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Your Brief Bio: David Uj is a 22 year old Nigerian,A Mass communication student at the Ahmadu Bello University,Nigeria,He is also known as Yohanna David Joshua. He started writing when he landed a talk show job at age 17 For Nigerian teens choice Awards,along the way he understood his passion is writing. At age a 20 he wrote a poem to participate in the #Bringbackourgirls campaign in which was a shocker to his family that his writing skills is extraordinary.His passion for writing drove his desire to study mass communication.
Submission Category: Human-rights--Free-speech
Tweet-Style Story Summary: My journey to become a woman is written by your hash tag.
Full Story: 15th April 2014, that was the day I lost my innocence, I became a visitor to my body I wake up every morning to nothing, just in a group of lost, rejected 218 young girls like me,Indeed beauty fads away, my hair smelled like a week old dead rat, my skin smelled of sun heat I could not place an image of myself in my head; all I saw was a rejected, dirty, hopeful young girl Whose dreams and visions became destroyed? My name is MUDICHA, at-least I remembered my name, girl forcefully turned woman I once had my dignity but I lost it fighting for survival, I became sacred of what I had become I made sacrifices that I knew would eventually become mistakes, all I had was fear When I stand at night I find myself searching for my shadow but I saw nothing When I decide to sleep at sun down, I ask myself questions Questions I knew had no answers but still frustration had to ask them Satisfactory meal became fantasy, hunger became part of me #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS is all I see, but I wanted more to get me back home. Suddenly I recall all the chances and opportunities I had but sadly never knew the value Days passed into weeks, weeks into months, nothing got us back home I begin to ask God for strength to gracefully survive the next day I saw my gender as a reason I was taken away and my country as a reason why am still not back home Womanhood devastated me, sexuality confused me All I saw all day were armed men, young and old ignorantly walking back and forth Illness became so cheap in our bodies; tears dried up and became marks on our cheeks Words became so expensive to buy and silence became the order of the day I lost count of days and stared counting the number of the armed men #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS is all I see, but I wanted more to get me back home. Chibok became an image in my dream, chibok became my abstract, and my parents became my greatest concern I thought there was freedom to worship, not until I was abducted to nowhere. I found myself wrapped like a meat roll in a hijab, under a sunny weather condition We ask ourselves if we were so hidden in this open wide forest and why we haven’t been rescued yet I recall that wide smile on my mother’s face the day I left home to get my grades up for my A ‘levels, It was priceless, but here I am now a sex slave. #BIRINGBACKOURGIRLS is all I see, but I wanted more to get me back home I still can’t find a reason why 219 of us were taken away The only fault I know my parents committed to the society was being paupers For that reason we were voiceless, my parents voices wasn’t loud enough to get me back home All we owned are spaces called land next to nothing Months became a year, am still not rescued Nations felt my pain, my parents became stronger, and I wanted more European union, Asia, United states of American became our ultimate voices, we wanted more Stop the media buzz, stop the hash tags and fight like it’s not just our problem but the worlds Gradually we became forgotten by the public and my pains didn’t stop, but I pray every morning to God to be remembered once again and brought home to my family #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS is all I see, but I wanted more to get me back home. I thought satisfaction is when I am reunited with my family. But eventually I realized my body took over my mind in making the decision. Today,I am a free young woman,who is famous for media hype. I told myself that a lot will change when I return,yes it did. #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS is all I see ,I needed more to enjoy my freedom. Presidents desire to seat with me,for the international world to think am accepted,my kind is accepted,a dirty,poor girl from a small village,A village that is never on the news until my cause. Today I walk every step with pride that one day my story will grace the coverr of international magazines and I will be known for an incredible achievement not for pity. That one day I will be able to afford to buy my relevance in the society. That one day I will be counted as a history maker,and a story of grace. That one day my story will be a drip of inspiration to my children. #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS is all I see but I needed more to define me.
Author : David UJ



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