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Your Brief Bio: A young Nigerian student, with a strong penchant for creative writing.
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Tweet-Style Story Summary: A story of betrayal, heart break and self-rediscovery.
Full Story: Fiona was gradually becoming a shadow of her former self. Yet no one noticed ; at least not immediately. Actually , blames were not to be randomly apportioned, as nothing very obvious was yet noticed about her. In the absence of obvious signs, blames could not be randomly apportioned. AS the days rolled by, she appeared to increasingly enjoy her own company. Her close friends began to grow weary of her forced conversations. everyone seemed to think she was going through the infamous mood swings suffered by girls of her age, perhaps some charming devil had ripped her heart into two. she could as well be suffering from a heartbreak, of which no one was in the know.” Well, menstrual cramp might not be unrelated to her condition”, a friend suggested. Winter had already played out its course for the year; yet the young lady was regularly seen clutching to her teddy bear, as though it were her only trusted companion. She would so tightly hold it, not minding that her friend Rachael, regularly taunted her for that. “Hey girl relax; he will soon be back” Rachael would say to her seemingly disoriented friend. Of all Fiona’s friends, Rachael seemed to be the one closest to her; though she steadily got on her nerves. During those moments of her friend’s numerous teasing, Fiona would naturally not want to overreact. Of course, she knew she was most likely to act like her friend, if she found her legs in Rachael’s sneakers. In the middle of each night ,a face will so clearly flash through her mind. Regardless of how hard she tried to push it away, the picture would not just fizzle out. Her nights, were then filled with struggles ; struggles she bore all by herself. At such times, she would hear herself groaning so loudly. Hearing statements like; “ Seal your mouth, little girl” Her heart sank, into her belly. At her negligible resistance, the voice will come again, “ It won’t be long” Regrettably, she wondered why their voices were not heard, even as they daily resounded. Coming in tones of victory and anguish. The disheartened young lady, had wished the hands of time were hers to turn, so she could make them run faster ________as the wound closer to that day, trust spat on her face. She wished she had the whims, more than ever before. Her mouth seemed stuffed up such that, she couldn’t let out a single word. She had totally lost her power of self-will. With defeat daily putting a strong fight against Fiona, she severally tried to summon up strength and guts from wherever she could. But each time she tried, she felt like someone with broken limbs. And almost immediately, she would quietly crawl back into her shell, awaiting another day when her courage would surprise her. During one of those her frequent lonely moments, her phone rang, in its usual and unbroken tone. Impulsively, she turned , and went for it, as though she was expecting a redemption call. Seeing the name of the caller, her heart skipped several beats and subsequently bled. With the feeling of one soaked in an ice, she retracted, and tears rolled down her cheeks. Reaching out for her teddy bear, she hugged and bit it, one more time. At the breaking of each day, poor Fiona saw no need to remain in her own shell. Her innocence had been painfully snatched from her. And reality had given her a big blow .She wanted to strike back _____________ no longer remaining defensive. “What’s wrong with me? I just can’t continue this way” Fiona mumbled to herself. She trusted, but was unbelievably betrayed on account of that. So poised she was, to throw trust’ to the wind _____ pretending to believe nothing of such existed. But then, she wasn’t sure she was going to have a smooth-sailing takeoff, while carrying out her plan. Instead she chose to believe she was strong enough to keep up with the role of an attacker. Against all pieces of advice, her mind was apparently made up. Nothing was going to stop her. All turned out to be products of bitter and irrational moments. Her heart was so fragile to take up such a load. Even her faith, severally hit her away from such a decision. And her skin didn’t appear thick enough, for the pinches she was to expect in her yet-to-be embraced new life. No matter how hard she tried to dispel that reality, it still came up stronger and clearer. Further down she went, with a deeper sense of defeat. It got worse, realizing she was almost unable to put up a fight, as it were. So, daily, she grew angrier with her own self. Even at that, she was yet to make attempts at taking her own life. Maybe she hadn’t totally lost hope in life. Maybe she was still willing to give love a chance _______some time later. Nevertheless, Fiona remained the perfect person , to give clarification to those assumptions. While she lingered in her life-in-the-shell existence, she managed to put up an attitude of indifference. Such that, majority of the people around her continued to suspect less. They just had no inkling of what the poor girl was going through. The distraught young lady was now scarcely seen in any outing with her clique of friends. She was proving to be anti-social. In fact, she became the quiet girl they never knew. Growing tired of her friend’s increasing queer attitude, Rachael regularly yelled at her. “What kind of girl are you really becoming!” And Fiona would on each occasion ,respond with a half-baked smile. She alone knew what currently rocked her boat . So tyrant it was, that she couldn’t just let the cat have its way out of the bag _____- so soon. With the passing days, she endured . During one of the family gatherings, she was reluctant to sit next to Uncle Jeff. That was apparently strange. No one noticed – not even for a second. Probably , the euphoria was overwhelming on all that were present. Such that taking notice of that silent moment, was simply a boring episode, too costly to be afforded. Uncle Jeff and Fiona, were the best of uncle and niece. Each time either of them visited, there would be long periods of discussions. As in two friends earlier longing for each other’s company. He would shower her with gifts ; such that her mum would jokingly say to him, “ Please, don’t spoil my daughter with gifts o” With Fiona putting up a very sheepish smile. “Mum don’t tell me you’re already feeling jealous.” The young girl would reply. The truth was that, the duo grew so close that, Uncle Jeff easily became her confidant. She