Diary of a victim of domestic violence.

diary of a victim of domestic violence

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Your Brief Bio: My name is Esther Odunze. I am a twenty year old from Abia state, who has a big heart and loves people who are out of the ordinary. I am also a young aspiring short story writer.
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Tweet-Style Story Summary: This story tells the plight of Grace,a victim of domestic is a proved fact that in some severe or psychological cases of domestic violence,the victims start seeing their tormentor as their savior and even start blaming themselves for their tormentor's actions.this was the case of Grace a young woman abused by her husband,both physically and emotionally.
Full Story: Femi please....i swear he's just a colleague at the hotel where I work, we were just exchanging pleasantries,i... "shut up!,I knew I should never have allowed you take up that job offer at the hotel, all it will do is turn you into a whore,I,femi a high ranked officer at the military force can never watch my wife become a whore, No, you need to be thought a lesson,on your knees! I watched in terror and tears as my husband unbuckled his belt, I kept on pleading but all fell on deaf ears.. The first lash of the belt sent me sprawling on the floor, that was my mistake because I started receiving kicks all over my body, my head, face.. My stomach.... Wait, I just remembered I was three months pregnant, surely Femi couldn't have forgotten so soon,a final kick on the stomach brought me out of my thoughts.. The last thing I felt before I passed out was warm liquid on my laps and Femi walking out of the door.. I woke up three hours later to the sun shining through the window.. I breathed painfully,it was a miracle I was still alive, I crawled on my knees to reach for my phone to call our private doctor, Femi had warned never to let any third party into our marital problems that was in exception of the doctor In case of emergencies Twenty minutes later,the doctor came in, without uttering a word,he proceeded to treat me, he has seen me in worse conditions in the past,Femi made sure he was rewarded handsomely for his services. After the doctor left,i laid down lost in my thoughts.. This was all my fault,i know my husband loves me,he keeps letting me know that I was the best thing that has ever happened to him, after all, he was the one who rescued me from the life of abject poverty,all he asked was for me to be totally submissive to him and I keep letting him down.. If only I had asked that stupid colleague of mine never to greet me again, I wouldn't have been in this mess, Now because of my stupidity,I've lost my third pregnancy..Femi kept reminding me that a woman was suppose to talk to and exchange pleasantries with no other man except her husband and blood relatives,He said it was normal for a man to cheat now and then, and that it doesn't mean he doesn't love me.So the day I met him in bed with my best friend, I quietly went outside and waited for them to conclude their business,Femi told me that he only slept with because he doesn't want to sleep with unknown women and risk bringing Infections into our home.. Of course I believed him, my husband will never intentionally hurt me, he only punishes me now and then to teach me a lesson.. The sound of his car outside brought me out of my thoughts.. I watched him walk towards me with a smile on his handsome face "my queen, how are you feeling? "he asked pecking my forehead "I lost the baby..."I blurted out "shhh... Don't cry, we still have the whole time in the world to produce more babies.. Now go and get dressed,am taking you out, be sure to wear that yellow gown I bought for you,i want the world to know I have the most beautiful queen in the world I was still weak but I knew better than to argue with my husband.. I quickly drank my pills to boost my strength and hurried to the bathroom.. About twenty minutes later, I came out looking beautiful but a bit pale in my yellow bodycon Gown "you look breathtaking my dear,but.... I looked at him, wondering what he was about to say "don't u think that gown is too tight,it leaves little to imagination.. Go and wear the purple gown.. And add a little color to your face, you look like you just saw a ghost, hurry we are leaving in five minutes...... Thankfully, we managed to have four months free of drama and incidents at home, My friend from the old days was visiting today,i told Femi about it and surprisingly,he agreed since he doesn't really allow me to entertain friends in his absence. Amanda arrived exactly an hour after Femi left, I couldn't stop admiring her, My friend always looked as ageless as the sun,i gave her a warm hug and ushered her in. "I hope it wasn't difficult for you to locate my house, the roads can be a bit tricky" "Not really,Though I had to ask for directions twice from the hawkers along the road" As we discussed and did some catching up,i noticed she will keep quiet for some time and stare at me in a strange way,i was in the middle of describing something when she held my hands.. "Lily,are you okay? "of course I am, why do you ask ?wait o, I hope you don't want to start that psychological nonsense u do those days in school" I joked "This is serious, there's something off about you, even your eyes are hollow, and you've repeated the same story thrice for the past thirty minutes " "it's really nothing Mandy, look, have I told you about the day I mistakenly wore my gown backwards to school... "you've said that before, we were there together, remember? "oh, it must have escaped