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Your Brief Bio: My Name is Onowu Nonso rex, I picked up writing as a hobby several years ago, although not yet published I have several projects which I believe would make an interesting read.
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Tweet-Style Story Summary: A young pilot circumnavigating the globe is trapped in a lightening storm over the southern Atlantic ocean, desperate to stay alive, he flies his airplane into the Bermuda triangle where meets a higher evolved race of mankind.
Full Story: Nineteen years ago a twenty eight year old Nigerian pilot Peter Onyewu attempted to become the first ever African born pilot to circumnavigate the globe, his journey began at the Muritala Mohammed international airport Lagos, Nigeria on the 21st of febuary 2003, four months into his record breaking travel (June 07 2003) peter was flying over the southern Atlantic ocean when suddenly a storm began to manifest along his flight projectory, worried that his cirrus sr22 airplane would not survive the storm on a head on collision Peter attempted to fly over the storm a routine aviation procedure rudimentary to every qualified pilot. As peters cirrus sr22 towered over the south Atlantan storm he began to notice that his navigational instruments had began to severely malfunction due to the electromagnetic interference of the storm. Blinded by the storm and almost empty on fuel peter continued to press onward desperate to conquer the Storm, hoping to survive, but as peter continued in his struggle to overcome the tempesteous weather the direness of his situation became increasingly clear to him that he may not survive the storm, frightened by this crashing reality Peter attempted to radio for help: "Mayday mayday this is peter onyewu cirrus sr22 do you copy" "Mayday Mayday this is Peter onyewu cirrus sr22 I am trapped in a storm and low on fuel does anyone copy" But there was no reply, relying solely on his instincts Peter continued to press on and then in a moment when all hope had seem lost' peters gaze was drawn eastwards by a bright white light he immediately and unsuspectingly assumed that what he was looking at was his way out of the storm(daylight) and so without any hesitation peter flew his cirrus sr22 towards the light, into the light, and as he flew into the luminance of the source he felt an unusualness in his physical and mental composition as the light which he had at first believed to be daylight on closer examination looked to be more of a fluorescence white than the yellowish sunny bright which he was familiar with. And just when peter thought things couldn't get any weirder or more critical his aircraft ran out of fuel, but instead of descending downwards as in compliance with the laws of gravity peters cirrus sr22 remained airbound neither ascending nor descending suspended in the bright white light. Of all the thoughts that ran through Peters head one stood out above the rest "I am definitely dead" peter thought to himself as this thought ran through the young pilots mind summarily a subtle voice from the light sounded "step forward" believing that his mortal self had transcended beyond the physical realm where the laws of gravity, speed, sound or matter no longer exists, without any hesitation peter alighted from his aircraft and found himself standing on light, step forward the voice from the light again sounded and in compliance peter began to walk towards the subtle voice, that is forward enough the voice from the light then cautioned peter bringing him to a halt, who are you? The voice inquired of peter; Convinced that he had died in the storm and was standing before God to be judged as required of all who die as stated by his christian religion, Peter thought long and hard before he answered , who are you the voice again sounded this time louder than before' My name is peter onyewu; lord, heavenly Father I know am a sinner the young pilot plead, but If you oh lord can please allow me only to sit at the gate of heaven I will praise you forever. Lord? Heavenly father? Gate of heaven? The voice from the light amusingly retorted, where do you think you are human? The voice anxiously asked peter, heaven the young pilot replied, Ha ha ha, the voice chuckled, this is not heaven he then said, its not? Peter stuttered, of course not, you're not in heaven! If this isn't heaven sir then please where am i? As soon as Peter asked that question he lapped his fingers one over the other in a cross like loop whilst closing his eyes and whispering repeatedly to himself; "Please don't say hell"... You are inside the Bermuda the voice from the light comfirmed Peters location to him, yes! Peter excitedly cheered with a sigh of relief but as he recovered from his reflex jubilation the word Bermuda began to form a ring in his head, so he asked the voice from the light; sir what Bermuda island in particular am I on? Island? The voice from the replied, you're not on an island, you're inside the Bermuda, yes o know you've said that before but