could willingly tell him of the changes in her body. “You’re becoming such a big girl” He would run his hands through her growing chest. Of course, he was one of the first persons she would tell of her male admirers. But that evening, the Uncle-niece drama continued. Not sitting next to Uncle Jeff, was very strange to anyone who cared to observe. Actually, it wasn’t really obvious; neither did it ring a bell. But then, no one immediately appeared to care. Even if they had wanted to , they probably didn’t know of the betrayed closeness. Mrs Abigail _____Fiona’s mum , was the only one close to reading the sign, even as others moved with the flow. She knew her daughter to a reasonable extent, and so could make out something from her body language. While dinner went on, she would momentarily throw her eyes at her . But within the blinking of an eye, she would be carried away by the euphoria of the evening. And the little uncle-niece drama progressed, unnoticed. Dinner was over. Pleasantries were being exchanged, with the whole place still very much warm. Glasses were still jammed. While the background tunes, softly came on . Silently, Fiona sneaked into her room, jamming her door. This , she loved and always wanted .In fact, if she was left to her wish, she wouldn’t have been part of the family dinner at first. It reminded her of an episode she would painfully live with. That night, she was caught, right in the middle. Sliding into her own embrace, the countenance of defeat, came back on her. As she was once again made to behold the face, she would live to dread. Few minutes later, she heard a knock on her door. Her pulse rate increased, with the hairs on her body all standing upright, as though they knew the person at the door. The manner in which the knocks came was so familiar to her. The knocks rang a bell. At least the individual would have said a word, for notification sake, since Fiona kept quiet at the knocks. Instead, the sound made at the door, came at irregular intervals. At this ,Fiona didn’t for a second, think of jumping from her bed. She knew the traitor had come _____the very reason for the coldness that ran through her system. The door remained closed. And soon, the knocks were heard no more. Such family gatherings, would remain repulsive to her. On each occasion, an unpleasant cord would be struck in her. Her heart was already laden with issues ,she just wasn’t ready for any more. Fiona kept pining away. And her eyes were becoming more sunken. Instead of sensing anything precarious, her family members took her for one in, for a drastic weight loss. While her friends, concluded they wore same look, when they had their episodes of heartbreak. “I’m good” She would respond to people’s inquiry of her welfare. That soon became a cliché . As the days passed by, Fiona could no longer withstand the victimization of her own self. She would try beating her chest to action. She no longer wanted to remain mentally defeated; she indeed wanted to be the attacker. In that frame of mind being built up in her, no discouragement was to be entertained. No piece of advice would push her away from her conclusion .Maybe her skin had gotten thicker as well as her heart. Her innocence was snatched away from her; in such a shocking manner. “After all, there is nothing else to lose” She reminded her broken self. Her liveliness seemed to have apparently bounced back. And out from her shell, she gradually crawled . Severally ,she tried convincing herself the ‘transition’, would be likened to picking cherries. With newly-found boldness, one would remain unsure, as to whether she actually feigned her readiness for the adventure. She was to count the cost .This, she claimed to have done. Waking up the coming day, Fiona’s mother watched, as her daughter , acted outside the box. Her boldness, was at some moments offensive to her middle-aged mother. Mrs Abigail once thought that the whole thing came too sudden. But the next minute, she was glad. She was happy that, Fiona’s social status was being ‘upgraded’. Even if she was fast at it; she was glad that her daughter had finally decided to keep up with the joneses. “That’s my baby” She would say to Fiona, whilst giving her a blushing look of approval. “Oh Mum please!” Fiona would reply, with her characteristic hand gesture. The tone of the mother-daughter rapport was beginning to appear more cordial. While that lasted, Uncle Jeff grew nicer. Even when his niece appeared not to have be appreciative of his kind gestures, he remained indifferent. He kept coming. Nevertheless Fiona still felt a sense of defeat in his presence. As it was not clear, if the traitor’s appetite remained insatiable. In fact , no one aside the ‘ victim’ , would ascertain that. Uncle Jeff kept coming with his moves; though in subtlety . What actually remained repulsive to her, was his ugly sense of bravado; his unwillingness to let go. During one of Uncle Jeff’s numerous harmless visits, Mrs Abigail saw the unwritten message become more profound. She wanted to pop a question. But then, her thoughts might have flown too fast and uncoordinatedly ,therefore she kept her cool .After all, Fiona was a grownup , she thought not to intrude. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop her from growing cold towards Uncle Jeff’s visits. The actual reason behind this ,she couldn’t just explain. Gradually, the change at home became more evident; as the mind game increased. Natasha was not to be forgotten by the totally transformed Fiona. Through her, Fiona was introduced to substances that made her consciousness fly so high. The exact life the young lady earlier vowed not to be associated with.. As usual, her attitude gave rise to the assumption that she didn’t at all care about what people had to say. A totally different girl was then seen; for which all around her became apprehensive, except for her newest friend Natasha. Even her mother soon became uneasy with the whole episode. But she just couldn’t summon enough courage to point a finger of correction at her. Initially, Fiona held her new life with loose hands. But soon, she tightened them up. She wanted to make up for her moments of emotional loss. She didn’t want to remain defensive. So, on a seemingly fast pace, she swam with the flow. And kept with the joneses. It didn’t actually take ages, before Fiona bit much more, than she could chew. The bull whose horns she took was much bigger than she envisaged. But prior to her senses coming into her control, she already had piles of regrets to face. And so she was unsure ,where to trace her steps from.
Author : chiboy




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