buy me caprisonne, I ran away to join my cousins and brothers. I couldn't get that picture out of my head for the rest of the day, he had the same grin my aunt had too(scary) I was so uncomfortable but I didn't know whether to tell my elder brother, I didn't know how to put the words together, so I decided to tell my aunty when she came back. That night as we slept, I felt a hand all over me, I thought it was some dream so I slept on, minutes later, I felt a hand fingering me and woke up and surprisingly there was a hand covering my mouth, whoever it was wounding with his nails. It was uncle Uche so I started crying and I heard shhhhhh, which I did and he carried me from my bed. My cousin was fast asleep and snoring like a goat, while I was carried to a slaughter house. He carried me to the visitors toilet and within seconds had his penis in my mouth and pinched me to suck, I didn't budge so he said he was not going to be my friend and I asked myself, do I still look 5?,as I was talking to myself, he sat down and carried me while I struggled, he closed my mouth once again and did the most painful thing ever, he penetrated me. I screamed with his hand still on my mouth and cried. He kept going in and out at a pace, then went faster and I heard him make some noise still trying to be quiet. I cried and cried but uncle Uche had a mind of his own. I wondered if he's done same to my cousin. I just sobbed like a baby while he took me to the bathroom and used warm water which had dettol in it. It was stinging me down there as kept washing me and after that I saw a part of him, he never showed us. He said "if you tell anyone, I'd kill you and your brothers alongside your parents. Who'd have ever thought the hardworking Uncle Uche was a wolf in sheep skin (the elderly me had tears running down her cheeks, the doctors advised the nurses to let me be as I was fighting for my life) Coming back to the next day, I limped when I walked so I sat and just watched my cousins and brothers play. His words kept ringing in my head, I was scared to my soul that I froze at the sight of him. He had this dirty grin I wish I could slap off his face and use a knife to dig into his heart and burn them then feed to vultures. I couldn't sleep a wink that night even after locking our room door, I knew he came when I heard someone trying to open the door, my heart froze for a second I almost screamed. I noticed my cousin had wet the bed but I couldn't have her change with Uncle Uche lurking. Morning took forever to come and when it did I didn't want to leave the room till I heard Uncle Uche went to pick my aunt and her husband at the airport. When he left by 11,I limped out my room to pee and it hurt. Tears had already filled my eyes, god! I was in so much pain just to pee. I did eventually but some blood came out as well, I immediately used water to clean myself and flush the toilet till I was sure it was gone. By 2,my aunt and her husband were home, I tried to run as well to welcome them but the pain was so much so I just walked slowly to them trying so hard not to limp. Reaching my aunt, she asks why my face was puffy(swollen),I had forgotten to clean my face and eyes. I answered nothing and smiled. She just stared at me for a while and asked if my brother bullied me and I said no, trying to divert attention I asked what they bought for us and she said it was with dad, so I hugged her and ran to hug my uncle even with the pain and ask for my gift. My eyes were tearing up again from the excruciating pain in my private part, it was driving me nuts. As usual everyone was happy except me, I became withdrawn, scared, insecure and a terrible sadist. I stopped playing with my classmates, cousins and brothers. Everybody kept asking if I was fine and I always reply yes with a fake smile which killed me inside. I went through my secondary school without friends, although I was super smart. In my ss3 I had stabbed a boy with compass from his maths set for calling me "apple bottom", I threw a stone to hit my teacher's eye when he looked at me funny and lied it was unintentional. For some reason, I felt insecure around my brothers, I was a real mess, no friends, no allies just a sad lonely me with a secret that was eating my insides. My parents were bothered by my behaviour, they thought that it'll change over the years but I became worse by the day. I lied a lot, sometimes the lies don't even add up. When I got suspended for stabbing my classmates, my, mom took me for a psychological check up and the therapist in charge said It's a phase and my parents should engage me more in conversations. My mom who was still on transfer tried so hard to get words out of me when she came around during weekends was frustrated as I always got angry and threw stuffs. My dad was at work, so I and my brothers grew up with different helps who I made their stay with us living hell. I didn't want them to think I was naive anymore. The anger I had as a kid grew, I hated people generally and for some reason, hated my parents more. I got admission immediately after I was finished with secondary school, I was the first amongst my mates to enter the university, Unilag,. My first year was smooth, no friends, no carryovers. By my second year, first semester as usual, no carryover, second semester I was suspended for drugs, my parents were devastated at the news of it, my parents were so disappointed, I also couldn't believe I had gotten worse. My second year killed my spirit for school the more, by my third year, I was known as a druggie in school, the rep was fascinating but no one ever cared to ask why, some thought I wanted to be cool, some guys liked it said I'm a happening babe but I was trying to kill myself. I was having nightmares constantly, I couldn't sleep. Over the years I had trouble sleeping but during that time it was worse. I couldn't sleep, eat, focus, I was loosing my mind and no one cared to ask me Ajoke what is wrong with you!!!!!!. All they did was remind me of my past behaviour, my mom was good at it and I hated her the more. I was able to sort my lecturers (wow!, those days I spent money she). Also I would have said I lost my virginity in my third year with some guy but I really never had a virginity right(laughs). For some reason I was addicted to sex and I started leaving school just to have sex. No passion just sex, some guys wanted more, I really just wanted the pleasure. School was out