am a bit confused as to what you mean by inside the bermuda' peter, the voice then called out to the young Nigerian' you are inside the Bermuda triangle'... As soon as peter heard those two words put together "Bermuda and triangle" his knees became weaker and his eyes rolled backwards into his head and then simultaneously peter passed out on the luminous floor. June 07 2003 peter Onyewu is declared a missing person by the Nigerian government. A few hours later Peter regains his consciousness, he finds himself laying on a table in a confined space in what seems to be an examination theater; Good to see you're finally awake a voice unlike the one from before adddesed him and as the blur faded from his eyes he could see a physical presence with him in the room, unlike his earlier encounter with the inquirer at the entrance of the Bermuda. You're human the Nigerian pilot spoke excitedly to the medical officer, yes I am she replied, how are you feeling she then asked Peter, what is this place he replied rather than answer the officer, it is completely normal for you to be curious... Are you aliens peter hurriedly again asked the examiner, all your questions would be answered by a learning droid as soon as my examination here is concluded, so please sir answer only the questions I ask you, is that okay by you sir the medical officer asked peter, yes that's fine he replied and in a few minutes peters medical examination was concluded . A learning droid will be with you shortly you can ask him any question you want. As peter waited for the learning driod to arrive, he began to ponder the veracity of his current predicament, unsure if he was to be thankful for being alive or terrified with this his newly discovered reality, as he continued to thinker on this dream like world peter was greeted by a floating spherical contraction(droid); Salutations sir, I am B3N113 also known as (Benie), I am your guide in this facility here to answer all your questions and provide you with company. Where would you like us to begin sir? You can start by telling me everything about this place peter replied, very well sir: accessing Bermuda database. History: 8billion years ago, there was a race of super intelligent organic beings known as the "Reccure" a humaniod specie who are largely responsible for setting in place the physical and chemical precursors capable of sustaining life, a perfect example of this is your solar system sector 39A47(Earth), on completion of each sector the Reccure would set in place a inter dimensional portal(wormhole) which served as both a gateway and an observatory. For several millennia the Reccure's reach grew vastly throughout the universe bringing light to a dark cosmos. However the growing influence of the Reccure did not sit well with a certain race' only recorded as the Primordials as they were very unwelcoming and easily provoked; Thus making them highly unaccessible to collect data. The primordials perceived the Reccure's growth as a threat to their species and their agenda of universal dominance . And so a war between the Reccure and the primordials became unavoidable. The unpredictable savagery and unrelenting force of the primordials proved to be most advantageous over the calculative prospection of the Reccure, it was a war in which the Reccure were not prepared, thus losing the conflict and consequently paying the ultimate price the extinction of their species and the termination of several other sectors as well (47,763,32 to be exact). Word of this massacre traveled quickly across the universe, with all of the Reccure's Armada and people's obliterated, there was no longer any force powerful enough to challenge the primordials and so smaller sectors like earth decommissioned their travel gates and completely deleted their star signals from the Reccure's database as a precaution to prevent the primordials from finding them. This inter dimensional portal now only serves as an observatory to monitor and preserve the evolutionary pace of 393A47 indigenous species. Wow that's a lot to take peter told the droid, as fascinating and terrifying as all this sound's... Umm, how soon would I be allowed to leave this observatory, leave? The droid replied with a shock in its expression, why would you want to leave sir? Elsewhere: The medical officer who examined Peter earlier while analyzing the samples collected from the Nigerian pilot as mandated by the Bermuda medical specie safety regulatory board (BMSSRB) discovers an anomaly in the Nigerians DNA, unsure to make of this anomaly she performs a secondary analysis on the collected samples, as the medical office waits for the medical (A.I) to process the sample results she is highly unsettled as she paces left, right and all about. Finally the A.I informs the medical officer of the recalculated results and just like the previous results the summary remained unchanged. Contact the councilor the medical officer instructed her A.I; Establishing connection the A.I prompted' and summarily communication between the medical officer and the