Autism in Antioch

autism in antioch

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Your Brief Bio: Am Anozie Justin, born on 25 febuary 2000, an indigene of Akwa village,ifitedunu town in dunukofia L.G.A of Anambra state. Am currently a 200level biological student of Anambra state university uli. i do believe in truth, clarity and hardwork.
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Tweet-Style Story Summary: #ABoyWithTotalMemoryLoss An autistic boy wakes up to a total memory loss and is faced with a crime he knows nothing about. #familyReligionCrime.
Full Story: I've heard a lot of stories about the massive fall of Antioch, stories that makes me question the fictive existence of men, how scarce liabilities are and how quickly they vanish . What about life, what about your family, were all the question men in black uniform keep asking me. But I don’t seem to remember anything about my life, ever remember having a friend or even a family. I was shown picture of a boy, a child I presume to be ugly, they said the child was me and he has brought Antioch his fall. Its sceptical how issues are presented, knowing what to believe was base on what I could remember and how It could be presented. Its difficult to explain a life , especially a life that relay totally on the words of others, a life that starts buried in a hole waiting for my sentence. Many would question some terms behind this judgement, a life sentence giving to a seventeen years old boy, but I heard a doctor gave the men in black a medical statement that says I was mentally stable to give them the right information they required. I've been receiving messages, mails and tags, they all read 'Burn in hell child of the devil' but I keep restraining myself from being bitter yet the more I did a proliferated anger filled my soul and I started believing what I was told my crime was. ' Your name is Jason and you where the first son of bishop Franklin the founder of the Church of Antioch, you had two siblings who were very much respectful to you irrespective of you being diagnosed with autism. I knew what autism is, from me, cause I termed to noticed my slow lousy voice and the connection I had with the very heathen people in uniforms. I could tell it does have to deal with interaction and mutual relationship. This brings me to wonder my growing up, how different I was and perhaps if I really did have a social life . Life is like a train, it habours people of different race, personality and ability. The man who talks about me seems to know my life and my family so well . He left me amazed on how respectful he thinks my siblings were. But I do know my life, at least from the day of me waking up from coma and seeing my hands handcuffed to both side of the bed. At that moment I heard a nurse shouting 'his awake..his awake' , and the more she shouted I seemed to see more men in black uniform running towards my ward. I became quite nervous , my eyes got blurred with tears and I was trying to think and relate in the situation but I couldn’t. Then almost immediately a rangy man placed a recording tape right in front of me. He was wearing a cloth different from what others had on. I was thrown into total confusion, my hands became sweaty and my pores began feeling the pressure . I then closed my eyes for few seconds and as soon as I opened them, they were all gone. I guess a doctor came in and told them they all needed to give me few minutes. Jason your father was a preacher, the very best rivers state has ever had. He talks about how often we should accept Gods gift, he thought you were a gift so he held your place high in Antioch and gave you a privilege . He gave you a privilege to speak amid all controversy in the church that arose for letting you decide on the gospel messages for every Sunday. You where so much loved by every member of your family. Your mum was a winning cheerleader before she met your dad. She decided to quit cheerleading when she got pregnant with you. At a notable Thursday sermon, bishop Franklin made a statement that questioned marriages. A cheating wife and how hard it is to forgive would be a deserving summary. But this very Thursday was ignored, we never knew he meant your mum cause she had always appeared flawless . When your mum, first lady of the church of Antioch death was announced speculations were raised that she was just another victim of cancer. We never thought of her being a victim of domestic violence when your dad found out she was a stripper back in her twenties. Mr Franklin had always preached about forgiveness in church, made to perform a lot marriage council, and had the nation talking about all conferences he gat on and how it healed homes. Jason, you came running to me saying your dad was hitting your mum but I choose to laugh on the words of someone who spoke through his nose. Although the tension was reduced, I never knew the reason why the video recorder was placed right beside my bed. But I got to sense that they were watching me right from a room. I took a pale look around my ward having been in no position to move, at same time tried being resistance to the cuff . It was a routine of unhurried pace, strangers walking through the hall way until midnight, the inconsequential murmurs told and retold, the smell of vaccines swirled the room until it was coated into white. A strange graveness got me when a nurse walked in and cheerfully started shaving my hair, the rough scratch of razor blade, the smell of antiseptic. I became totally bald. Getting up she took her tools, made a few steps, pursed and turned facing me. 