of it, I really lost myself, I felt so empty and cold. I was so numb and void of feelings and insensitive to people. In my final year, I decided to ease up on drugs and face my studies as it was the last lap but alas I was going through a psychotic phase. Stopping drugs, made me feel everything deeply again, it was like the pain was hiding somewhere and all of a sudden it was a rush. My insomnia became worse, I could barely read or understand, I was always restless and mentally drained. Sometimes I cried at night when my roommates slept. I wasn't sure who I was anymore. I was living on past glories, hate, anger, frustration and loneliness. I did graduate but with a third class. As usual my mom nagged and talked about PGD, I didn't see myself going back to any school whatsoever so I looked for jobs. Its funny how people call druggies never do well but I made acquaintance with some big boys who had connections and of course it was the chance to use them. I was able to work my service(Nysc) to Lagos, where I worked at a radio station as a programmer person(content personnel)pay was good so I tipped the principal of the school where I was to teach to cover for me. After my service year, I felt I was grounded enough in the media and used the connections I had and got in touch with movie producers and within the space of 2weeks I was able to write a story and sold to a movie producer who shot it two months after and was a big hit. It gave me recognition and fame but I still did feel empty. My parents were never in support of me serving immediately. They had wanted me to do PGD first which I already told them "NO" to and had already worked my service. I had not spoken to them afterwards, even with all the fame, they had never one day picked the phone to holla. My brothers were supportive and I was thankful for that. I worked with so many producers until my big break. I wrote a story on myself (autobiography) titled "Her Tales", it describes my life even to the tiniest detail, it was the movie of the year. As much as people loved it, no one really knew the pain. I visited home when my movie was being premiered in PH and my mom welcomed me with a smile, my pops was grumpy but I kissed his forehead, knelt down and asked for forgiveness. They forgave me, I felt elated until my mom asked if my present movie was really fiction, I lied and nodded. I could see fear in her eyes already, I couldn't let her cry sorrowful years now, I'd hurt all over. I was happy I visited ,my parents were more than comfortable, I helped give my elder brother's fashion business more recognition and together I and my elder brother sponsored our kid brother's education and in no time he was already making a headway for himself being the first pilot in our family. My mom had started bringing up topics of marriage (I laughed it off several times) and never gave a response. I wasn't thinking of marriage, I was married to my work. I wasn't sure I needed all that marriage drama in my life at that point. I was friends to married folks and saw the atrocities which some of them committed. I didn't think the need to add another heartache to myself....nehh. I was good! My elder brother got married, Yoruba women as usual will run their mouth as to why I didn't marry first but that wasn't my problem, I guess it was my mom's tho as she kept saying throughout the wedding, this should be you, I tried not to get mad at my mom. My brother's wedding was lavish and I made sure of that. Although some parts of my life I distaste him and my younger brother but I was in a phase, so I owe it to both of them I felt. My younger brother tied the knot a year after and as usual, was a lavish and colorful wedding and as usual my nagging mom but I wasn't moved. Years passed and I was still as dedicated to my work as ever before. I had acquired houses, lands, endorsements, cars, made a lot of investments. Of course people started talking about marriage, including close friends and colleagues. I tried to date but I was egoistic and rude, I enjoyed the sexual part but intimate part lost me. I eventually got pregnant for a friend who I was consistent with, although we never gave our relationship a title, he wanted more, I was content. The journey of pregnancy was tough especially when my parents found out I wasn't even engaged, they were angry initially but my mom still came to look after me, she made me sleep early and eat like a glutton and also take walks. I sometimes observe her when she helped and imagined I hated a woman and man (dad) who sacrificed a lot so we all would be comfortable, she deserved to rest and I'll make sure of that I said to myself. I and my brothers planned a trip for them to go to Paris for a vacation, mom didn't want to leave me by myself but we forced them. They called everyday to check on me, I was overwhelmed by all of it. Dad fell ill there and they had to return back too soon. A week after they arrived, pops died. The tears never came no matter how hard I tried, rather it made me go into a premature labour and thankfully I had my twin boys and they had dad's nose. My mom kept staring at them and kept smiling, the more I looked at her, the tears began falling. She just kept smiling, I kept crying. After I left the hospital, mom packed in to stay with me. We bonded more and more and when dad was buried, she became a bit quiet. She missed her old man but said its God's will. I wished I was that strong like her. She moving in made my writing even much better and before she could watch me be the best at what I do, death snatched her too. I was almost inconsolable as I mourned my mother, but I had to be strong for my twin boys. Who knew taking care of babies was so much work, not me!, I had to admit mom really tried. Years passed and I missed my folks so much, the father of the twins could no longer wait for my indecisive mind and went ahead and got married. All I had in this world were memories, my brothers, my beautiful kids, niece and nephews and my work. At 70 I retired as a legend in the film making industry, I was grateful. My twins Ayobami and Ayodele were the best I could ask for and made me the proudest mom and grandmother. I really was goals!(laughs). (Back to the hospital, opening her eyes and seeing her twins with their wives, she smiled and breathed her last. She carried her secret to her grave).
Author : Akinseye Atinuke




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