Chacha the natives hero

chacha the natives hero

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Tweet-Style Story Summary: Chacha was the chosen one and he rescued the natives and became lord of the clouds.
Full Story: It all started at the age of 4 when i completely knew the difference between evil and good. I always have a dream that seems to be an occurrence, and other nightmare of mine but was never taken seriously. I was good at keeping things to myself and never make it seem like i was hurting or going through any mental disturbance At that age i was quiet cognitive I was the youngest in my family of 3, and i was my mums favourite for being the last. We lived in Aracile ( altar of the sky) it was named after the told story of a man from the clouds that gave my people freedom from slavery from the spanish empire. I am Chacha and this is how it began. It's 4th April 1889 when i had a dream of me being chased by skeleton in red and yellow. (Spanish army) I Ran for my life until I'm out of breath Chacha: help help !! (Screaming) still running for my life thats being chased by a lifeless creature. Unfortunately i stumble against a wood in the forest . Ha!! Please don't hurt me i have not done anything to deserve being prisoned i screamed !!please !! With a prayer in my mind hoping to be rescued by god knows who. To my wildest expectations , i experience a verve Things unknown to us for centuries happened the clouds answered to and i was as bright and powerful as the sun. I smite the environment with great light. When i was about to destroy . Johari (Mother) : Chacha wake up wake up your dreaming again , wake up this boy wake up. Hami !!! Hami!!! Go get water !! Your younger brother Chacha is not responding. Asani: mother leave him alone to sleep you're disturbing our meditation Johari: shut up !!! Your brother might die and your saying nonses . Hami: mother here's the water i got from Aracile fountain. Johari sprinkle a little on his face . Chacha: gasped!!! NO!!! Mother they're coming, they destroyed Neil and captured (Govad) the Man from the cloud, you could have let me end them. Johari: Chacha it was a dream no one is taking or capturing any one, go back to sleep . Chacha went to sleep. Hami Went out side to meet the mother talking to the clouds. Govad !! Govad !! See what you're doing to my son please free him from this insanity.! With disappointment on her face like a colourless art work that can't be explained. Hami : mother is my younger brother alright? mother please be strong for him, for us you're all we have now, don't give up like dad that dissappeared before he was born. Johari cried and left unsaid words crawl down her cheeks in liquid Johari hug hami and said everything is fine. Unknown to them Chacha was not asleep he was behind listening to them with sadness painted on his lips that shut him from thinking straight so he ran out with a broken heart , that the mother called him crazy. It was morning before the mum realised Chacha is missing. Johari screamed asani !!! Asani!! Where's your younger brother. Asani never cared about any of his brothers especially when you're being cared for most . Asani : No!! i am not my brothers feet that i know his where abouts . Johari: screaming! ! Chacha as she ran into the woods looking for her 6 years old baby, chacha was no where to be found. Hami looked everywhere for weeks and not a clue was gotten . Johari in disappointment and pain Chacha is gone !! But how , why?? Asani interrupted mother he went to meet you outside that night of that tragedy. Johari in shock No !!! How could you let him..No Hami : mother it's okay don't worry we will find him days, weeks, months all gone but no trace was found of Chacha only lost hope was tracked. Its 7yrs gone and Johari suffered the pain of lost she still didn't move on cause of guilt of calling her favourite baby insane. She felt Govad was punishing her . Asani always wanted to be cherished so he prayed for chacha to not return but the mother was sad and seem not to care for asani as much as she did for Chacha based on he was the last. It's 12 years now since chacha left and to the mother it was like, always felt like it was yesterday. On the 4th of April 2001 they wanted to do another memorial for the departure of Chacha which made asani more angry and decided to leave for the woods. Asani: these ungrateful people won't for once in there life appreciate a lifted burden, my crazy brother is gone and all they do is mourn , i wonder what insanity. Soldiers : sire we've found a native, he looks young , should we shoot him or capture him. Captain: let him be, he might walk us to the village where we can capture the other natives and seize their treasures. Just monitor him! Asani walked through the forest trying to think out his anguish but then he heard noise but wasn't sure if it was a beast or his imagination when he was about to climb his favourite tree he then sensed that he was followed with fear of not knowing what was following him he ran and was being chased as he ran towards the fall to hide under a rock shade beneath Audra(Storm) mountain. Soldiers : sire, i think we lost him! (In Spanish) Captain : don't rest until you find him! Asani heard the voice and thought of what kind of beast that sounds so soft so he decided to take a look not knowing they were close by. Huh! (Soldiers rustle ) got yah ! Asani let me go you frightening things! He wrestle with three soldiers and made way. Hit by a stick. The captain rescue the soldier's from