'They are coming back in few minutes, get your self ready for questioning' she said , transferring the tool bag she held from right to left. I wanted to talk to her, ask one or two questions about here but I was too scared to. Maybe I was scared that I don’t seem to remember anything, my first day in school, when I first tried to ride a bike, my family, my ninth birthday, all things that I know happened but I can't seem to access them. it went on and on, the little noise you made went on deaf ears until I was called to know about my sister's death. At first I couldn’t get to investigate her death cause or allowed her body go through an autopsy because all newspapers made headlines on cancer, Mrs Franklin death cause. They were made to believe, I also did believe, but only for few months before Franklin made his intension clear about his marriage proposal to another lady, a member of Antioch. I began to recognise your warning, eliminating all odds from flawless, and started relating all men to human. I decided to invite you over and you told me he raised a knife and had her with it twice. 'For the last time son am asking you again did you have any accompany' the man interrogating me said fiercely . He was looking straight into my eyes like he needed an assurance for every answer he got. He was wearing a gray colored suit . I did wanted to reply but saying no for the fifth time seems like a waste of time so I took a deep breath and kept mute. They all left fustrated, with no knowledge of what to do or when to come back for me. The leers of anger, a sense of twerp in their face as they all walked out of my ward was a little disturbing. I knew I was going down even if I had a memory format. After about few checkup, four hours later a man different from the previous men I've seen walked into my ward holding an envelop. He had on a blank expression that one couldn’t tell his purpose. It was a hossiac mood all through, my heart pumped blood more faster to meet with my mood switch while I tried getting my mind and brain to give me a clue about my life cause I felt like a grown newborn baby. ' Am sir Blake, and am here to help bring back some memories of yours, but I'll first start be telling you a little bit about what led you here' he started, sounding like a typical Nigerian man with British accent. He went on talking on and on and for the first time I began to understand the reasons behind what the man in gray colored suit told me. I had a plan. I planed that on the day of his marriage ceremony I will openly object when the wedding officiator says 'come out or hold your peace forever', I would have gleefully held a piece of paper high enough as I walk right through the middle of the church and everybody in awe will turn looking at me. I would have stood few inches away from him and read openly the autopsy result of his dead wife, a video I recorded of you talking would then play on the big screen and then everyone will pour spite in disgiuse and leave. But Jason I never knew you had a total different plan, I never knew you carried so much hate in you. You bombed the whole building of Antioch on your dad's wedding', for the first time sir Blake pursed to catch his next words. ' And then' he swallowed his saliva which made a sputtering sound as he continued 'the explosion was huge, as being young and inexperienced you came very much close to your target and it threw you over and left you unconscious' he stop, stood up from where he was sitting and made a few step backwards with his hands pressing in his closed eyes, 'They were two hundred people in their' he raised his voice this time and pointing his finger at me as his spoke, 'Am sure you can't imagine the pain' he said very quietly but quickly , like he was uncertain on what to say, 'I came few minutes later to carry on with my plan but I was thrown with emotions and pity watching burnt bodies rolling over the ground crying and stretching hands for help, I could see your already dead siblings bodies burnt to ashes' he was now in tears, 'yeah, I mean Franklin deserved it but not them' dragging the them slowly to show emphasis. He stood quietly for a while then said 'they only want to know who gave a bomb to a seventeen years old' then he parted immediately after. I know I only have to remember to be free but until then I cause myself and my god for this.
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