observatory councilor was established: Hello magerie, I've found him sir she excitedly informed the councilor, found who? The councilor inquired, (GFW) she replied, I've found him sir, I've found him she again retold the councilor. This is wonderful news the councilor replied at last we finally have an edge over the enemy, prepare him I will be with you momentarily the councilor instructed. Meanwhile: Peter and his designated learning droid ccontinued their tour of the Bermuda facility before they were hurriedly intercepted by some Bermuda security operatives. Peter onyewu? The forerunner inquired, yes that's me am peter' is there a problem the young pilot asked, No the forerunner replied, we simply need you to come with us sir he requested, Turning to his learning droid Peter frighteningly asked "What's going on benie, what do these men want, but before (B3N113) could reply a security operative overrode the droids programing with a (E56) security override protocol, disengaging him from his user and returning him to the droid storage facility (DSF) whilst taking peter to the councilor. As peter arrived at the councilors chambers he immediately noticed the medical officer who attended to him earlier alongside several other unfamiliar faces ; Mr peter the councilor called to the Nigerian, I am councilor Darius Areia, please accept my most sincere apologies as it regards your conveyance to this council but we simply couldn't wait to meet you, what is going on peter aggressively asked the councilor, there is no need for incivility the councilor replied, we mean you no harm, hmm peter scoffed, knowing the nature of politicians to deviate from the truth by thus exaggerating it's importance or deflecting it, so I should be concerned peter replied the councilor, shouldn't we all? Darius responded, take a walk with me he then told peter, as they strolled down the immense vestibule of the council halls, Darius began to retell peter the cosmology of the universe and the fragility of life itself, yes I am aware of this history peter informed the councilor, of course Darius replied, how old do you think I am? the councilor softly asked Peter, early forties peter replied, Ha ha, if only Darius chuckled, I am seven hundred million years old, as a matter of fact every one I'm this facility is seven hundred million years old, that's impossible Peter unbelievably responded, you look so young, yes but looks can be deceiving the councilor informed peter, this is incredible peter still in awe told Darius, how did you achieve this imortality? We are not imortal Darius corrected peter, circumstances forced us to adapt this unnatural longivity for the sole reason of preservation, do you understand what i mean peter? You know I don't the Nigerian pilot replied, very well Darius then said let us continue this conversation tomorrow then I will furthermore explain the circumstances surrounding our longivity... My domestic droid ( C5T) will lead you to your quarters, you are now a guest of the councilor feel free to request for whatever you desire. June 10 2011 9:42 Am. Peter who hardly slept through the night wondering about the truthfulness of the councilors claim hurriedly got dressed and set out to meet Darius so that he could further understand the complicated history of the people living in the inter dimensional portal observatory (IDPO). As CT2 led Peter to Darius's chambers he informed him that the councilor was ready to see him. Welcome Darius greeted peter, I hope you slept well? I couldn't Peter answered but that is irrelevant, you promised to tell me more about your longivity, that is all i am concerned about right now. I see you're a straight to the point kind of man, Darius complimented peter, very good he then said have a sit let us begin. History II After the primordials obliterated our ancestors we decided to tap into the little that remained of the Reccure's mainframe downloading all that we could as a means to sustaining their legacy, our data technicians ran through quantum's of Reccure data searching for whatever kindle of hope we may find to survive in a universe that had suddenly turned hostile. Many years later the Recidivist cell alteration data (RCAD) was discover and many years later it was finally decrypted, as we gained access to these files we discovered that they contain millions of DNA ranging from unintelligent organisms, plants etc to a more intelligent life form of which you represent. It was our belief that we could recreate the Reccure's race and so we began to experiment firstly within ourselves but the outcomes were less than successful and highly dangerous, so we decided to put a stop to the to our biological experimentation for a while, but then soon after we received news that a star system not very far from ours had come under attack from the primordials and as is their destructive nature not a single soul or planet was left standing. With the threat of extinction this time more vivid than ever before the third IDPO council recommenced the bio experiments, the specimens under