their mistake for underrating the strength of a native. Captain : fools!! tie him up. Soldiers : yes sire! Captain : there's alot more of that came from, so do not under rate even the youngest native, cause it could chase a wild cat. You all need to be strong and prepared. Before that when he wakes up we will do some negotiating. With a wrecked smile on his face. In the village during the memorial Hami decided to confront his mother. Hami : mother why are you still reminding yourself of Chacha why not forget about him it's 12years now and you still don't want to let it go and at night you also call on Govad and you also partake in other spiritual things and sacrifices is they something you're not telling me? Mother I'm your first born i have the right to know about any secret in order to keep my family safe! Johari: With tears in her eyes Hami! I'm sorry for not telling you cause i thought you were not old enough to understand because i too do not understand or believe in myself any more. Hami , asani , chacha you're all blessed by the lord of the clouds (Govad) but cursed also said the prophecy! In the prophecy thats where your father named you three before he vanished. Hami you're a supporter Asani meaning was never told to me. Chacha means strength and after he was born Your father dissappeared and no one noticed or ever was he found and they was a great fight beyond us, in the clouds that changed alot . Govad turned his back on us, our sacrifice was left without being accepted our village has never been the same so many insaneful thing has been happening. Hami : but mother how did you know all this? And i heard you incantating ? Johari: i was one of the servant of the oracle. Before he went to the mountain and never came back, ever since no one goes to the top of Audra mountains, Hami i think it's enough for now. Hami: okay mother. Hah.. where am i? Asked Asani. Soldier : The jaguar is awaken.! Fetch the captain. Asani : why am i tied captive? Release me immediately! ! ! Captain : oh so the wild one is awaken ? Asani: who are you ? Captain : i am Rodriguez the leader of squad D spanish empire. So who are you? Asani: i am the second son of the great warrior and servant of the Oracle Asani. The pride of my Kingdom. Captain Rodriguez: then i think we're destined to work together. Asani : i work with no one untie me and i shall flee . And let you people be in peace. Capt. Rodriguez: seems you don't get you have no choice than to except or die. Asani : i fear not! ( with all bravery) Capt. Rodriguez: okay then kill him he is worthless and useless, we found him in the wood so will others be close by. Soldiers shot a deer and it died immediately. Asani became afraid of such weapon and had to think other wise. Asani : Wait!! How about we negotiate again? What do you want ? Treasures, animals ? I can offer you any? Capt. Rodriguez: no i need all of them. Animals , people and treasures . Asani: how about i offer you few of my brothers and the treasures promise to let us be? Capt. Rodriguez : in what favour in return? Asani : my people never find me special they cared less, in return i ask for you to give me power so i shall rule over them and not the elders. And i promise to give you any thing in return with no exception. Capt. Rodríguez: it is considered! We shall strike tomorrow. Asani : No !!! I need more time lets hunt first and gather more weapons. Capt. Rodríguez : okay i think it's a good idea to get a plan as we take more time. It's almost midnight and Asani hasn't been seen around. Johari : Hami have you seen your brother? Hami : No mother but i think he went to his tree house in the woods , i think we should let him be for now he needs more time to think things over and stop being over reactive. Johari : i don't want to loose any of you again (sobbed ) Hami : mother it's okay you're not loosing any one. Mother I'll be back let me to the temple to read some scrolls. Johari : okay , be careful. Hami : okay mother. But hami didn't go to the temple he went to the oracles house to find out if the mother was telling him everything he needs to know, but he first thought of going to the woods to check on his little brother getting to the tree house. Hami heard noise around he decided to check it out, but before then he called on his brother Asani!!! Asani!!! Asani!!! Asani!!! Soldiers : capt. I think someone is spying on us. Capt. Rodríguez: go check it out. Soldier's rustle! Asani : let me go with them ? Capt. Rodríguez: okay! If it's your wish. As they go on a chase for hami. Hami : Asani it's time to go home mother is asking for you! But still No reply was gotten from the tree house so he decided to trace the noise he heard from the background. He walked further and further tracing the light he was seeing from a distance, He now heard noise approaching him , first he thought it was Asani. Hami : Asani ! Is that you ? Is about time you stop what you're trying to do it doesn't scare me. But then he heard more noise coming from different areas of the woods , so he ran . Soldiers : he's On sight running towards south! Hami ran back to the tree house to get his little brother. Hami : Asani we need to leave here ! (But no answer.) Asani !! I mean come down here immediately, we are in danger! (Still no response ) Soldier dived hami Soldier: i got him hurry up ! (Signifying) Hami struggled his way up. Soldier punched hami Hami scratched. Soldier punched hami hoping for a knock out. Hami dived him wrestle him to the ground they both struggled but hami