me.. "I laughed nervously "what is that scar on your head?, and there's another one on your neck,who did this to you "she asked turning my head "I... I fell down in the kitchen" "Lily, we've been friends for a long time, I know when you're lying,that doesn't look like a fall,that's a wound inflicted by something or someone and intentionally... " I was starting to get scared, knowing my friend she will never let this go, I bit my lips nervously "I..I got Femi angry so.... "I should have known, that bastard did this to you,all this while I've been hearing rumors about how your husband abuses you, I choose to ignore it because the lily I knew before won't let anyone do that to her, how long has this been going on ? " "My husband is not a bastard, he really loves me,he took me in when I had nothing and gave me a home, look he bought me that blue sedan u see packed outside,it's my fault that he loses his temper now and then,I only need to try harder to please him and avoid annoying him" Mandy suddenly opened her eyes wide and grabbed me by my shoulders "I should have known,why didn't I notice the signs earlier, Lily, I think you are suffering from a severe case of domestic violence,if this has been going on for a very long time and if it's what am thinking, then you need medical help.. "what are you talking about? " "look, in the extreme stage of domestic violence, the victim start seeing his or her tormentor as their saviour and starts blaming themselves for their tormentor's actions,you don't know what you are doing, you are losing it, I know a very brilliant psychologist friend of mine who can help you,come with me.. " "Don't you get it, I can't leave Femi, I love him, am in my right senses, I think you need to leave now, my husband will soon be back any moment from now, I have to prepare dinner.. " "Dinner? But it's only eleven in the morning, Lily please, get help before it's too late, I can.." "you need to leave right now! "I shouted "Fine, I understand you are not well, I promise I will never leave you like this, whether Femi likes it or not, I won't fold my hands and let him send my friend to an early grave,Take care of yourself, if you need my help, you know where to find me.. Two minutes later, I went into the bedroom,why can't they just leave me alone, Femi will be so mad if I tell him about this, maybe I shouldn't.. What was it that I even said I was going to do in the bedroom or is it the kitchen ?That's right, I was supposed to make dinner before Femi gets back... Bola, stay still or you will be late for school.. .. She rolled her eyes and pushed me away as I was trying to tie her shoelaces, I wonder who she learnt that from,it was becoming a habit. This was me talking to my four year old daughter,yes,after everything I finally had the child of my dreams, Femi had been convinced that it will be a boy,so before the arrival of the baby,he always bought a lot of boy toys and clothes each time he went on one of his travels.. His face will light up each time he talks about the baby with animated happiness: "He will get the best treatment a prince can get,just wait and see" I wept the day our daughter was born,but it was of joy, finally, I and Femi will get even closer, no more ugly incidents,Just the three of us, we will be one big happy family, just like the movies. I noticed the slight look of disappointment on Femi's face when he came into the hospital room "we will have more children,i promise,they could all be boys if you want,i mean, boys and girls"i said nervously "Don't be ridiculous Gracie, I love our daughter as much as I will love any son I might get.. Our daughter grew up quickly, she was my carbon copy but I couldn't help but notice she had Femi's domineering personality and temper, she was spoiled silly by Femi, no-one was allowed to lay a finger on her, Femi made sure I attended to all her whims and caprices,At home,At night, she sleeps on his chest. Our daughter became the center of Femi's world,at first I was happy my daughter had such a loving father,but it was always about Bola,i ceased to exist the moment Bola came home from school,I and Femi grew more apart than ever...i had to do something,i miss my husband,i wonder if there's something am not doing right.... Later that night before Femi came home, I had already prepared his favorite dish of Jollof rice and fried fish,i wanted to impress my husband so I took extra care in cooking. I sat down in the living room waiting for him. Exactly two hours later,Femi came home. "welcome back honey"i said,smiling "thanks"he replied without even glancing at me, he headed for our daughter's room. I was a little bit disappointed because like the food, I had also taken extra care with my dressing and makeup. "where is daddy's little princess? "he said as my daughter flew into his arms. "Daddy! "my daughter shouted happily . I stood a few foot away and watched them,afraid to intrude on such precious father-daughter moments. "Go and get dressed,daddy is taking you to the movies" My daughter squealed with joy and ran to her room. "Uhmm, Femi, I.... " "yes, Grace, any problem? " "I was just wondering if I could come along, it's been a while since we went out as a family" "No, the last time we did, you managed to upset my princess, you know I can't risk seeing her unhappy even for a second ,so stay back in the house and find something useful to do, Don't bother about dinner, we will get something on our way back.." I was so close to tears, I wanted my daughter to love me,Now i look like the enemy only because I reprimanded her...
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