went several evolutionary alterations, promising but still quite dissatisfying. Moving on we did not relent, but then however in the post sapient era we were forced to discontinue the (RCA) and retreat to the IDPO as we were faced with a problematic severity of our own. For billions of years our biological feature had remained unchanged neither evolving or devolving, biy after six billion years our race began to de-evolve as our mental and physical abilities began to wane... Unaware of how to tackle this frightening reality the third IDPOC initiated a recrudescence decree to restart afresh our race from a single celled organism back to our former glory, but that decree ended in a disaster as we lost a third of our population to an unknown viral outbreak, when it became clear that a recrudescence will not work, the council then passed an oroborus decree thus extending the life of all peoples within the observatory as we continue to search for a solution to our internal dilemma. So we are not the same Peter naively asked Darius, not even slightly the councilor replied. What about your experiments are you still attempting to recreate a Reccure peter inquired, yes Darius answered we are, and your progress? Peter again asked, hindered Darius replied, due to consistent failures on the Reccure project we decided to reanalyze the RCA data to better understand it, a strategy which proved most effective, after several adjustments we were able to recreate the the DNA of a Reccure, that's wonderful peter excitedly told Darius, not quite the councilor replied, you see we were able to only assemble the DNA of a Reccure , we are still unable to nurture a bodily feature in which the biological precursors may thrive and so we fell back to the RCA and after many years of harrowing through raw data our analysts discovered the break through we needed to finally complete the Reccure project, they called it the (Generic forty three window) (GFW), our scientists concluded that although we may never be able to fully recreate a Reccure with the GFW an organic host can be taught to mimic a Reccure's physiology, at that time we believed that our work was finally complete and so several volunteers were infused with the RCA DNA, but their bodies rejected the recidivist cells as their GFW percentage read to be too low, after several calculations and reanalysis it was ascertained that the IDPO population could not carry the Reccure's DNA as a matter of fact no species could carry it, the probability of that ever happening was one to an infinity, so there is no hope for the Reccure peter sadly confirmed, yes Darius replied that was our belief, but things change he further added, what we know now is not as what we did before, confused by the councilors babblings peter sort clarity and so he asked; what do you mean Darius? I do not know how you were able to come here peter, the councilor spoke mildly, or how you survived the ultra climatic rage generating weather (UCRGW) specifically designed to keep outsiders... Outside, however that is now all but irrelevant, it is that you are here now that is most important. What I am about to say to you now peter may seem unbelievable but i assure you it is the total truth, go on Peter urged the councilor to continue... After carefully analyzing samples collected from you on your arrival here we discovered that you are that one to an infinity of probabilities of persons that can sustain an RCA DNA, impossible Peter replied, I know this may be difficult to believe but I assure you it is the truth, okay let's assume that you're correct and this is true, what does this mean for me? There are no assumptions here Darius spoke convincingly our analysis are never incorrect, you're never going to let me go, are you? Peter asked Darius, we cannot hold you against your will he replied whatever you decide to do we shall respect it. What is the recreation process like? What am I to expect, would I die? Of course not, will I still be me afterwards what are the dangers involved if I agree to do this? There is no danger in the procedure and no you will not die but there will be changes to your being, but that does not mean everything has got to change, Darius spoke softly whilst pointing his arm to Peters heart. Am sorry Peter apologized to the councilor, I do not think I can do this he said frighteningly, I have my own life to live am sorry. Disappointed by Peters unwillingness to sacrifice for the good of others, Darius said these his final words to the Nigerian; The simplicity of life is often overshadowed by its complicated nature. The simpleness of good, the malevolence of evil... The selflessness of sacrifice parallel to the in relentlessness of greed. Every being is born inherent the consciousness of right and wrong, it is however our individual decisions that evolves us, some of us more human than the rest. I shall make immediate arrangements for you to return to the outside world, but before you are allowed to leave magerie would have to extract three days of memory from your cerebral