had to pick up a small rock and hit the soldier (bimm!) Broke the head of the soldier. Hami thought that was all he decided to climb up the tree house and check but Asani was not there. He was surprised and thought this man that attacked him might be behind it so he hurried down the tree to rush to the village to notify them only to meet his demise. Soldiers surrounded the tree house and spotted Hami . Get him ! the leader said , but do not harm him the captain might make use of him. One attacked him and hami struggled for his escape. Leader: he is not as strong as the other native . Hearing this hami struggled with the soldier angrily thinking they might have killed his brother , he smacked the neck of the soldier. Leader : get him you fools!! Two soldiers approached him and held him captive. While he was struggling the leader noticed Asani was stronger than hami because Asani took down three men with just a hit, and made way so the leader asked what tribe are you from! Hami kept silent (snubbed ) Leader : i said what tribe are you from !? ( raised his hand to slap Hami but was stopped by Asani) Asani : let him be ! Hami was surprised that his younger brother was among these men . Hami: Where have you been ? (with tears in his eyes) i have been looking every where for you. Asani : shut up you , Mum and other natives never cared. Hami : you are too young to understand what it means to loose someone, you're too foolish to see that jealousy is deceiving you. We cared for you and we still do if i never cared will i be in the woods looking for you , why you being so stupid! Asani : (slapped his elder bro ) silence that's not how to talk to your king! Hami: and who made you king? Asani : kneel before me ! And join me as i rule over the natives. Hami : you are going insane. Asani : one more insult and you shall not live to pronounce another word. Hami : i rather die than to see you rule or hurt anyone one. (Hami attack Asani ) But Asani was stronger and lifted Hami up threw him to the floor . Asani : your last chance , I'm giving you as a brother. Hami : never! ( approach) him with a stick. Asani (dodged grabbed his hami hand twist it, broke it. Lifted him up and broke his waist. ) Asani : i warned you brother, you are no match just too pathetic for being the first. I should have been the first ,gained mama's trust and love more. But no they all chose the weak ones. Hami : i forgive you ( last breath before he died) Asani : i need no forgiveness from weak dead man. Leader : you shouldn't have killed him , we needed him. Asani : one word and you shall begged the rest of your life with sticks inside of your an×$. Soldiers laughed . Leader : shut up you all. Asani : plans changed we shall attack tomorrow , the natives will look for his body if he's not seen and it's a big baddie for us. They all leave to there capm. Johari dreamt something strange while she was sleeping. Johari : Hami! Asani! No this is just a bad dream Hami cannot be gone. (As she was terrified she try to give her self hope ) But the truth holds bitter scrolls to be seen. (She tries to sleep again with the burden of the dream) Asani: capt. We attack tomorrow! Capt. Rodríguez : why certain change of plan, and where's the said spy? Soldier : he killed him after the long talk and entertainment. (Soldiers chuckling ) Capt. Rodríguez: okay we hunt tomorrow, for spanish empire !! Soldiers (cheered ) for Spanish empire. It was morning already and Johari didn't still sleep she was waiting for Hami and Asani return. She decided to go look for Hami in the scroll chambers. As she was on her way a native ran to her Native : servant of Aracile (johari) i hale! Johari : yes what brings you to me house (she puts on a smile as she welcomed the native) Native : Hami ! Hami! Is at the council he is. Johari : ran before the native Could speak. Getting to the council No !!!!! (Crying bitterly ) No .!!!! Hami !!!! Johari felt like dying . So she scream to clouds bitterly in incantation ( Govad !!! You shall not rest untill you foresee all this .Govad you shall not rest ) so she called her lost child name as she sob ( Cha Cha where ever you are !!! Crying saying i need you) In the clouds chacha heard the cry of his mother . Chacha : let me go! my mother is looking for me i left since last night she might be worried. CLOUDS : you have to know who you are before you can help her. Chacha: i know who I am. CLOUDS : you have to know your true self, your story. Chacha : i know my story , i am chacha! CLOUDS : you have always been stubborn and that's why you were defeated before by your brother! Chacha: i know not of what you speak i am chacha. CLOUDS: You are the lord of the clouds, you are Govad. You lost your throne after you chose to help the mortals and disobey the council of the clouds , your brother then took over and conspire against you when you returned after helping the mortals you and your brothers fought the fight of Raid that made every creature in clouds went instinct while you and your brother were reborn by the oracle. Chacha : No ! CLOUDS : it's been 12years you have been up here and you survive, No mortal can! Chacha : No ! This might be another nightmare, mother help!!! CLOUDS : You are about to loose her if you don't remember and know who you are! Chacha : No ! It's just a dream (faint voice ) Clouds open for chacha to see his village being attacked by his nightmare. Chacha : why are you doing this?! CLOUDS : Because you are the one, the strong one, the one who calls tge clouds answer, you are the lord of the clouds; Chacha eyes became opened ( understand ) His eyes where as bright as the sun, body was fresh and covered with clouds , chacha became strong as his name was entitled in the scroll. The village was now been attacked by the Spanish as Asani matched them forward. Natives fighting for there lives and freedom women being take, children running around the village was rampant. Gun shots killing those who tried to fight, those who where weak offered them selves for slavery. Women shouting and being taken and raped. Children crying and being slaughtered. After every tragic thing occured . Asani : Aracile !!! ( Calls on the attention of his people the natives ) listen to me , i am your new ruler i now make decisions on whether i take ur lives or not. If any dare oppose me shall suffer the consequences! Johari recognised the voice and screamed Asani !! Come down here and talk to me what have got into you. Asani : woman if you dare order your king i shall punish you. Johari : this is not my son who i trained, carried in my womb. Asani: woman you never loved me you never did none of you natives did ,one more word and I'll end all of you as i did to Hami ! Johari was shocked Johari : you killed your brother (cries ) you demon!! (Cried bitterly ) Asani : take them away and lock them up till we decide what to do with them. Natives locked up in a cage like animals waiting to be sold. Asani and the captain negotiating. Soldiers guiding the prisoned native and some scavenge for treasures. All happening at once. Johari went spiritual evoking the lords of the cloud, Which made Chacha more disturbed and aggressive were he is which made him run faster down the mountains. Soldier: woman shut up we're trying to focus here on something Johari continued Soldier brought out his gun cracked was about to shoot before a man jumping from high hills smashed his head with his to the rocks. Soldiers who let one prisoner out !!!! Alarming other soldiers chacha beat them broke the cage let the prisoners out. Other soldiers didn't take the alarm seriously because they feel they were armed to take care of any business Until countless of gun shot was heard continuously. Capt Rodriguez: what is happening out there!! Asani : maybe they attacked by the wild. Capt Rodríguez: those fools. Natives attacked along side Chacha They fought and fought. Soldiers screaming Natives shouting. Guns were shot Capt. Rodríguez: No i ti m something is wrong when he stood up to check Asani stabbed him, dragged him inside collected his uniforms and wore it. Asani: you fool i was meant to lead every creature (Walked out ) Sounded the alarm that signifies danger which made all the soldiers came back to the camp and the battle continued between freedom and captives. Asani killing his own natives. Chacha helped the women and his mother out of danger Johari : who are you , you remind me of someone. Chach didn't know he was now looking like Govad and his father so he stared at her and then walked away as he assures them to stay here and be safe. Chacha left running back to the woods soldiers firing countless of bullets on him but none could bring him down Mean while in the camp the Natives have surrendered cause they were not armed Asani: who started this? Who released them! Chacha came out of the ghost screaming I did! Asani: who are you ? Remove ur mask and show your self. Chacha : i take orders from no one ! Asani : kill him! Kill them all ( ordered soldiers ). Chacha jumped and screamed " I am chacha when i call the clouds answer!!" That made the lightning striked the capm. Men with guns were shocked and threw their guns away , natives charged and attacked and they all fought with their fist. Asani and chacha fought and fought each punch released by them was of equal match. Asani: you are no match for me younger bro ! Not even Hami could stop me so I'll end you like i ended him. Asani grabbed chacha threw him to floor wanted to stab him but chacha was too slippery he used the tagger made from ancient mammal skull to cut chacha and it entered . Asani: even gods have weaknesses Chacha attacked him they bought punched each other and fell, which made the clouds cry. Chach became weak cuz of he was bleading which gave Asani more chance to strike more. Asani attacked chach while he was on the floor and struggle to put the tgger to chacha's throat, Chacha was about giving up before the mother stabbed Asani with a tagger used for sacrificing animals. Asani slapped the mother remove the tagger wanted to stab her Chacha got up picked the tagger Asani threw while he was stabbed and sliced Asani's throat. Johari: screamed in terror! !! As the war end and the natives won and let the few soldiers to flee. Johari and other natives assembled. Johari : who are you ? Chacha removed his mask, I am chacha ! Descendant of Govad! Lost Son of johari! Johari in tears My son she walked up to him (touches his face ) you are now a man ! And not just a man a strong man Chacha: mother i am so sorry i left i thought i left for hours didn't know it was years. Johari: shhh! I am the one who needs to be sorry, for not believing in you. Chacha hugged the mother natives celebrates Chacha : from this day hence i curse the intruders that the cloud shall be so hot for them to come close to our lands. And the people celebrated and in jubilation they went back to set their land in good order. Ever since then the Spanish couldn't colonise any African country. The End.
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