cortex, a necessity to ensure that our facility remaims undiscovered, I hope you do not mind? No Peter replied, very well then I believe you still remember your way to your cabin? Yes Peter responded, and as he was about to leave Darius's chambers, Darius called to him and said; peter in case you change your mind you know where to find me... I will not change my mind Peter replied before he left to return to his cabin. June 11 2003 09:37 Am. Memory Removal. As peter arrived at the medical bay he was met by Darius and magerie. I have informed magerie of your request to leave the facility but before the memory deletion begins I just have to ask again is your decision final? Yes it is Peter replied the councilor, very well Darius then said Magerie would take it from here. Momentarily Peter was set to have his memory deleted, hold on Magerie said to him this would sting a little, but before she could initiate a memory swipe a level 5 alarm went off instructing all personels to go to the evacuation centers, what's going on peter asked, I don't know Magerie replied but its definitely critical, we have to go now, go where Peter asked, irritated by peters persistent questions Magerie rudely told the Nigerian; just keep quiet and follow me as she hurried out of the bay and headed for the emergency evacuation unit (EEU) as she and peter aarrived at the EEU alongside several other IDPO personnel they were greeted by Darius who addressed the crowd; My friends, my people, I fear I have only but sad news, our time here has come to an end and we must begin to immediately relocate to another sector... Why Darius the crowd shouted... What is the reason they yelled... Please Darius plead with his people, if you would give me only but a moment to speak then you will understand! And at his request there was decorum in the hall as Darius continued to address his people; The primordials have entered the milky way and we have only but thirty two hours to evacuate before they reach our sector... And as soon as those words broke from Darius's lips there was panic in the EEU. Where would we go the crowd shouted... There isn't enough time... We are all going to die... Please everyone remain calm, a habitable sector has already been sselected years before now as a contingency for such a time as this and there is enough time to evacuate if we maintain a civil and orderly fashion, every personnel in this facility has been designated to a life shuttle, check your logs and know your departure schedule and we shall continue to survive against this unrelenting enemy, we shall continue to survive. With over three hours to go before the primordials arrival, the IDPO was completely evacuated with Peter boarding a shuttle with Magerie. summarily they arrived at sector (8323B) as the final shuttles arrived all personnel made way to the observatory monitoring unit watching the timer countdown with earth in view, with only a minute to go on the counter Peter thought to himself maybe the alarm was a false alarm maybe earth wouldn't be destroyed, but on the 22nd second mark an enormous ship appeared out of nowhere; oh my god peter wailed as the ship exposed it's frontal canons and with two shots one from each barrel earth was destroyed. Overwhelmed by grief, Peter was lost in thought, petrified by recent events, watching the debris of earth scatter in space Peter with a tear rolling down his cheeks turned to Magerie and said; I'll do it, make me a Reccure. 22 01 017 (sector 8433B) 17 days later the RCA fusion had reached a 73% completion, but the physical alterations which were expected to manifest with the progression levels were yet to be seen, worried Magerie collected a sample from the Nigerian pilot as he remained dorsal in a hibernation pod, quickly she took the collected samples to sector 8443B's laboratory where she conducted further analysis on the samples and then inputed the test summary into the laboratory's A.I and promptly a caution was displayed on the screen alongside an algorithm to furthermore simplify the results and as soon as Magerie saw the test conclusions the expression on her face turned from worried to frightening, immediately she ran back to peters pod in an attempt to halt the RCA fusion, but as she arrived at his fusion pod the Nigerian was no longer in the pod, immediately Magerie set off the facility's alarm. Shortly she was met by Darius and security operatives, what's going on Darius worriedly asked, he's gone she replied, what do you mean gone, is the procedure complete, no Magerie replied, then what do you mean he's gone, search the facility find him Darius instructed security. Darius! Magerie then softly called to councilor we've made a mistake she informed him, go straight to the point, Darius angrily responded to Magerie, The Recidivist cell alteration data was not what we thought it was, how Magerie how? We have not created a Reccure she fearfully told Darius. what then have we created the councilor replied... A primordial Magerie concluded.
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